The Little Wolf
The Little Wolf teenwolf stories

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After the pack leaves for college, Liam starts to put pressure on himself to be the "alpha" of the town. Theo and his friends watch as this pulls him down a slippery slope. After a life-altering event, Liam is filled with guilt and takes it out on himself. It is up to Theo and the rest of the pack to save him, before it is too late.

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The Little Wolf

After the Battle of Beacon Hills, Theo was homeless with no future and no plans. That was until Liam found him sleeping in his truck one day. Liam was up early in the morning going for a run through the preserve. When he noticed the chimera’s blue truck in the parking lot, he decided to peek in the window. He hasn’t really heard from Theo after the night at the hospital. They texted a few times; Theo decided he was going to stay in Beacon Hills. He started working at a local bookstore just to have some money for food. Liam saw him around a few times, but the two really haven’t talked since that event. He invited Theo to a few pack meetings, however the chimera denied, stating “He did not feel like having his eyes ripped out by Malia.” However, Liam appreciated his friendship with his old enemy. When he looked in the window, he saw Theo curled up in a ball of blankets in his backseat, bags of clothes and food thrown on the floor. Liam realized Theo was living in his truck and decided to wake the sleeping boy. Theo heard the pounding, figured it was the police telling him he can’t park there as they have done every morning. He opened his eyes and was surprised to see the blue-eyed beta staring at him. Theo liked Liam; the kid was tough, not afraid to get his claws dirty, and cute (but Theo would never admit it out loud). He groaned as he opened the door, “Hey Little Wolf.” “You didn’t tell me you were living in your truck.” Liam snarled, clearly angry “And you would care if I did? I mean Liam I have been living in my truck, since you brought me back from Hell. No one cared and no one stills care. Everyone knows I tried to destroy your pack; heck, I even killed Scott and tried to have you kill him for me.” “I am the alpha of Beacon Hills, until Scott comes back, and I need to know these things. You are coming to live with me. We have an extra bed, food, and what even have you been doing?” “I am not interested in your charity, Dunbar. And if you must know, I started working at the bookstore and living a perfectly content life.” “Bullshit! Come on Theo, just let me help you for once. I know you have changed; I saw it, when you took the pain from Gabe. You saved my life countless numbers of times and most of the pack have forgave you except maybe Stiles and Malia, but still. I am not leaving until you agree.” Theo looked at the beta, covered in a light sweat, in a tight t-shirt and black sweatpants. He looked at the boy’s puppy dog eyes, begging for him to say yes like a dog wanting a bone. “Fine. Only so you can stop staring at me.” Theo moved in with Liam after that morning. Jenna and Dr.Geyer easily agreed to have the boy around. After “weeks” according to Liam, they accepted the supernatural world in Beacon Hills. Liam told they about Theo and his background, and they felt sorry for the chimera. Theo helped with the chores around the house, worked at the bookstore, and gave Liam a constant companion. After Mason and Corey have been a bit more distant, doing “couple things.” Theo enjoyed having a warm bed, hot meals, and secretly loved Liam’s company. As summer was coming to the end, Jenna and Dr.Geyer asked Theo about school. “Well, I haven’t really thought of it. I mean I never graduated, but it’s going to be difficult getting back in,” Theo replied. Jenna told him she talked to Natalie Martin, and after a few file edits they got Theo enrolled as a senior at Beacon Hills.

The day before school started, Liam and Theo were on patrol in the preserve. The older members of the pack went back to college the week before. Liam was running ahead of Theo, although Theo was fast the young beta had more speed with his full-werewolf abilities. All of sudden they heard a howl; Liam turned and sprinted towards the sound, while Theo followed behind. When Theo caught up, he saw what made the boy stop. There was a body lying, a young girl with an arrow sticking out of her neck. Theo smelled the wolfsbane that was coming out of the wound. Liam was in shock and just stared at the body, the older boy checked for a pulse, however he knew they were too late. Liam recognized the girl as Rebekah from school. “It is my fault,” Liam said quietly. “What? How is this your fault Liam? “We heard her howl; I should have run faster. I have to protect Beacon Hills; it’s my job. If I would have be more aware, better prepared, more like Scott. I could have saved her” Tears slowly streamed down the young boy’s face “Liam, this is not your fault. You could not have stopped this from happening. Here I am going to call Stilinski; give me your phone.” Theo saw the pain in Liam’s face; he wanted to give the boy a hug, but no that’s not Theo. Theo called the police station and reported the incident. Parrish picked up the phone. “Theo, are you sure the hunters are not still in the area?” Parrish asked over the phone “We are fine (well physically fine, Theo thought looking at the beta) we will stay near the body until you get here.” He hung up the phone and looked at Liam. Blood was falling off the boy’s hands, his claws were out going through his hands. “Hey Little Wolf. Look at me” Liam’s eyes were yellow as he looked at Theo, tears streamed down his face. “Liam it’s not your fault; it’s okay. Stilinski and Parrish are coming. You need to calm down.” After Hayden left Beacon Hills, Liam thought he lost his anchor, however since the ghost riders unknowingly Theo had become his anchor. Liam was beginning to trust the chimera more and more, even wanted his companionship, maybe even wanted a little bit more. Liam looked at Theo; his eyes turned back to baby blue. His claws retracted; the blood stopped flowing. Liam looked down at his hands, wishing the blood would continue to fall. He deserved pain; he was a failure. He looked back to Theo. Theo was staring at the boy in sympathy; he knew how the boy felt. Everyday Tara haunted him. His nightmares were filled with her coming back to steal her hear back. He felt like he didn’t deserve to live sometimes; felt like he didn’t deserve anything. He was a monster; he killed Scott, destroyed trust in the pack, and even killed for power. However, Theo found something to live for, a small beta that trusted him. Theo decided to do something against his character; he grabbed Liam’s hand to comfort the boy. Liam looked at his hand, as black lines ran up Theo’s arm as he took away Liam’s pain. He relaxed physically, but internally the guilt was eating him alive. Sheriff Stilinkski and Parrish showed up to the scene shortly. “Definitely Monroe’s hunters, this wolfsbane is strong,” Parrish stated as he stared at Rebekah. “Things were quiet for so long, but it’s Beacon Hills things never stay quiet. Do you know who she was?” Sheriff Stilinski asked Liam. Liam managed to compose himself and put on a brave face by the time they pair arrived. “Rebekah Allen; she was going to be a senior this year.” Liam told the Sheriff. “Thanks, we will take care of it. You two should go home.” “Thanks Sheriff.” Theo said. “Thank you Theo for calling this in; take Liam home please.” Stilinkski still wasn’t sure what to think of the boy. I mean the kid’s a murder, but also he knew he was manipulated by the Dread Doctors. He seemed to want to redeem himself, and he saw he took care of Liam. The sheriff looked back at his partner as the boys lumbered to Theo’s truck. “It’s a shame. I thought things were looking up.” Stilinkski told Parrish. “Unfortunately, this is Beacon Hills, my hellhound senses have been off. I was wondering why, but know I know.” Theo and Liam climbed in Theo’s truck. The ride was silent to the Dunbar’s home. As soon as they arrived, Liam jumped out and crawled to his bedroom; Theo watched the sad boy close his door. Theo’s night was filled with nightmares, but not of Tara taking back her heart, but even worse Tara killing his Little Wolf.

