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I just wanted to be seen.


by edengracet

All I've every wanted to do was been seen.

I wanted to be popular, admired, loved. All the things I couldn't get at home.

Then it happend.

I was high off of success. People loved me. Or at least the me I showed the world.

Then it all started to fall apart.

I was more concerned with my image than my actions

I became cruel and absent in my friendships. I spent more time obsessing over likes and follows than my friend's feelings.

I pushed everyone away.

I didn't need anyone, I already made it without the help of anyone. I could do everything by myself. I had done everything by myself.

I was Icarus and I flew too close and too fast.

And just like him, I drowned.

I found myself lost and alone.

I pushed away anyone who I could have turned to, too concerned with likes and followers than my real friends.

I stopped wanting to be seen.

I deleted all my accounts and focused on rebuilding my friendships, and loving myself without the validation of empty likes and comments.

Some friends I never gained back.

I understand I feel no resentment, only pain at how I forgot some of my closest friends.

Now I am okay being in the background.

I only want to be admired by my friends. I found how to love myself. I am done trying to be seen my the world.

I am no longer an Icarus.

My feet are firmly planted on the ground, with my friends to ground me.

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