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After years of writer's block, I found a topic I'm truly excited about. I found the angel of death prompt on tumblr and this is my spin on it! Please tell me what you think!

Angel of Death

Chapter 1: Lila

You wouldn't think being an angel of death had its perks. Well here I was, in my loose fitting blue robe, sipping coffee at a diner.

I'm given an unlimited amount of cash since I've gotta live for 1,000 years in this terrible place we call earth.

Even though I don't get to be in heaven with God like all the other angels, and I had to say goodbye to ALL my friends, I at least get this fancy blue robe.

The lovely waitress with the flowery apron and blue dress came to give me my breakfast. The waitress had curly black hair, brown skin and ruby red lipstick. Her name tag read "Judith.

" She set the plate down and I had a nice close look at what I ordered: a fine stack of pancakes with some bacon on the side. "Enjoy your meal, mam," she said with a smile. I nodded nervously.

Did I mention it's my first day on the job? These people would be different than the ones in heaven, I was told they'd be more complex, more tragic and definitely more likely to be terrible.

I was the LAST person fit for this job. I'm the jokester of all the angels, I constantly make fun of the humans coming in. I hate sob stories! And yet I was chosen for this job.

I silently thanked God that I didn't have to tell sweet Judith that she's dying. I'd probably have to at some point. I couldn't help but sigh as I bit into the first bite of pancake.

I groaned at how good it was. Angels don't really eat, so this was the first time I was feeling this sensation.

I mean we can eat, but we mainly just eat as a social activity with the humans in heaven. My human body definitely liked pancakes better than my angelic one did.

I took the time to ponder my reaction to being told that I'd be the next angel of death. My best friend, Lance, was telling me what an honor it was going to be.

"You get to bring people here, Natalie!" "Yeah! Or I'd have to bring them to purgatory, where they'll have to ponder about their lives until they figure out where it all went wrong!

" I remember telling him. Lena, kind of like the mother angel, told me in a way I'd understand.

"Imagine all the stories you'll tell us when you get back!" You know how humans get sad when they say goodbyes? Well, I didn't until I arrived in the planet earth.

That's the first time I felt sadness thinking about my friends in heaven. I did not enjoy the feeling. Unfortunately, I'd probably feel it again.

I still had 1,000 years to go until I returned home. I'd be taking loads of humans with me.

I was scheduled to see Lila Clark at 11a.m. in her home.

I didn't need to knock or anything, even though this body is somewhat human, it still has angelic abilities like going through doors and teleportation and all that.

She lived in a cute brick style home with a nice patio with a rocking chair and roses planted in her front yard. I took a deep breath and entered her home.

Lila Clark died at 30 years old. I was given basic information about her. I was given a visual of her springy brown ringlets and dimpled cheeks with the most captivating smile.

As I walked through her living room, I noticed a cracked wedding photo. The house was completely destroyed, broken cups and plates were scattered all over.

My only two defenses going into these peoples' homes is 1) I can identify them and they're already dead 2) I have an idea about their personalities.

Lila Clark, although lovely to look at, was a terrible person. My angel records showed me that she probably has centuries of work ahead of her to sort out that heart of hers.

I could feel her presence upstairs. I walked up the stairs and turned left to a dimly lit bedroom. Lila stared blankly into space as I approached.

She suddenly jerked and screamed when she saw me.

"WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?!" she yelled. I was stunned for a moment. I took a deep breath before calmly responding.

"My name is Natalie, has anything happened to you today, Lila?" "I don't know you, get out of my house." She was curled up on her bed looking frightened as if she'd seen a ghost.

She didn't know that she was indeed a ghost now. "Lila, I need you to talk about what happened to your house, that's why I'm here." She scoffed. "I happened.

I hate this house, I broke everything. But I have nowhere else to go." She whimpered, looking more and more like a scared child. I walked closer to her. She winced when I touched her hand.

"You have to move on, Lila, you're dead," I told her. Her lip quivered and she held herself tighter. "No…I can't…I'm right here. I can see, I can feel."

To be continued....

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