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I'm coming to terms with the damage you've done

They were wrong

by eabergholm

They say time heals every wound But they are wrong I still hear your voice It creeps into my head when I sleep Bringing terrors and leaving me restless

I still feel the pressure your touch has left on my skin An imprint of hostility I can still feel the bite of your anger As my soul tries to heal from the words That would pour from your lips

But they are wrong. They are so wrong Time hasn't healed a thing And you are still a thorn in this mighty lioness' side

I can still see you in my mind I see your brow twisted in anger at some menial, trivial mistake I still cower from the shadow your hand cast on me My heart still pounds

A rabbit running from a fox But they are wrong Time... Time hasn't healed a thing You still rile up fear and anguish in my heart I still cower in fear of your words Your presence Your

Anything. But they were wrong I see your disappointed gaze in every set of eyes I meet Your disgust slicing through me Annihilating my self confidence and turning it to Self-consciousness

Everything I do At risk of being wrong And I've become so afraid to slip That last time I fell I didn't even bother to get up They say time heals every wound But they were wrong

Time hasn't healed any of these wounds It has magnified them In all of their gory glory Made them ooze in deceit and falsities Maybe you were right And I am the crazy one

Because you were such a nice person and there's no way on God's green earth that you could have done that to me, NO! But they were wrong You did behave like the beast from my memories

Your actions did leave scars on my skin Scars so deep and gruesome That I cower from others too Scared of the "damage" I could do to them To make them hate me as much as you

But they were wrong I keep seeing you around and it keeps fucking me up I see photos of you I see you in my neighborhood I see you by my house And I still panic They were so wrong

But maybe... they weren't wrong

Maybe time could heal these wounds that you have so graciously left me with And I hope and pray that I can heal and continue my life and eventually they will prove me wrong

Eventually I will find they were right all along Time does heal all wounds And I am a testament to that

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