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e2halo Hey guys! Welcome to my page
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Mrs. Awfulness

by e2halo

Chapter one

So there was this teacher I had 4th through 5th grade, and let me just say. I think she was out to get me. She was mean and awful to me in every way imaginable. This short story tells you all how

Chapter two

So in 4th grade I was in the sewing club. It was held on Thursday's I think after school. My friends and I were learning how to use the sewing machine. My friend was trying to turn the fabric

on the sewing machine and accidentally ran over her finger! There was thread in her finger and blood everywhere. Being a sane person, she screamed and started bawling her eyes out. Mrs.Awfulness

being the awful person that she is threw my friend a band aid and told her to suck it up. What the heck! Anyways... that's just one reign of terror of her's. There's more.

Chapter three

So in 5th grade we did this project were you wrote about a theoretical or fiction topic. You could do a vs theme, a report, or a facts booklet. I chose the report. So there's this show called

The Curse of Oak Island, and at the time I was obsessed, so I chose to do my report on that. I wrote a 3 pages report, front and back, I was exhausted but I knew all my hard work would earn me an

A. Right? No. Wrong. I went into class the day before it was due. And at the end of class, Mrs.Awfulness took me to the side, sat me down and said these exact awful words to my face.

"It was too good."

I mean what?! I was steaming and it only got worse when she said

"Redo it and turn it in tomorrow for a grade."

I couldn't believe it. I mean, looking back on it, 3 front and back pages might've been pushing the limit of 5th grader but I thought I did so good. But I guess we'll never know.

Chapter four

So dear reader, I must go to school now. I wish you all a good day or night and good bye!

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