Strange Butterfly Creatures
Strange Butterfly Creatures garden stories

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Did she see a butterfly? Or something else?

Strange Butterfly Creatures

One day Tiffany was outside tending to the garden. As the loyal servant of the Violet Family, this is one of her daily tasks.

She gave the flowers water and began to harvest the vegtable garden. At some point she saw something fly past her face.

She assumed it was just a butterfly, as they get a lot of those around here. She didn't think much of it at first. Then a large bird flew by. It seemed to chase the butterfly. It distracted her.

So she watched the bird as it chased the small flying insect towards the pond. The insect landed on a lily pad. But the bird did not give up the chase.

It nose dived toward the insect, which flew away just in time for the bird to hit the water. Tiffany laughed at the bird's misfortune.

Once the bird managed to drag itself out of the water it continued the chase. By this point the insect was hidden inside a plant next to the pond.

The bird searched the plants to find the insect. Tiffany returned to her duties for only a minute, before she heard someone shout "Hey Tiffany!" It was Lola.

Tiffany turned to Lola and said "What's going on?"

Lola said "Oh I thought I'd just check up on my favorite servant"

Tiffany said "Aw thanks Lola."

Lola said "So how are things..." She was cut off by the sound of a female voice screaming. It seemed to come from the direction of the pond.

Lola said "What was that?" She and Tiffany ran over to the pond to investigate. This scared the bird away. They could not figure out where voice came from.

Lola said "Do you think we were just hearing things?"

That is when they heard someone crying. Tiffany said to Lola "No I think... something's going on here."

Lola said "I wonder." She searched through the plants.

TIffany asked her "What are you doing?"

Lola shouted "Wow! Tiffany look!" Lola picked up what she found to show to Tiffany.

In Lola's hand were three small, female, human-like beings with butterfly-like wings. One of them was crying while the others tried to comfort her. They looked like sisters.

Tiffany said "How... I never thought I'd see creatures like this. They look so... human. Are they some kind of tiny people?"

One of the small beings began to speak. She said "We're fairies."

Tiffany said "Wow. They can talk."

Lola looked at the crying fairy. Lola said "Aw don't cry. We won't hurt you."

The fairy continued to cry. One of the other fairies said "That bird... it... it took our mother. She's gone now. And we don't know what to do."

Lola said "You poor things. Maybe we can rescue your mom?"

The fairy said "You can't... She's gone."

Lola said "Are you sure? That bird couldn't have got too far."

Tiffany said "Lola. I think she means gone. As in... gone, not coming back."

Lola said "You don't mean... Oh... oh no I get it now."

She turned her attention back to the fairies. Lola said to them "I'm so sorry. Is there anything we can do? Where do you live? Maybe we can get you there safely?"

The fairy said "We don't have a home."

Lola said "That's not good. Hey you can stay with us! We'll take good care of you!"

Tiffany said "Lola are you sure about this? We shouldn't bring wild animals in the house."

Lola said "But... They aren't animals."

Lola asked the fairies. "Do you have names?"

The first one said "My name is June."

The second said "I'm April"

And third, who was still crying, tried to wipe away her tears. She managed to say, "I'm Julie"

Tiffany said "So they're named after months? That's weird."

Lola said "We can't just leave them to suffer out here. I'm keeping them."

Tiffany said "Fine. So long as I don't have to take care of them."

Lola brought the fairies inside. She tried her best to cheer them up.

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