Theo woke up in a cold sweat to his alarm on his phone ringing. He turned over looked at the phone; it read 6:00. He groaned, oh right school he thought. Theo rolled out of bed, got ready, and walked downstairs to the smell of coffee. Jenna always woke up before the boys, usually unless Liam went on a morning run; Dr.Geyer usually went to work around five and came home around five at night unless he had to pick up a shift at the hospital. Jenna always made breakfast. “Good morning, Jenna. Thanks again.” Theo told her as he grabbed a cup of black coffee, two pieces of toast with butter, bacon, and scrambled eggs. He really appreciated having an actual breakfast, instead of the granola bar he used to buy with his money from the bookstore. “Morning Theo, excited for your first day?” “Eh, I mean I am excited to finally get a degree,” he laughed. The woman smiled, “You guys should leave at 6:45 to get to the school by 7:00. You sure you are okay with driving? I mean you can always get the bus. You know I wish I could get Liam a car, but after the incident with his ex-lacrosse coach’s car I am scared his IED would play into some road rage.” “Ya, I mean the kid does have a temper,” Theo chuckled. “Where is he anyways?” Liam was never one to sleep in; the beta was always hyper and wide-awake by 6:30 everyday between early morning workouts and the kid’s constant energy. Liam finally climbed down the stairs at 6:44, after Jenna screamed at him from the kitchen. He was dressed in an oversized hoodie and jeans, carrying his lax bag over one shoulder, his book bag on the other. His eyes were red and puffy, and he looked like he hadn’t slept at all. “Liam Dunbar! You guys are going to be late. Here take this,” Jenna shoved two pieces of toast into the boy’s hand and rushed them out the door. Theo looked at the beta, “what’s up with you?” “Nothing, just tired.” Liam stared at the toast, not taking a bite. The pair sat in silence until they pulled into the school parking lot beside Mason and Corey. “Hey look who finally showed up!” Mason ridiculed the boys. Corey smirked gripping Mason’s hand. “Well someone didn’t get out of bed this morning,” Theo glanced at Liam “Sorry, I was tired, ” Liam rolled his eyes at the chimera. Liam actually called Scott during the night telling him what happened in tears. After the phone call, the boy snuck out his window and went on a run until he couldn’t go any further and climbed back into his window at 4:00. Mason stared at Theo; he couldn’t completely forget what the boy had done, but he did appreciate him being there for Liam, while he was focused on Corey. Mason knows Liam needs constant companionship; he is always looking for someone to latch on to. Liam always had trust issues, since his father just decided to leave before the boy was even born. Mason knew Liam better than anyone, and he saw something was up with the boy. The boys walked into the school; Theo went to his class as the three boys went over to trigonometry. As soon as Theo was out of sight, Liam threw his toast in the nearest trash can. “Liam, what is going on with you?” Mason asked the boy as he just fell asleep on his book. Liam realized Corey and Mason have no clue about last night; he told them about finding Rebekah leaving out his feelings and his nightly run. “Damn, Liam. I thought we were finally at peace in this town.” Mason shook his head. “It’s Beacon Hills, Mason.” Corey replied. You could see the fear in the chameleon’s eyes. Liam struggled to get through the school day, already getting yelled at by Ms. Hicks and Mr. Yukimura for falling asleep in their classes. Liam finally makes it to lunch; he walks in with Nolan walking to a table with Alec, Mason, Corey, and Theo already sitting there. Liam ignores the main lunch option and grabs a small peanut butter sandwich, thinking it’s the only thing his stomach could handle right now. The guilt was eating him alive; he failed Rebekah, he failed his pack, he failed Scott. He could hear his stomach rumble, after skipping breakfast and his long run this morning, but he was starting to enjoy the feeling of emptiness. “Earth to Liam!” Theo finally snapped the boy out of his trance. Liam had been staring at his sandwich for five minutes, ignoring the boys chatter around him. “Sorry, what did you say?” Nolan replied, “Liam you should eat something; this is the first practice of the season, and you know Coach is going to be rough.” “Oh ya, sorry just tired” Liam reluctantly took a bite of his sandwich. Theo stared at him knowing something was off but didn’t want to put pressure on the Little Wolf. Liam ate three fourths of his sandwich, which kind of satisfied the chimera. The rest of the school day drug along for the beta. Finally, the final period bell rings. Theo meets him at his locker. “So, I will pick you up in two hours? I am going to go to work, while you are at practice, then I will come get you.” Theo told Liam. “I mean I can run home.” “Liam, you are going to go to practice for two hours then expect to run home. You have been exhausted all day. I am picking you up.” “Fine, thanks.” “No problem Little Wolf.”

As it was “off” season for lacrosse, except some fall ball scrimmages of course, Coach Finstock expected the boys to be in shape by running. Since the motel incident, he decided not to force them to do cross country anymore, but still expected them to put in the miles. Coach let Nolan and Liam lead the run, since they were the team captains. Liam usually slows down and doesn’t use his werewolf powers for lacrosse, but today the only thought that crossed his mind was he needed to be faster. If he was faster, he could have saved Rebekah. All the team members knew Liam was a werewolf, since Liam was found with Brett and Lori’s bodies, the bullying from Gabe, Monroe and her hunters, and basically everyone in town knew who the supernaturals were at this point. Most of the team accepted it, however some still feared the boy. Liam took off on the track at the fastest pace; he could, leaving his team behind. Nolan and Corey shook their heads at each other as they lead the rest of the team around the track; Liam starting to lap them on their second lap. Liam could only think about trying to become better, tears streaked the beta’s cheeks, luckily he was running too fast for anyone to notice. Coach blew his whistle after thirty minutes calling the team in for drills. “I wish you could all be more like Liam, putting in all your effort. I mean that’s why he’s a captain!” Coach screamed at his team. Liam’s enhanced hearing picked up on the whispers of his teammates, “What? A freak?” “A dangerous animal” “Develop anger issues” “Who would want to be like him?” If Liam had a tail, it would have drooped. He forced back his tears as Coach rambled off the drills. Corey whispered to him knowing only he could hear him, “you okay?” Liam glanced at the boy, “Ya, I’m fine just shaken from last night.” The rest of the practice did not end well for Liam. His teammates began to be aggressive with him. He missed a few balls, got screamed at by Coach, but still managed to make his teammates mad by being better than them. By the end of practice, fatigue was catching up Liam. His vision began to get blurry as he walked to the locker room. He got a shower and changed back into his clothes, when two of his teammates come up to him. “You think you are so great being a werewolf and all” “Want to show us what you got?” One of the boys punched Liam straight in the face; the beta fell to the ground, his ears ringing, vision turning black from a mixture of exhaustion and the punch. Liam looked at the boys, “I am not going to fight you.” The other boy started kicking him in the chest until Nolan saw what was happening and screamed at his teammates. “If you two don’t stop right now, I am telling Coach to kick you off the team. You know he will after you hurt his star player, “ Nolan grimaced at them. The boys sprinted out of the locker room, and left Liam laying in a pool of his blood. Nolan helped him up as Corey ran over. “Hey Liam, look at me; are you okay?” Nolan asked. “I’ll heal.” “You sure Liam you seem to have lost a lot of blood either Theo or Mason can take you to Deaton’s,” Corey questioned. “I said I’m fine!” Liam snarled at the boy. He started coughing up blood from being kicked in the chest. Corey hunched down, “Fine, Liam if you don’t want to go to Deaton’s, but you need to calm down. Come on let’s get you home.” Nolan and Corey half carried Liam to Theo’s truck waiting for him in the parking lot. “What happened?” Theo looked concerned over his friend. Nolan told him what had happened. Theo picked Liam up and placed him in the passenger seat. “Why didn’t you defend yourself?” Theo asked the beta “They were right; I couldn’t take them I am a monster Theo. I deserved every punch I got.” Theo hated seeing Liam hurt like this; he grabbed the boy’s hand, “You are not a monster. You are one of the most selfless people I have ever known.” Liam stared back at the window, not letting go of Theo’s hand, until they reached the house. Liam knew his parents couldn’t see his wounds until they were healed. Theo gave him one of his sweatshirts which was two sizes too big. Theo couldn’t help but smile at the small boy. The Dunbar-Geyer household always had family dinners, so the boys put down their stuff and sat down at the dinner table. Liam was always a small boy. He ate more than a normal person his size with his werewolf metabolism, but Theo noticed he always ate less than all the other supernaturals. Theo watched as Liam pushed his dinner around his plate, taking small bites here and there. “Liam, aren’t you hungry?” Dr.Geyer asked. He knew his stepson had just come from lacrosse practice and looked worn out. “Ya sorry, I am just tired,” Liam replied. “Getting back to school really was exhausting,” he forced a laugh. Liam decided to eat a little bit more just to get everyone not to be suspicious of his behaviors, but he enjoyed the feeling of not being full, the emptiness. He deserved to be empty; he actually appreciated his teammates beating him up. After dinner, the boys went up completed their homework; after a while Theo came over to Liam’s room. “Want to play a round?” Theo asked pointing at the controller. “Okay just one, then I think I need to get to bed,” Liam replied not wanting to disappoint the chimera. Theo smiled at the boy just wanting to spend more time with him. Liam and Theo sat on Liam’s bed touching shoulders while playing the game. After the round, Liam looked up at Theo. “I really should go to bed,” Liam said. “You look exhausted, did everything heal okay?” “Mostly, I should be good by tomorrow” “Okay goodnight Liam” “Goodnight Theo” Theo woke up in the middle of the night from a nightmare of him being the one pushed off the bridge instead of Tara, once he heard a rapid heartbeat. Theo got up and peered into Liam’s room; the boy was thrashing in his bed, obviously in a nightmare. He wanted to comfort the beta but decided against making it awkward. He couldn’t show Liam his true feelings; I mean Liam likes girls right?

