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You were the sun, and I was the moon. Until you wanted me to be nothing at all.

Sun and Moon

by edengracet

You would always compare us to the Sun and Moon

You were the sun and I was the moon. And I was content being your moon.

But you grew jealous of my light

You thought that since you were the sun, you were the only one that could give off light. When your eyes adjusted and started to see my light, you tried to glow brighter. But you couldn't.

So you tried to make my light grown dim.

You did everything you could to make my moonlight lesser than your sunlight. You couldn't see that we were equal, you just saw that I glowed when you didn't.

But I wanted to make you happy. So I waned.

I let myself become smaller and smaller in your light, till I became nothing at all.

However, like the moon, I started to grow again

I tried to stop it, but I still grew and grew. Then you noticed my light and decided that if you couldn't be the brightest then I didn't get to have any light at all.

But you couldn't get rid of my light entirely​.

Becuase like the moon, I might go away for a night, but my light will always come back.

We became stuck in an endless cycle of dimming and lighting

You would get rid of my light, and then slowly, but surely my light came back. And everyday I would grow when you weren't around, then disappear​ when you came back.

I couldn't live that life anymore.

I left, and I took my light with you so that you never had to worry about me being brighter than you.

You always compared us to the Sun and Moon

But you forgot that the moon is still visible when the sun is out, however you can never see the sun when the moon is out.

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