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Hi, I'm {insert name here}.  It's nice to meet you. 

Trust Me

Hi, I'm {insert name here}. 

It's nice to meet you. 

Wow, you're funny. 

I had such a good time. 

Thanks for inviting us out. 

I think I want to break up with my girlfriend. 

Do you want to chill?

Can I ask who you have feelings for?

I like you too. 

We can be together soon. 

I want you to know I'm committed to you. 

You're my best friend. 

You're the most important person in my life right now. 

I had trust issues, but not with you. 

I love you. 

That was so amazing. 

Trust me. 

Your family really doesn't like me...

You really want to move out? With me?

I can't wait. 

This is going to be the best. 

Babe, can you pick me up a lighter on your way home?

Goodnight, I love you so much. 

I love waking up and seeing you next to me. 

Hey babe, I'm going out I'll be back later. 

Hey babe, I'm going out I'll be back tomorrow. 

Hey, I'm going to stay at my parents for a few days. 


I'm sorry...


We don't need to talk about this right now. 

Yeah, I want to break up. 

I'm not happy. 

It's not your fault. 

I still love you though. 

Why would you tell all of your friends?!

No I didn't fuck her, but I did fuck her. 

It didn't mean anything. 

I would never cheat on you. 


I can't believe you'd think that. 

I never stopped smoking though. 

I didn't cheat on you. 

I still want you in my life. 

I want help. 

Please help me get better. I want to be better. 

All I do is sleep and smoke. 


Are you there?

Are you mad at me?

I can't lose my best friend, you're so important to me. 

I still talk to her though. Not the her you think though..

Do you miss me?

Why're you crying?

I always catch you crying...

It's not what you think. 

I texted her about pot, that's all. 

Trust me. 

Why does everyone know we're still talking?

Why do they know I come to the apartment?

How did she find out...

Oh, you think I'm a piece of shit?

I don't think we should talk anymore. 

How dare you talk to my parents!

Don't fucking talk to me. 

I'm not paying you a thing. 

I want out of the lease. 

You'll be alright. 



I'm not so good. 

I really miss her. 

But my new girl is jealous. 

I'm not allowed to talk to her anymore. 

I've got people watching my every move. 

I don't know what to say, so I just won't say anything. 

I still want out of the lease though. 

Only because I don't live there. 

I still miss her though. 

She won't talk to me either. 

I guess I just won't say anything... 

I guess that's it then. 

I held the door open for her, just to hear her say "thank you". 

I miss her. 

But I guess I'm happy with my new girl. 

I swear I didn't cheat though. 

Don't worry, you can trust me. 

Please trust me. 

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