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The invasion of privacy

Paranoia Therapist

My paranoia drives me, to learn and understand people.

Their emotions.

Their struggles.

Their intentions.

Through the eyes of another it seems as though I’m considerate, caring and concerned for others.

It is not that simple.

I ask,

How are you?

What’s wrong?

Tell me, I can help!

Because my paranoia does not know the boundaries of privacy.

It pushes, and persists with the shell of being concerned for others.

My paranoia tells me that people perceive me differently.

It tells me that the words they say aren’t the words they mean.

Hidden agendas, secret interpretations, fictional presentations.

A craving for access to the locked rooms people desperately hide the keys to.

I desire a VIP pass to the minds of others because my own tells me ‘they’re just being polite’.

Constantly analysing, observing actions,cross references the words they say today to the words they said last week with the assumption of being a ‘therapist’

My exterior carries the impression of a therapist, but my interior motives are that of a thought bandit, a thief of knowledge,

an intruder of privacy.

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