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My thoughts racing, pictures coming to life.


My thoughts racing,

pictures coming to life.

That we can live out,

live and in person.

One hand on the nape

of her neck, another

wrapped around

the small of her back,

firm but gentle.

Pulling her in close,

her body next to mine.

A passionate kiss

on her luscious lips,

once and for all.

Helping her undress

with slow hands.

Taking pleasure, revealing

a whole world of wonder

that lies beneath.

Allowing time to pass,

to let the moment

live on its own.

Enjoying each piece

of clothing hitting the floor.

Stepping back to see

a form of beauty

these eyes have never

seen before.

Grabbing her by the hips,

elevating her

so she can wrap

her long legs

around my waist.

Locking us in place.

Seeing into her dark eyes.

Kissing her delicious lips.

I spin her around

to lay her down

gently on the bed.

Her eyes drawing me in.

Our naked bodies,

skin to skin.

Kissing her again and again.

Lips, tender ears, down

her neck,kissing to feel

her arousing reactions.

Her hips raise to meet mine

over and over again.

As my hands wander

showing my lips the way.

Caressing her velvet curves.

Breasts perfectly shaped,

calling for attention.

Feeling her breath react

to each touch, kiss, caress

of breasts, hips, thighs.

Learning every sensitive spot

tension grows with each

passing moment.

Kissing my way down

past her navel and down

kissing more and more.

Running my tongue and lips

down the outside of her hips

and thighs. My hands locked

on her supple sweet ass.

Kissing the inside

of her legs, going up.

Lips, tongue smoothly going up.

One side, my hot breathe moves

past her flower

softly brushing against her.

Down the other leg. Kissing

back up the inside of her leg.

Until I arrive again

at her femininity

Indulging, desiring to please her.

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