The Tree Of Memory
The Tree Of Memory sad stories

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For anyone who knows how it feels to have someone lose their memory for whatever reason

The Tree Of Memory

She stands,

She stands, wilted,

She stands, wilted, cognisance is m i s s i n g.

Ageing oak,

Ageing oak, suddenly,

Ageing oak, suddenly, deficient of r e m i n i s c i n g

The tree,

The tree, her being,

The tree, her being, damaged without a c a u s e

The vibrancy,

The vibrancy, dreams,

The vibrancy, dreams, fading by these f l a w s

Each leaf,

Each leaf, a memory,

Each leaf, a memory, when touche tarts to d s c r u m b l e

Roots unearthed,

Roots unearthed, she’ll run,

Roots unearthed, she’ll run, trip

Roots unearthed, she’ll run, trip and tu m b l e

Each branch,

Each branch, a hand,

Each branch, a hand, Stretched out of r e a c h

Nesting birds,

Nesting birds, n0 longer perched,

Nesting birds, n0 longer perched, migrated with her s p e e c h

The bark,

The bark, her aptitude,

The bark, her aptitude, hidden by the m o s s

Autumn turns,

Autumn turns, leaves fall,

Autumn turn leaves fall, s, forgetting hat i w l s o s t

Broken trees,

Broken trees, without its leaves,

Broken trees, without its leaves, is a memory not worth

p r a i s i n g

0rphaned egg,

0rphaned egg, yearning,

0rphaned egg, yearning, mothers recall of saving

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