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ecswallflower 17 yrs amateur writer
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Harry Styles made history being first solo male to appear on vouge cover.
But some author (not saying name) called it out and said to bring manly man back and that society needs manly man. how one dress ups doesn't make them less than a man or a women. it's their own choice......

Men In Skirt

Bring the Manly- Man back, You say. But who termed or Specified what, A man has to be like. Sexuality isn't defined by clothes, No one can tell how to perform.

A man, Confident, Happy, Embracing himself in his own skin, clothes. Expressing himself by what he wears. It doesn't make him, Less of a man. To wear "womanly clothes" He's still strong and face of society.

When will it die, The wrong and toxic image of masculinity. No one wants to be judged, A man or a women or anyone else. We all are different, Various views. A women can wear suit, A man can wear a dress. If they is what they like, No one can stop them.

Beautiful Confident Gorgeous Happy No one's opinion matters to how you dress up, Clothes don't tell who's feminine, who's not.

Dress up to feel beautiful, To express yourself. New generation, A broader mind. Step up to take over, It's time we put these stereotypes to end.

He's golden, He's open, He's shining the brightest. ( Harry Styles is one of the most gorgeous men walking on this planet. PERIOD. CLOTHES DON'T DEFINE YOUR SEXUALITY)

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