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She was the sunshine to my growing darkness,
The only joy in my realm of pain.........................


She was the sunshine to my growing darkness, The only joy in my realm of pain.

No one could have ever fit me like she did, Her touch was enough to bring the dead back to life.

Decreasing were the days we spent together, Increasing was the distance all of a sudden.

A wide smile on her face, But the reason is not me, I know.

Should have known that she was slipping, Like water through a tiny hole.

Pushing everyone in that unknown darkness, Just to get under her wing.

Didn't knew how much I had hurt, Those people who were my only medicine.

She became the poison and I had no remedy, The only thing left behind had now left me.

A fool I became cause the love felt so pure, Eternity in the number of days was not that I got.

I was happy until I knew, this isn't a fairy tale, Dark times yet to come, happiness fading away.

Am drowning and no one left to pull me out, My fault isn't it.

Till the date, my heart carries her, Still, my eyes have that cold blood.

I know it won't go away easily, Still feel her lying next to me, in the bed we shared,

Long fingernails running through my chest, Legs wrapped around my waist,

Pulling me down and pushing my life away. Chills running down my spine, Thinking of such horrid memory.

Time spent with her was fake and not so sweet, The darkness couldn't get hold of light for long.

Now it's my time to rise, I have my friends to guide me through.

She left me darkness but I thank her for that, Cause I needed that darkness to see those shining amours.

P.S. My neighbour recently had a breakup and hearing his part of the story made me write this. Recently my friend's girl dumped him. So, I don't know much but all these happenings around me to the people I care about has somewhere made me lost my belief in that LOVE everyone is looking for.

Love is the most beautiful thing that can happen to anyone but also the worst thing if the person is wrong.....

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