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duskthoughts Empathy-The voice of understanding
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Been seeing a few of these float around and thought to go ahead and try myself. Been inactive for a while but this should be a good way to kick start my return.

I don’t feel as though I’ve exposed much of myself whilst writing so curious to see what question, if any, people would like to ask.

@charliesheldon Hello again :D I’ve been writing ‘officially’ (meaning posting for others) for about almost a year. I used to write love poems to a girl I had a crush on when I was 12 and now I’m 21 we’re engaged aha. I stopped writing that type of poetry and started to put depth and meaning into them when I joined commaful. It was a huge help in pushing me to continue writing.

I would say writing poetry isn’t important to me but having others see the world through my eyes and understand my mind is great. I don’t think anything is of value for money so I guess just for fun.

@in Hey, my favourite genre to read is non-fiction. I guess it’ll surprise a few but I’m really lacking in book reading 😬. Things like encyclopaedias that help me understand the topic of interest. My latest one was based on life in the rain forest and the deep blue. Huge books full of diverse wildlife and plants. It helps a lot for when I travel :D

@skye I like this question, this one is perfect to see the soppy side of me, one I don’t usually like to expose much. There simply isn’t enough time/room (perhaps interest would die, if I wrote everything out for commaful so I’ll give a snippet.

Happiness would be my fiancé Mollie, as mentioned in the reply to @Charliesheldon, I met her when I was 12 at the start of high school and was captivated by everything she was. I moved in with her and her family at the age of 14 and we’ve been together for 7 years in June.

No matter how many years pass, how many words I use there will never be enough to describe how much I value her.

I value the lessons she has taught me, she taught me how to love and feel loved unconditionally, to appreciate living, to live in the moment and that the possibilities are endless with good intentions and positivity. You can never truly show the gratitude towards a person that builds you and gives you opportunities to experience the world.

@debadityadutta Firstly I would like to apologise to you, I understand that your friendliness towards me came at a time I was slowly fading from commaful and I dismissed that effort you gave. I hope you can forgive me on that ground. I’m feeling back to my self so will be around more to hopefully start over with that.

I’m from England and I have a HUGE sweet tooth! I love caramel everything. My favourite chocolate to eat is Kinder, there can never be enough Kinder chocolate, no matter what form it takes aha

You always seem so curious about my empathetic tendencies and it stuns me. This is just a natural thing my brain does I guess. It’s constantly analysing people,situations, environments, actions and reactions... it all just creates an algorithm which subconsciously allows me to know/understand others and emotions. The best way I can describe it would be I just understand.

During my childhood I entered a phase where the world felt too big, which resulted in a false belief of my lack of relevance both in it physically and emotionally, to myself and those around me. I became so introverted I always felt like I was watching the world from the other side of the glass.

I later broke out from this when I met my now fiancé. I can’t pin point a particular reason, or try to explain why but I just connect things, reading and interpreting constantly. I just like to show people they aren’t alone and/or irrelevant.

It’s a large question I ask myself, why do you see what other people don’t care for. It’s one I could talk about in depth but there is no end because the lack of understanding I have of it myself. So apologise if this doesn’t answer your question but I’ll let you know when I figure myself out aha

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