1. Content Creation Series: Hulu (easy)
1. Content Creation Series: Hulu (easy) dk stories

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An example of how Hulu
could create amazing content for the Commaful community with little to no knowledge of writing.

1. Content Creation Series: Hulu (easy)

For the first Content Creation Series (CCS) we are choosing Hulu,

more specifically one of their tops shows: "Adventure Time"

Let's go right to the 1st example and then we'll discuss it in more detail:

This type of content is easy to produce and does not actually require the content creator to be a writer.

Show images are chosen for readability, as one would create a poster and then a quote is added.

In this case, the quotes came come an article written by Alyssa Mertes in a blog from qualitylogoproducts.com

Here is another example:

This type of content is not simply easy to produce, it actually adds value to the community and does not disrupt it.

It adds value because it is: 1. Adequate to the medium 2. Exemplifies decent design 3. It is thought-provoking.

If Hulu decided to implement this as a strategy, together with a healthy and positive engagement with others here,

they would no doubt be embraced, so long as they understand that this is not the right place to sell.

Commaful would give them a one of a kind chance to truly connect with their audience and gain a new one.

Lastly, these posts can be extracted and sent straight to IG to also tell stories.

Furthermore, the story can be made into a video with music and then added to either IG or IGTV.

That's it for this first post on easy content creation. In the next one we'll talk about Pinterest.

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