What are you afraid of?
                    What are you 

                         afraid of?
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dyingtotellyouA young Romanian writer with high hopes.
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My fears will be the death of me.

What are you afraid of?

I felt like something was wrong ever since I got there.

That just wasn't my place and this time it was all my fault, not the people there.

They were all nice to me, supported me and been good friends when needed but that just wasn't for me.

I've never been a social butterfly, never had actual friends, just people to help me trick my mind into thinking I wasn't lonely.

Truth be told, I was lonely or maybe I wasn't but that's just how I always felt.

It may sound cliché to say that no one understood me because lots of people did, I just chose to ignore them.

Living in my own little world filled with no one, that was me having the time of my life.

I met nice people, I think I'm still friends with them, not sure anymore.

For weeks I felt like I finally found my place but then I started to feel more and more anxious, feeling like I wanted to escape.

And I did, I left and it was amazing but this was all on social media. My real life was a mess and it still is.

Friendship is complicated. Finding the right people, keeping them... it's a hard process for me but it's worth it, I believe.

I don't really know. I just want to get rid of this feeling.

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