Since the pair found Rebekah’s body, the chimera and the beta have been doing nightly patrols of the preserve. Signs of the hunters were everywhere; the found the body of a werecoyote the boys didn’t know, a bullet wound spilling yellow wolfsbane. The boys did not see the hunters that watched them each day, wearing new scent covering uniforms. Monroe knew it would be stupid to attack to the pair. Liam was easily one of the strongest werewolf’s with his IED, and no one really truly knew what Theo was capable of. She had to think of another way to take out the beta, and she guessed the chimera would do anything to take care of the beta. The Sheriff and Parish were stumped, no one could find Monroe or her squad anywhere. She had created a smooth way of hiding in the preserve; she would get some of her hunters to trick the supernaturals into the woods where she would finish them off. The Sheriff and his deputy were concerned about Theo and Liam running in the preserve, but Liam refused to stop, and Theo wouldn’t let the beta go alone. This went on for a week; Liam would run down the stairs at 6:44, skipping breakfast, looking exhausted and worn out. He would sleep through school, sit in almost silence at lunch eating maybe half of a peanut butter sandwich, go hard in lacrosse practice, go home with Theo, eat some dinner to not make his parents worry, then force Theo to go on patrol with him for at least an hour, after the boys finished their schoolwork. Theo watched the bags under the boy’s eyes grow and with his werewolf metabolism, the lack of proper nutrition and excessive exercise the beta started to lose some weight. At lunch on Friday, the boys watch Liam pick at his sandwich. Finally, Mason spoke up . “Hey, Liam are you sure you are going okay?” “For the last time guys, I am fine. I think I would tell you, if I wasn’t or do you not trust me enough to?” Liam said angrily. The beta stood up, leaving his sandwich untouched, and ran out of the cafeteria. “Want me to go follow him?” Corey asked, turning invisible. “Nah, I’ll go get him. Hopefully he’ll talk to me,” Theo stood up. Theo followed the boy’s heartbeat to the boy’s locker room and smelled his blood. He saw his Little Wolf sitting on the floor, blood dripping from his arms and hands from his claws ripping at them, tears were streaming down his face. Theo’s heart broke for the young boy. Liam looked up and saw Theo approaching. “Leave, just leave me alone!” Liam shouted at him. “Fine, Liam. I am not going to say anything, but I am going to help you get cleaned up. Theo slid down to sit beside the boy; he grabbed his hand. Liam looked at the older boy’s blue eyes, claws retracting at his soft touch. Theo pulled the boy off the ground with ease. His body weighed nothing which concerned Theo. I mean the boy has always been small, but one week of starvation had a surprising effect on the werewolf. He ran the boys arms in the sink just in time for the next bell to ring. “Thanks, Theo.” “No problem, Little Wolf.” By the time lacrosse practice came around, Liam was even more exhausted from his blood lost. On the field his vision was blurry, and he was being slow. After he missed his third ball, Coach called him over. “What the hell was that?” Coach screamed. The boy crouched over, ashamed for failing his team. “I’ll try harder, Coach.” “You better Dunbar” Coach was unaware of the boy’s exhausting with his gear covering his face. When practice was over, he crawled to the locker room and fell asleep in the shower. Corey pulled him off the ground. “Hey, Liam come on. Let’s go.” Corey and Nolan carried him to Theo’s truck. Mason watched his boyfriend carry the beta to the truck and was shocked as his boyfriend jumped into the passenger seat. “I am worried about him,” Corey told his boyfriend. “Me too. I’ve known Liam forever, and I have never saw him like that,” Mason said thinking of his best friend. Liam and Theo pulled up to the Dunbar-Geyer house. Theo had to wake Liam up, after the short car ride. Theo looked at the house as he got out. Something was off, the front door was swung open, and all the lights were on. Theo saw both Jenna and Dr.Geyer’s cars in the driveway and smelt blood as they approached the house. Liam smelled it suddenly, and the boy perked up and sprinted inside his home.

