Depression In Grey
Depression In Grey sad stories

duskthoughts Empathy-The voice of understanding
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-An old write from some darker times, with my own colourful photograph I was lucky to witness.

Depression In Grey

The colours,

The colours, They start to fade

the vibrancy,

the vibrancy, is drained away.

The trees,

The trees, don’t hold their boastful green

the contrast,

the contrast, struggles to be seen.

The perspective,

The perspective, Stuck in monochrome

the lose,

the lose, of what was known.

The eyes,

The eyes, ignorant to the range

the darkness,

the darkness, is no longer strange.

The Sky,

The Sky, turned cracked

The Sky, turned cracked and pale

the view,

the view, of depression

the view, of depression in greyscale.

Author note- All of the photographs in the slide are my own. -Some chosen for being the most ‘colourful’ parts in my life, the ones that I got to experience from persisting to see past the darker times. Push and persist to see the colours of the world, it will only get brighter if you’re around to see it ☺️

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