Faster than a bullet

edengraceti'm just a writer
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Your love was like a bullet.

Faster than a bullet

by edengracet

I fell in love faster than a bullet.

And just as fast I fell out of love.

But the damage was done.

Just like a bullet our love tore through me and left me clutching the pieces of my broken heart.

You left me as fast as a bullet.

You saw a part of me you didn't like, and you shot blindly with your words. Words that hurt more than bullets.

Your words hurt and they left scars that will never go away.

Like a bullet wound, I will heal from your words.

You words hurt, but I am a survivor. Your bullet-words will not kill me.

I am not bullet proof.

But I will always heal.

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@ivoryannalise Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed.

ivoryannaliseCommabassadorWriter, Reader, YouTuber, and Artist
a month agoReply
This was lovely! I loved your sense of hope about how you would always heal. :D Good job! :D