Italiana Headcanons PART ONE!! (Italiana is my own series, I have created it myself.)
Italiana Headcanons 


(Italiana is my own series, I have created it myself.) my own stuff stories

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Enjoy reading this. If you are from any of these countries, please do not be offended. ^^||

Italiana Headcanons PART ONE!! (Italiana is my own series, I have created it myself.)

Italy; She has a large crush on Germany, but she never told him. After she betrayed the Axis in WW2, she was scared to even talk to him for a long time.

Germany; He hates it when people reference his past. He would cover his ears and run when people talk about it.

Japan; Japan loves anime. She's watched 12 animes already.

America; Her hair is all of the hair colors and her eyes are all of the eye colors to represent diversity.

China; He doesn't want to let Hong Kong be independent, his case is like Serbia's case, he is scared to let him be a country of his own.

Russia; He has so many mental problems due to so much political corruption in the country.

France; She does like England, but only a little bit. She sometimes forgets about what happened, so that is one reason why it is only a little bit.

England; He drinks too much tea. He goes through about a gallon of tea in 2 days.

Austria; She likes classical music, art, and the color purple. She gets mad when her Ex, Hungary, flirts with other girls because she still has an attachment to him.

Australia; He has a lot of exotic animals. He also made a cult called the Horned Snake cult.

Ukraine; He loves sunflowers. He has a field of them in his backyard, along with the "Field of Gold".

Belarus; She is a goth and an E-girl. She goes through many, many phases every month or so.

Hungary; He tries to get away from Austria due to the fact she forced him into marriage, and because of her anger problems.

Serbia; He's WAY too attached to Kosovo and is glad he is only a UN observer state. He also has many problems (mentally) because of his tragic life, and what has happened in the 20th century.

Croatia; He's a coast theif (mainly because he stole Bosnia's entire coastline and only left a SMIDGE of land left to get access to the ocean). He's also a lady's man and a big flirt, because he's a pretty boy.

Macedonia; She loves lots of color. She loves the sun, and of course poppies. She's very happy all the time, unless reminded of bad things that have happened to her.

Bosnia (and Herzegovina) Bosnia; He loves cevapi and hanging out with his wife (Herzegovina), but she never agrees with him. Herzegovina; She's a bit of a snob at times and she dislikes Bosnia.. a lot.

Slovenia; She likes hiking and snowboarding. NEVER get her mixed up with Slovakia, she gets extremely angered by that.

Montenegro; He sleeps 12-18 hours a day. That is how lazy he is in the modern times.

Greece; Greece classifies themself as non-binary, but they were born a male. Turkey often calls Greece a girl (he does so by calling them 'Princess' or 'Baby girl' or some kinky thing like that), and that angers Greece a lot.

HEYO! Thank you for reading part one! Stay tuned for part two!

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