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I have always dreamed of something​ better.


by edengracet

There are many dreams I've had about our relationship​

I dreamed that your friends liked me, or even got to meet me. I dreamed that I was the only girl for you.

Then I wake up

And your friends have never met me, and I'm still covered in bruises​.

I dream that the only times you touch me are in love

I dream that you only hug me, and kiss me, and hold my hand, and do all of the sickeningly adorable things and PDA​ that all couples do.

I wake up covered in bruises

I remember that you think that hitting me is love. I remember that dreams are just that. Dreams. I don't want to get out this relationship because this is what I have come to believe love means.

I dream of friends who are jealous of our relationship​

I wake remembering that you made me push all of my friends away. I still imagine that they would be jealous of our relationship, even though​ I truly know that they would pity me.

One day I was sick of my dreams just being dreams.

I didn't want to spend my life waiting to go to sleep so I could dream of a better life. I left and I hoped that it would make my dreams come true.

My dreams didn't come true though.

I still dreamed of a happy relationship where my friends were jealous of my happiness . I was just lonely, and sometimes I thought of going back to you. Then I met him.

I met the man that made my dreams come true.

He let me met his friends, and they all liked me. I never woke up covered in bruises. Our friends are even jealous of our relationship.

But most of all I am happy for the first time in years.

I no longer long for sleep so I can dream of a good life and relationship. I am happy and safe, and it is so much better than I've ever dreamed of.

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a year agoReply
What a truly tuching story why is it we teach our girls that if a boy hits you he likes you PLEASE PEOPLE STOP THIS young boy need to be taught it is never ok to hit.a girl

edengracetBronze Commai'm just a writer
a year agoReply
@_notlikeothers_ Yeah, I'm glad I was finally able to write a happy story for once.

_notlikeothers_Bronze CommaNotLikeOtherPeople🎈
a year agoReply
Aww I was alomost crying at the end, but wow it took a turn for the better

edengracetBronze Commai'm just a writer
a year agoReply
@lisa Aww, thank you!

lisaSilver CommaCats
a year agoReply
awww what an amazing ending!!! i'm so glad that it had a happy ending!!