After more years of experience, Theo was better at picking up certain scents than Liam. Theo suddenly realized whose blood it was, he smelled Jenna in the morning making coffee, Dr. Geyer sitting on the couch talking to Liam about the upcoming season. “Liam, wait!” Theo screamed realizing what the Little Wolf was going to find. It was too late Liam was already inside the house. He saw two bodies in the middle of the living room, with puddles of blood surrounding them. He crumbled to the floor. Theo could hear the boy’s heartbeat almost burst out of his chest and heard Tara’s heart inside of him beat just as loud. Theo didn’t care as he saw the bodies of Jenna and Dr.Geyer lying there, silver bullets lying on the ground, wounds so deep, he knew there was no hope, he wrapped Liam in his arms. The small boy turned to him sobbing into his chest. Theo pulled Liam up off the ground, holding him in his arms, tears began to fall down his cheeks now. Jenna and the doctor were so good to him, both kind souls, great parents, and beautiful humans. They didn’t deserve this, and Liam did not deserve this. Liam couldn’t breathe, his body was shaking uncontrollably, he fell into a full panic attack. Theo gripped the boy harder until he passed out in Theo’s arms. Theo sat Liam down on the couch; the boy staring blankly at the wall. He grabbed his phone and called the Sheriff. After he got off the phone with Stilinski, he called Scott. “Hey Theo, what’s up? I didn’t want to tell Liam, but I am coming home this weekend,” Scott answered. Theo cut him off and told him what had happened; Scott was silent on the line. “I am picking up Malia, then I will be right there” Scott hung up with Theo and called Lydia and Stiles. The two cared about Liam, and he knew they would come home to help the boy out. The pair ordered plane tickets right then.. Scott was worried about his beta; Mason had already been texting him all week about his strange behavior. He knew Liam put pressure on himself, and he knew Liam was going to blame himself for this. He called his mom and Argent to tell them about what happened. Melissa was distraught about losing her coworker, her friend, and felt awful for Liam and Theo. Argent slammed the phone down in anger, “come on let’s go over and help Stilinski out. I am going to hunt Monroe down after this.” “Do you think we should have the boys stay over here for a little bit, until things calm down?” Melissa asked her boyfriend. “Definitely, you know I’m not keen on Theo, but Liam is just a kid. You know I know how it feels to lose your family” After receiving the call from Scott, Lydia picked up Stiles to take him to the airport. She texted Parrish, “are you going to Liam’s house?” “Yes, I feel bad for the kid. He’s been through a lot the past couple of days,” Parrish replied. “Stiles and I are heading back for a week for the funeral and to be there for support, I’ll see you tomorrow love you, give Liam a hug for me.” “Love you too, Lyds.” After Theo hung up on Scott, he called Mason and Corey and told them what had happened. Liam was still staring at the wall, blood coming out of hands, and tears out of his eyes. “Oh my gosh,” Mason started crying over the phone. They were like second parents to him. Corey hugged him. “Should we come over?” Mason asked Theo. Theo looked at Liam and shook his head, “No, I think everything’s a bit much right now. I’ll text you when he calms down.” Stiles got into Lydia’s car as they drove to the airport. “Did you call Derek?” Lydia asked him. “No, I guess I should.” Stiles was still in shock of the situation; he knows how it feels to lose a parent, but suddenly and both. Stiles had watched Liam break down, before when Hayden died the first time, when he lost his anger. He knew it wouldn’t be good for the beta. “Hey Mieczyslaw,” Peter answered Derek’s phone. Not waiting for Stiles to answer he yelled, “Derek’s your man is on the phone.” Stiles heard Derek rip the phone out of his uncle’s hand. “What’s up?” his boyfriend answered. Stiles told him what had happened and told him to be on the lookout for hunters. “Okay, I’ll see you tomorrow. “Love you,” Derek tried to whisper to avoid Peter making fun of him for dating the human. “I heard that,” Peter screamed back. “So, what did lover boy have to say?” Derek took a deep breath and explained the situation. “I have some hunters to kill,” Peter glared despite popular belief he knew what it felt like to lose a family. He actually like Liam, the kid was tough, and Theo was just fun, reminded him of himself.

The Sheriff and Parrish rushed to the Dunbar-Geyer household. They found Liam curled up in Theo’s arm the boy with tears streaming down his face, blood still streaming down his hands. Theo put the boy down and showed Stilinski and Parrish the bodies. Stilinski put his hand over his mouth staring at the mutilated bodies. “This poor kid,” The Sheriff thought. Parrish called the investigators as Melissa and Argent pulled up to the house. Melissa’s motherly instincts kicked in as Theo let them in. She gave the chimera a hug, although he did kill her boy he was starting to forgive him and remembered him as the scrawny kid she use to cook dinner for. Melissa let him go, to go take care of the beta. She knew Scott cared about the boy so much, and she basically adopted him as a second son. Liam allowed Melissa to embrace him but refused to speak to her. Argent circled the bodies, looking at the casting on the bullets, trying to figure out anything from the crime scene. Argent told Stilinski they were going to take in the boys in for a few days until everything calmed down, until they could be trusted on their own. Part of Argent’s job was noticing things, and he wasn’t stupid he saw how the two looked at each other, even if they didn’t realize they love each other yet. The men went back into the room with Melissa and the two boys. Argent told them they were going to take them back to the McCall house for a little bit. Theo nodded in agreement, knowing it was better for Liam to be out of this house. He wanted them to leave, before the investigators got there. Theo got Liam up and took him upstairs to get some stuff. “Hey Liam, I know this is hard, but I just wanted to let you know people care about you. I care about you, Mason and Corey wanted to run over here, the others are coming back from college for you. We will get through this,” Theo told his Little Wolf. “I know Theo, but also you don’t know how hard it is it’s my fault they are dead right know.” “Liam you know I don’t exactly know, but I killed my own sister that was actually my fault, my decision. You didn’t kill your parents.” “Sorry, Theo, I don’t know if I think the same way.” Theo hugged the boy, “I’ll be here every step of the way.” Liam accepted his embrace but didn’t take in a word the boy said. He thought, ” I know Theo you will be; I know everyone cares, but I don’t know if I can forgive myself.”

