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I used to think the only definition​ of love was your love.

Love was

by edengracet

Love was fights at two in the morning

Fights followed by make ups, then more fighting, and making up, until our relationship was just fighting. I used to think that endless fights and make ups were all that relationships could be.

Love was you kissing me to shut me up

When ever we fought, and I said something that you didn't have a response too, you would kiss me roughly to make me stop. It didn't matter that I still wanted to still talk, because you didn't,

Love was bruises on my wrist when I tried to leave

I tried to leave, and you grabbed me so that I couldn't leave. When I told my best friend, she told me that he was a nice guy, and I shouldn't have tried to leave.

Love was slaps when I didn't do something right

It started with small swats on my arm, when I said something that you didn't like, it ended with a black eye when I talked to a guy after class.

Love was being scared to leave because of what you would do

I lived in fear, until the day I found a way out of your "love" for me.

Now my definition of love has changed

Love is fights at two in the morning, followed by laughter.

Love is still fighting, but for the things that actually bother him and me, not picking a fight because you want to yell and throw verbal arrows.

Love is kissing me because you want to feel close to me

Love isn't using kisses as a punishment, but as a tool to show how much you love me. It's kisses because you miss me, not because you don't want me to speak.

Love is him kissing the scars you left, not making new ones.

Love is no longer bruises when I try to leave, but kisses on my fingertips when I leave saying "I miss you before you even leave". Not bruises saying "You don't get to leave me"

Love is laughter over both of our mistakes

Love isn't swats that turn into punches when I say something that embarrasses you, or is "wrong". Love is him correcting me, and understanding that sometimes things come out wrong.

Love is leaving and not wondering if it's the last time

Love is kisses, and I'll miss you's before I leave, not "if you leave you will be hurt.

My definition of love is different than yours

And I honestly​ couldn't be happier.

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