IceBreaker Truths and New Year Wishes
IceBreaker Truths and New Year Wishes fun stories

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IceBreaker answers

IceBreaker Truths and New Year Wishes

Firstly, I would like to wish you all a happy new year and may 2019 bring you fulfilment in all your endeavours! From Myself and Mollie

So now for the results ....

Question 1- Where did Mollie and I first meet?

Answer - B Mollie and I were in the same science class at the start of high school so we were 11. We had pig organs in a tub and the teacher asked if anyone wanted to touch it and to encourage the class, said there were gloves on the side.

I just went right on in without gloves and started to squish everything. (I have a fascination for biology and anatomy) I noticed Moll looking at me, so I smiled and she smiled, so I did what any person would have done in my situation....

I squeezed the heart to make a squelching noise then brought it to my face as I looked her dead in the eye and stuck my tongue out to it, she laughed and later added me on Facebook so we started to talk 😅 Not the most romantic of stories but I wouldn’t change it.

Question 2- Which of these animals did I have as a pet?

Answer- A I used to have a little pet chameleon which was called Rango, he was a great pet. Picture of him on the next slide 😊


Question 3- What do I do for fun?

Answer- B I have a huge fascination with weapons!! I have a mini collection. I have throwing knives, two crossbows, one training bow, one compound bow and for Christmas I bought my first throwing axe 😅 Photos on the next slide ....

Thank you to everyone that participated and created their own, until next time 😆😆😆😆

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