Theo and Liam climbed into his truck. The beta leaned on the window, refusing to speak. Theo looked at the boy suffering. They arrived at the McCall household; Theo helped Liam out remembering he was exhausted from today. It was pretty late into the night; Melissa knew the boys hadn’t eaten anything for a long time. She thought Liam hadn’t looked like he ate anything for a couple of days now; she sworn he lost some weight but didn’t want to put any more pressure on the boy right now. “I am going to reheat some soup for you guys if you want; I know Scott and Malia will want some, when they arrive,” She told the boys. “Thanks Ms. McCall,” Theo replied. “Theo, you know this call me Melissa for now.” Theo smiled at the woman. She took the boys up to their room, “You don’t mind sharing do you?” Both boys shook their heads, knowing they would end up with each other anyways. Liam threw himself on the bed. Theo looked at him, “do you want anything to eat?,” knowing the answer was going to be no anyways. “No, Theo can you just leave me alone for a little bit?” Liam asked ashamed, but he wanted to cry to himself and feel the pain of his claws; he deserved it. “Ya, I am starving, so I am going to get some food; I’ll be back up in a little bit. Howl if you need me Little Wolf,” Theo nodded reluctantly, but he respected Liam to give him some space. Theo headed down the stairs to Melissa and Argent sitting at the table. She poured Theo some soup and sat back down with the boy. “So, has Liam been okay lately?” she questioned him. Not knowing if he should sell out his best friend or not, he decided that Melissa had a right to know. “No, not really he has been really hard on himself lately,” Theo told her. “I figured, the poor kid I do not know what to do with him. I can’t say I’ve ever felt what it’s like to be in his situations. Hopefully Scott can talk to him, since they have such a great connection.” Theo nodded thinking back to the years of trauma he faced alone, knowing he didn’t want Liam to feel the same way. When he was with the Dread Doctors, sometimes it felt like too much, and he thought about how easy it would be just to slit his own throat or just swallow some concoction of things the Doctors had lying around. “I’m going to try to find them for him,” Argent said with sincere force. Suddenly, they heard Roscoe pull up, and Scott and Malia jump out. They swung open the door. Malia stared at Theo, “You took that in too?” Scott glared at his girlfriend, knowing this was not the time for bickering. Malia looked away, looking slightly ashamed. Theo had to quietly chuckle at the encounter. “So, where is he?” Scott asked panicking. “He’s up in the guest bedroom. He probably would want to see you, but he’s really fragile right now so be careful,” Theo told the alpha. Malia stayed at the table with them, eating two bowls of soup, figuring she’s not the most comforting type. Theo glanced at his phone for the first time in hours; he had a slew of texts from Mason, Corey, Alec, and Nolan all wondering about Liam and himself actually. Theo told them, he was fine, obviously upset he respected them as actual parents to him, but Liam was not okay, he needed every one of them right now. He told them they should come later tomorrow, even if Liam claims he doesn’t want them. Scott slowly opened the door to see his beta curled up on his bed. He saw tears on the Liam’s face and blood on his hands. “Oh Liam,” he thought. He could tell the boy had lost some weight as his face was a little sunken in and his clothes a little looser. “Hey bud, I’m sorry I am going to do everything I can to make this better.” “You can’t make this better Scott; they are dead and it’s my fault.” Scott was taken aback from this statement but knew the boy had always put blame on himself. “Liam it was not your fault, look at me,” Scott looked at him with gentle eyes. “You do everything you can do all the time, sometimes things just happen, but I need you to not put this on yourself.” Liam nodded, but did not believe a word that came out of his Alpha’s mouth. Scott wrapped Liam in his embrace and drug him to the bathroom to clean the blood off of him. Despite Liam’s protest, Scott easily could grab the beta and clear his wounds. “Thanks, Scott,” the boy whispered. “You’re welcome, now how about you go to bed; I’ll send Theo up.” Scott headed back down the stairs and sent Theo up to the guest bedroom. Scott ate some soup, talked to Melissa and Argent about next steps. “I think you need to just take care of Liam until after the funeral; then, we will worry about the hunters. You are still in school you know,” Argent instructed him. “I agree; the boy really needs you right now,” Melissa echoed. “So, how bad is it?” Malia asked. “I am not sure, if we can fix him,” Scott said thinking about Liam’s broken body he just encountered. Theo opened the door to Liam wide awake on the bed; he got ready for bed threw off his clothes and slid on sweatpants and crawled into the second bed Melissa made on the floor for him. “Theo,” Liam whispered. “What Little Wolf?” “Will you come sleep in the bed with me I know I can’t fall asleep?” Theo smiled, “Of course as long as you don’t snore.” Theo jumped into the bed and wrapped his arms around the smaller boy.

Theo woke around 6:00 to look at Liam staring up in the ceiling still wrapped in his arms. This was one of the soundest sleeps he has had in a long time, without nightmares of Tara, probably a mixture of exhaustion and the scent of Liam in the bed. “Did you sleep at all? Theo asked the beta. “I can’t Theo” “Liam, you look like you are going to pass out you need to try.” “I’ll try tomorrow. I am going to go for a run.” “No, you aren’t until you eat something and sleep a little bit; you would pass out if you went now.” Liam didn’t care what Theo had to say; he had to go now. He took what little strength he had left, and his IED acted up. The beta somehow managed to push the chimera off of him, slid on his shoes, and sprint out the door in his hoodie and sweatpants. Theo swore under his breath and chased after the Little Wolf. Scott and Malia heard the commotion and woke up to check it out. Argent was sitting downstairs, when he saw Liam sprint out. “What happened?” Argent questioned Theo before he sprinted out the door. “He couldn’t sleep, so he decided to run. I told him not in his condition, and he fought his way out. Liam hasn’t eaten in who knows as long and didn’t sleep at all he’s going to pass out out there. Scott, Malia, Argent, and Theo jumped into Theo’s truck and peeled off towards the preserve. It didn’t take them long to find Liam, like Theo said he passed out at the edge of the woods. However, they weren’t the first to find him. “He looks like death,” Peter said to the group. Derek and Peter were patrolling the preserve as they saw Liam enter the woods. They called after the beta and followed him as he blacked out. Derek had just picked the boy up as they saw Theo’s truck pull in. “Well you would look like death too, if you’ve been through what he has,” Malia barked back at her father. Theo basically ripped Liam out of Derek’s hands; “I got him; I’ll take him back to get some sleep.” “Maybe some food too; the kid looks smaller than he already was,” Peter stated. This time no one argued with Peter. Theo climbed back into his truck with Liam. The others decided to finish patrolling with the Hale’s. He returned to the McCall house and carried Liam up to the guest bedroom to sleep away. The chimera walked back down to Melissa making coffee. “Want some?” she asked him. “Yes, please” “Black? I assume” “How’d you guess?” he laughed. “Motherly instincts; where did the others run off to?” Theo told her what happened as she sat there shaking her head thinking about Liam. The two sat there in silence watching the news for about an hour until the rest came back from the preserve, Peter and Derek included. Melissa glared at Peter, but laughed, “I didn’t know we were having guests for breakfast.” Argent helped Melissa lay out a breakfast spread for the crew. As they ate, Melissa said, “I got off the phone with the Noah; he’s going to let Liam have the day off today, but tomorrow he thinks the boy needs to discuss service plans for his parents.” Theo nodded solemnly; he knew he was going to have to support the Little Wolf through this. “We’ll let him sleep for a while, but when wakes up I want him to eat something,” Melissa said. “I’ll make sure he does,” Theo replied. Peter heard his tone and grinned to himself; he didn’t realize Theo had a soft spot for the beta. The group hung out in the living room, playing a card game, waiting for Stiles and Lydia’s arrival. The Sheriff, Ms. Martin, and Parrish were going to pick the pair up from the airport and bring them straight to the McCall house. Around noon, Natalie’s car rolled up with Noah driving, Stiles crammed in the back seat with Lydia and Parrish all over each other. Natalie and Noah went to the kitchen with Melissa and Argent. Parrish and Lydia made an entrance, and Lydia walked right up to Theo and gave him a hug surprisingly. He accepted as she whispered, “I know this hurts you to,” before sitting down with her boyfriend. Stiles ran in and jumped in Derek’s arms, “You wouldn’t believe it I was stuck in the back seat with these two for thirty minutes watching them make out with each other,” “Well, why don’t we show them?” Derek kissed his boyfriend on the lips. Peter looked away, “disgusting,” he muttered. As the rest of the pack smiled, happily for the two. “Where’s Liam?” Lydia asked remembering this wasn’t a happy time. Theo told them what happened this morning, then said he was upstairs still sleeping. Little did anyone know Liam woke up when Stiles and Lydia arrived, avoiding human contact, he bared his claws into his arm. Nolan, Alec, Mason, and Corey showed up around 1. When Theo meant “late afternoon,” they were there at the earliest moment. The pack decided to order pizza and waited for Liam to come downstairs. Nolan and Alec looked worryingly at all the pack members being in one place at one time. Nolan grabbed Alec’s hand comforting both boys; Scott saw this gesture and smiled. Mason and Corey ran over to Theo and pulled him privately in the adjacent room. “How is he?” Mason asked the chimera. “Honestly, not good, I am scared Mason actually,” Theo revealed. You could see a worried look come across the couple’s faces. “How long has he been sleeping?” Corey asked. “Eh a couple of hours; he didn’t sleep at all last night,” Theo said. Theo suddenly tried to tune into to Liam’s heartbeat; he noticed it seemed to have moved. He realized the boy was up and decided to go get him. “I am going to come up, too,” Mason told Theo. Theo agreed and the two boys left Corey downstairs, not to overwhelm the Little Wolf.

