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You left many unseen scars


by edengracet

I have many scars

Some physical, some emotional. Most self-inflicted​

But the ones I hate the most are the ones you gave me.

You gave me scars that I can never get rid of. You tore out my heart, then shoved it back in, hoping that it would make me whole again.

You could never stop your words from turning into bullets

Maybe it's because I never called you out. I never told you that your words hurt. But if I called you out, would you even listen?

And then you left, and you shoved my heart back in place

Hoping that it would make everything okay. Hint; it most definitely​ did not

I realized that even though you didn't leave physical scars

Your emotional scars hurt more than any slap, or punch that any ex left. They hurt more because I didn't know how to heal from the hurt your leaving did.

But then I learned how to heal

And the scars you left started to hurt less. I started to enjoy life without feeling like a weight was crushing me.

I am stronger than your words

And I should never forget that. And anyone who is going through the same issue should remember​ that too.

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