Tips for Creating a Twitter Community

EclecticEvelynCreating in the Heart of Appalachia
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Twitter Tips

Tips for Creating a Twitter Community

by EclecticEvelyn

Follow Back

Unlike in real life (IRL) when you are being followed don’t run, follow back. If someone follows your Twitter account follow them back unless of course they are some weird porn site .


If someone unfollows you then you reciprocate by unfollowing them. If someone retweets (RT) you then you go visit their timeline and retweet one of their tweets.


Always favorite, retweet, or respond to every tweet you are mentioned in unless you are being trolled. Trolls get muted, blocked, and/or reported.

80 20 Rule

You should follow the 80/20 rule. 20% of your tweets should be about you and 80% should be about your followers. Retweeting them and sharing information you think they would like.


If you want to keep followers and gain more then you need to interact with others on Twitter. Join Tweet Chats, Twitter Parties, Giveaways, and timeline discussions. Twitter is a conversation .

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EclecticEvelynCreating in the Heart of Appalachia
a year agoReply
I have been managing Twitter accounts professionally for several years. I have had my blog and the Twitter account associated with it for a little over a year. I find that for bloggers who want to build up a following Twitter is the fastest. There is a huge blogging community on Twitter as well as a great community for writers. I use lists to manage my feed. It is impossible to keep up with everyone so I have several different lists set up that I check in with on a daily basis. It helps me to not get so overwhelmed. IFTT is also great to help with setting up lists.

noveltiesBronze CommaFind me on Wattpad: @RealisticWriting
a year agoReply
cool! the only problem is that i mostly follow celebrities and fandom accounts XD

sydneyVerifiedco-creator of Commaful
a year agoReply
These are definitely some amazing tips, especially around community on any site! I think interacting is super key, just super hard, esp if you see any hate (and haters gonna hate haha). How long have you been using Twitter for? I've personally found that i migrated my personal twitter away from community and more from a cheerleading and reading perspective. I found that following too many people makes my newsfeed unreadable so I keep my following super selective and use it for news more than anything else. and then try to cheer and support as many people as i can via tweets @andrew @niv @silvia @sara @kina are all great with twitter. anything to add?