Theo broke into the guest bedroom without knocking, after he heard the beta’s heartbeat speed up. Mason and he walked in and saw Liam curled up in a ball on the floor, blood running down his arms, and Theo could see blood soaking through the front of his shirt. “Liam!” Theo exclaimed. He ran towards the boy and pulled him up off the floor. Mason stood there in shocked. “Mason open the bathroom door please.” Mason opened the door and helped Theo take the boy’s shirt off. There were claw marks covering his chest, his arms, and stomach. The two boys were shocked, how visible Liam’s ribs were. Theo started clearing the beta’s wounds, while Mason texted Corey. “Don’t let anyone up here,” Mason typed. They were making so much noise; he knew it wasn’t just the werewolves who could hear them. Downstairs Corey stopped everyone from going upstairs, despite protests from Scott, Lydia, and Melissa. Peter, of course, didn’t care about the chameleon and shoved past the boy. Peter flung open the bathroom door and glanced at the broken body of Liam. “Get out,” Mason told the werewolf. “Peter you better leave right now, or you’ll get to see my claws on your throat,” Theo threatened him. Liam, drowsy and out of it, stared at Peter. “Get out it’s not like you care anyways, no one should.” “Woah kid you look like shit, and I just came to help,” Peter said. Theo scoffed, ”Like you care.” Theo put his own hoodie over Liam to cover up his wounds until they healed and helped him stand up. Peter grabbed Liam’s arm, black veins crept up the werewolf’s veins, and stared at him in his blue eyes, that were slowly turning to yellow. “Hey kid, I know what it’s like to lose your family to hunters, and I am not going to stop until I get revenge on them for this. I understand you feel like it is your fault, but you can’t take it out on yourself. You have to move on and overcome this. I regret everything I did, after I came out of that coma. You need to realize you can be stronger than your trauma. You have spunk, try to keep it. Peter released Liam and walked out leaving Mason a moment alone with Liam. “What’s up with you? I mean I saw you take his pain, and I know you actually have to care to do that” Theo asked the older man. “Oh, Theo. You’re just like me pretending to be ruthless, when all you want is company. Despite what everyone thinks, and my previous actions would suggest, I like the beta. He’s a fighter and willing to fight for what is right without holding back. I kind of take responsibility over him too I mean he wouldn’t be a werewolf without me. I bit Scott; Scott bit Liam easy as that.” Peter walked down the stairs like the situation never happened. Theo stood in shock at what Peter just said. Mason stared at his best friend. He has been there through Liam’s IED melt downs, break ups, lacrosse issues, and even now his supernatural problems, but he had never seen his friend like this. “Liam, I am sorry. I know how much they meant to you; I loved them too they treated me like I was their own son. I want you to know it wasn’t your fault; you cannot keep taking the blame. Liam you are literally killing yourself, and I am not going to let my best friend die in front of my eyes.” “Thanks Mace,” Liam stared at the ground. Mason and Liam walked out to find Theo standing at the top of the stairs; the pizza had just arrived in the kitchen, and the pack started to dig in. Theo and Mason lead Liam down the stairs into the kitchen, where everyone turned to look at the broken boy. Liam slouched down against the wall, trying to avoid eye contact. Lydia rushed over to give the boy a hug, shocked to feel his spine through Theo’s sweatshirt. Stiles came over and gave him a hug as well, even more worried about the boy since he saw him in person. The pack returned to eating lunch; Theo got three slices for himself and one slice for Liam, plain cheese. Alec and Nolan came over and sat with Theo, Mason, Corey, and Liam on the floor. Derek and Stiles smiled at the boys; the couple considered them the “puppy pack.” Liam stared at the greasy slice as everyone else was enjoying the food. Melissa and Natalie were watching out of the corner of their eyes as Liam refused to eat. The women looked at each other with worrying looks. They went over to the group. “Hey Liam, I am sorry to hear about this; do not worry about school for at least two weeks I got you covered,” Ms. Martin told the boy. “Liam, honey. You should really try to eat something; you haven’t eaten in a day, and you look exhausted,” Melissa advised. Liam reluctantly took a bite of the pizza to warn off the suspicious eyes around him. He ate the slice except the crust because he had a rule that he must never clear his plate. Theo grabbed Liam’s hand and gave it a squeeze reassuring the beta. The pack got caught up for a while longer, trying to keep the mood content to distract Liam. Eventually, everyone left except the McCall household. Stiles, Peter, and Derek jumped in Derek’s Camaro. “I didn’t expect him to be that bad,” Stiles said to the Hale’s. “Poor kid’s been through a lot,” Derek replied. “The beta blames himself for what happened,” Peter said staring out the window. Lydia and Parrish arrived at Parrish’s house. Between making out, Lydia asked, “Did the police find anything out about the hunters who killed Liam’s parents?” “Nothing, no evidence, no clues, Argent can’t even figure it out,” the hellhound answered. “Feel anything unusual lately?” “Yes, like a strong sense of pain and fear,” the banshee thought about. Liam and Theo sat in the living room staring at the black screen of the TV; Liam suddenly leaned on Theo’s shoulder and fell asleep. Scott and Malia sat down on the couch and turned on the TV. Melissa and Argent gave them some soup a few hours later; Liam sipped on the broth but refused to eat anything out of the soup. The all went to their bedrooms. Liam laid in the bed staring at the ceiling, while Theo wrapped his arm around the small waist of the beta.

