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eddievartanessi Community member
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I am the monster I am the fiend I am the beast you want to be seen

I Am World

I am the monster I am the fiend

I am the beast you want to be seen

I am the light, I am your sight

I am the one that will seal your fight

You dig the burrows to hide your fears

You fall into the darkness to shield your tears

But I am here for you

The one that calls you from the hole you sealed yourself into

Blackened hands and the coming sun

I'm letting you know, this isn't the end of your run

I know within that you believe you're filled with sin

But it's not the end

Clouds of haze blur your mind

And the path you follow hasn't been too kind

Then you come across a split and you begin to fit

The blurred sight is starting to fight

You pick and choose and you begin to fuze

The tears you knew are your soldiers in view

The battle lines have backed in your favor

You climb atop the mountain, looking in view

You hold out your palm and it begins glow

Showing them the red in your eyes

You realize you have no more ties

Raise your hands and tremble the sands

Show them all what you desire

Because from now and then, your soul is filled with fire

The world is yours

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