Theo woke up at and stared at the Little Wolf. Liam was actually sleeping looking adorable and vulnerable. Liam rolled over and stared the chimera, in awe, because of the chimera’s beautiful features. Theo wiped the hair off of Liam’s eyes to look at the boy’s blue pools staring at him. Sadness were present in his eyes. “Let’s get this over with,” Liam told his friend after thinking of today’s events The pair wandered down the stairs; Argent and Melissa were sitting at the table to welcome the boys. “How’d you sleep?” Melissa asked. Theo thought about it; he slept better than he had for longer than he could remember. Liam just stared at the ground, the black bags under his eyes showed what his night consisted of. “Good,” Theo told the woman. Liam chose not to respond. Theo grabbed some coffee off Argent, while Liam melted onto a chair. Scott and Malia came down the stairs a few minutes later. Malia still stared at Theo in disgust, but she didn’t say anything. She sat down besides Liam and grabbed his hand, making his claws retract that slowly appeared on the boy’s hands. Malia gave him a reassuring look to calm the beta. She knew what it was like to blame yourself for your family’s death. The thoughts of her sister and mother still haunt her today. Melissa started to make the gang breakfast; Liam stared at the wall, as the others small talked. They began to eat the meal; Liam stared at the piece of toast with butter and small pile of scrambled eggs Melissa laid on his plate. Scott looked at his beta, staring down the meal. “Hey, Liam why don’t you try something, it’s going to be a long day.” Liam picked up the piece of toast and nibbled on the crust around it, avoiding the butter and eggs; he didn’t want to argue with the Alpha. Everyone stared at the beta but didn’t want to say anything to upset him. Scott, Theo, and Liam jumped in the jeep to head off to the station where Liam would have to fill out some paperwork and discuss funeral arrangements for his parents. Stiles greeted them at the door of the station, leading them back to his dad’s office. Sheriff Stilinski gave a subtle smile to the boys as the entered the doorway. Stiles closed the door behind them and sat with Scott in the corner, letting Liam and Theo sit in front of the Sheriff. Stilinski looked at the poor boy, not wanting to go through this, but he knew it had to be done. He handed Liam some paperwork to sign, letting Liam open their wills, leaving all belongings to Liam. “Okay, Liam. Now you are seventeen and under law you cannot be classified as an independent, you need a certified guardian. Theo’s brain processed this quickly, realizing Liam would have to move in with someone, changing the Little Wolf’s life more than this already did. “I’ll be his legal guardian.” Theo stated. Stiles and Scott looked confusingly at the chimera. “I’m nineteen, and I lived in the household.” Stilinski looked at Theo; it’s not like he didn’t trust the boy, but on documents it wouldn’t look good. He didn’t like the idea. Suddenly, someone opened the door. The group stared at the man who opened the door. “I couldn’t help but hear through the door what was going on.” Stiles looked at the man, “What the hell are you doing here?” “Moral support?” “I’ll sign it the kid; can live the same life, and I’ll check in with him. It’s only for the next year.” The Sheriff looked at Liam to see his reaction; Theo looked at the boy waiting for his response. Liam nodded his head in agreement. Stilinski handed the paperwork over to Peter for him to sign. Theo smiled at the werewolf, “I guess you did really change.” Peter looked at the chimera, “Looks like we both did,” indicting Theo’s hand on top of Liam’s. After the surprising visitation, Noah called over the funeral director to come in and talk to the beta. Liam with the support of Theo, Scott, and Stiles, picked to have the visitation on Tuesday and the service on Wednesday. He knew both Jenna and Dr.Geyer were popular with lots of friends, coworkers, and family members waiting to say their final goodbyes. The funeral would be held outside; the way they would want it and short. By the time everything was planned, it was late into the afternoon. The existed the police station and found Peter sleeping in the back seat of Roscoe. “Why are you still here?” Stiles glared at the man. “I wanted to treat you all to lunch,” Peter said calmly. Just then, Malia, Derek, and Lydia pulled up in Lydia’s car. Stiles ran to Lydia’s car to sit beside his boyfriend; Parrish left the station to slide into the passenger seat on his lunch break. Malia jumped out of Lydia’s car and slid into Scott’s passenger seat. Liam stared at Theo; he couldn’t back out at this point, but the boy was anxious about going out. The crew pulled up to a small diner on the outskirts of Beacon Hills. The beta gripped Theo’s hand as the existed the jeep; Peter wanted to help the boy, but this was maybe a little more forced than the small boy needed at this point. They sat down at a table near the back, and Liam stared at the menu, cautiously scanning it for something he could handle. Everyone unknowingly watched him struggle with this. “How about chicken noodle soup?” Theo asked his friend. Liam nodded and ordered when the waitress came around. After the food came, everyone was devouring their food because we all know werewolves have insane metabolisms. Liam pushed his spoon around his bowl, refusing to take a bite. “Liam, I’m not paying for you, if you aren’t going to eat anything. And as your legal guardian, now, you have to try something,” Peter smirked at the boy. Everyone stared at the older man in shock, not realizing his move at the police station. Malia stared at her father, “Well, Liam I guess we are kind of siblings now, and I am saying you have to try to eat something.” Liam reluctantly took a few spoonful’s of the soup, trying to avoid anymore harassment. The pack left the restaurant and returned to their own homes.

Liam basically sprinted up the stairs to hide in the bed; Theo went after him. “Hey, are you okay?” Theo asked the Little Wolf. “No, Theo I’m not okay; everyone is pretending it didn’t happen. It wasn’t my fault; the hunters are still out there. They killed innocent people, my parents, to hurt me. Do you know what it feels like fearing that every noise is someone trying to kill someone else you love?” Theo embraced the boy in his arms. Liam cried into the older boy’s chest. They curled up on the bed until Liam fell asleep. Theo went downstairs and saw Scott sitting at the table his head in his hands. “Sheriff just called they found another body,” Scott told the chimera. Stiles suddenly broke into the house, staring at Theo. “Let’s go my dad’s letting us go, since it was definitely hunters,” Stiles told his best friend. “You can come too,” he said looking at Theo. Theo was in shock, though everyone else had seem to be at least okay with his presence; Stiles could not forgive him for what he had did, for good reason of course. “My mom is home; she’ll take care of him,” Scott assured the boy. “It’ll be just like old times, us three. Theo agreed and the trio left for the preserve, leaving Liam alone. Liam watched them go out the bedroom window and took the opportunity to leave. He didn’t deserve comfort; he needed to be faster and stronger. The beta ran out the door in the opposite direction his alpha and friends left. Liam ran down the street, still exhausted and worn out for lack of nutrition and sleep. He passed the school into the woods. Liam knew he shouldn’t be alone, especially in his state, but he didn’t care. Suddenly, a woman stepped out behind a tree. “Why isn’t it the little, strong one?” the woman snarked. “Like what you did to your parents?” The woman pointed her bow at Liam; Liam turned and charged the woman and jumped on her, his IED flaring after she made the comment about his parents. Before he could claw her, he felt something sharp hit his back. He was so caught up with the woman; he didn’t even notice her partner come up behind him. Liam fell off the woman; an arrow dipped in wolfsbane stuck in his back. Before the hunter had a chance to kill the beta, he heard, “LIAM!” Theo wrapped his hand around the one hunter, while Scott took down the woman. Argent pinned the woman, so she couldn’t escape until Parrish and Stilinski got there. Theo still had the man wrapped in his grip; the man was starting to lose oxygen. Scott screamed at Theo, “Don’t give them a reason to think you are a monster.” Theo looked at the unmoving Liam and dropped the man just as Parrish arrived and handcuffed him. Theo and Scott were at Liam’s sides, feeling a very faint pulse in his skinny wrist. “Hospital or Deaton’s?” Theo asked Scott picking up the light body. “Hospital, we are closer, and my mom knows what to do. Argent came over and sliced the arrow out of Liam to let the wolfsbane out and wrapped the wound with Liam’s shirt to stop the bleeding. Scott threw his hoodie over the beta to stop his shivering body. Scott and Argent stared at each other after seeing Liam’s ribs poke out of his skin. Stiles arrived with the jeep and Theo carrying Liam and Scott jumped in. Scott called his Mom to tell her to be ready in the “supernatural wing” she made since all of the recent cases. Melissa met them at the door and took Liam out of Theo’s hands. She ripped off the shirt and started stitching the wound. She noticed he wasn’t healing like he should. She hooked him up to an IV for fluids because he was severely dehydrated and loss a lot of blood. Melissa knew werewolves didn’t usually need blood transfusions, but she gave Liam one because the beta wasn’t healing gin his weakened state, and it would help push out the wolfsbane faster. She wanted to give him a NG tube too, but she knew he wouldn’t want it and right now he didn’t need more stress placed on him. But she knew, if he doesn’t start eating soon she was going to have to give him one anyways. Melissa wrapped her hand around Liam’s and thought, “oh Liam.” Theo, Scott, and Stiles sat in the room waiting for the Little Wolf to wake up. Theo refused to let go of the boy’s hand. Melissa came and checked on them multiple times, one time with Argent bringing the boys and her food. Noah, Natalie, Parrish and Lydia came into to check on him; the sheriff told Scott and Stiles the names of the hunters and how Scott’s dad would be taking them to the Los Angeles County Prison for trial, but attempted murder on a seventeen year old boy and murder of his parents would not be easy to get away with. Scott texted Mason, Corey, Nolan, and Alec about with what happened. They were over at the hospital in five minutes and sat with the other three boys. Nolan and Alec eventually went home as it got close to the end of visitation hours. Malia, Derek, and Peter arrived at the end of visitation hours to check in. Melissa came in after her shift and said unfortunately hospital policy only one overnight guest was allowed. Mason and Corey left, Malia and Melissa took Scott home, Derek took Stiles home which left Theo and Peter. Peter as Liam’s legal guardian looked and chuckled at Theo and said take care of “my child.” Theo stared at the sleeping boy, the heart monitor beating, his small chests rising up and down slowly. He thought to a moment, seeing Liam lying there, not sure if he was alive or not was the worst moment in his life, even over killing Tara. It was then when he realized he loved Liam.

Theo woke up the next morning from Liam’s monitor beeping; he somehow fell asleep on the edge of Liam’s bed; someone wrapped a blanket around his shoulders. Theo panicked at the sound, but then saw Melissa rearranging the cords on Liam’s chest. He glanced at his phone, a bunch of text messages from the pack, and realized it was 11am. Theo has never slept that late in his life. Melissa glanced at him, “Good morning,” she laughed at him. “How’s he doing?” the chimera asked. “No change for the worse; his wound looks slightly closed; his werewolf abilities should have closed it hours ago. Melissa knew from Scott that guilt could keep your body from healing as well as being malnourished. Theo realized Liam had been out for twenty hours; suddenly, the beta shifted in positions. Liam rolled and looked at Theo confused; then, he felt the IV in his arm and ripped it out in a panic. Theo grabbed his hand to stop him from tearing at the rest of the wires. “Liam!” Melissa shouted. She quickly ran out to grab gauze to stop the blood coming from his arm. She left to call Scott to tell him Liam was awake and threated Liam for him not to take himself off the monitor. Theo stared at the Little Wolf, “You know I have never been more scared in my life, when I saw you laying there.” He wanted to scream at Liam for being stupid for going out alone, but he knew he was fragile right now. “Why would you care, Theo?” Liam questioned. Not knowing how anyone could care about him. “First, Dunbar. Literally, every one of the pack members came to check on you because they were worried about you. Secondly,” Theo took a breath “I love you.” Liam stared at the chimera, processed what he had just said, then decided, “I love you too Theo.” Theo looked at Liam, his blue eyes staring back at him. He leaned in in kissed the beta. Liam embraced it; their lips were held together for a minutes until Mason and Corey walked in. Mason dropped his phone at the sight of the two boys as Theo broke off of Liam’s lip lying in the bed. Mason smiled and said, “Now I know why you have been my friend for all of these years.” He handed Corey $10. Liam blushed and asked, “What was that for?” “Mason bet me $10 you too would start dating in the next month; I said next week,” Corey laughed. “You guys knew!” Liam shouted a little too hard hurting his back wound. “Of course, I knew; I know you better than anyone.” Mason laughed. “How are you feeling?” “Eh,” Liam replied. Melissa came in with Scott, Stiles, Malia, Derek, and Peter trailing behind her. “Hey, you’re alive!” Stiles smiled. The wolves could smell some anxiety in the air, and everyone looked at Corey and Mason smirking at each other. Theo had leaned back into the corner with a smug look across his face; Liam looked flushed in the bed. Derek put it together; it was similar to when the pack figured out him and Stiles were together. “What did we miss?” Derek asked the pair. Liam looked like he wanted to hide, but it was impossible in the hospital bed. Theo was actually proud of himself for once in his life; he looked at the beta as if asking for permission. Liam rolled his eyes and nodded. “Mason and Corey walked into Liam and I kissing,” Theo said boldly. It’s not like Theo was afraid of the pack or his reputation for that matter. Surprisingly no one seemed shocked at his statement; apparently they weren’t as subtle as they thought. “Am I they only that like girls in this pack?” Peter asked. Malia hit her father as Scott glared at him. “Okay, Scott and I,” Peter corrected himself. Everyone else laughed at him. Melissa came in and instructed everyone to go out for a few minute, so she could talk to Liam alone. “Okay, Liam how do you feel?” “Okay.” “Not just the wound, about everything.” With Melissa’s motherly eyes looking at him, Liam broke down in tears. She gently gave him a hug as he calmed down. “I miss them.” “I know, honey. It’s going to be hard, but you have to move on at some point. I’m not talking now or even soon, but it will get better promise. But you need to take care of yourself, Liam, everyone cares about you no one likes seeing you like this.” “It’s hard Melissa I feel guilty; if I wasn’t a werewolf, they would be alive right now.” She looked at the poor boy not knowing what to really say, “It’s not your fault, Liam. You had nothing to do with this, sometimes there is just evil in this world. Is that why you aren’t healing or eating?” He didn’t really answer her, but just looked at her ashamed. “It’s okay, Liam. You just need to be careful; I don’t want to make you stay here.” Melissa gave the small boy a hug, concerned with how much she could feel his spine. “Ready to leave?” Liam nodded his head as she unplugged the machines. “Sorry to bring this up, but are you going to be up for tomorrow?” Liam completely forgot he agreed to the viewing being tomorrow. “Ya, I guess.” Melissa smiled at him as she helped the beta get up. He felt weak and shaky; he walked out into Theo’s arms. Everyone was staring at Liam trying his best to walk, but he felt like he just had been shot with wolfsbane again. Theo ended up just picking up the Little Wolf and taking him to his truck that Argent brought over earlier for him. Liam’s stared at Theo driving towards the McCall house, his strong hand gripping the wheel with his glassy blue eyes on the road. “Liam, you need to start talking to me. I love you, but I can’t help you if you don’t let me know what is on your mind.” “I know, Theo. It’s just hard sometimes.” Theo looked at the beta curled up in the passenger seat and gently grabbed his hand until the pulled in the driveway. Theo helped get Liam in and up to their room. “Why don’t you lie down until Scott comes home with lunch?” “Is the whole pack coming?” “Nope just Scott, you, and I,” Theo smiled at the boy. “Good.” Liam just couldn’t handle everyone right now; it was all too much.

Scott pulled in about an hour later; Theo woke the small boy up. Liam glared at him with his blue eyes. “Already?” the Little Wolf asked his boyfriend. “Liam, you just slept for 20 hours,” the chimera chuckled at the beta. Liam dragged himself out of bed and downstairs. Scott had brought home the boy’s favorite pasta at least trying to convince Liam to eat something. Scott was really worried about him; his mom pulled him aside after Theo and Liam left the hospital. She told him, if he doesn’t start eating soon. He’s going to have permanent damage, even as a werewolf, or even with his sped-up metabolism she doesn’t know how long he can survive like this. Melissa told her son, after the funeral on Wednesday they were going to have to crack down on him even if that meant hospitalization. Theo and Scott kept up small talk to try to distract the boy from just eating. Liam stared at the pasta, counting all the unnecessary calories it had in his head. “Why couldn’t they understand he didn’t deserve this?” Liam wondered to himself. Theo and Scott both ate their meals, staring worriedly at the beta as he pushed his pasta around his plate taking small bites here and there. Theo watched him pick up his napkin after each bite and needed no werewolf senses to tell him he was spitting it out into the piece of paper. After they were done; Scott looked at Theo as to ask him which one would say something first. Scott decided he would this time. “Liam you really need your strength after yesterday’s incident. How about you try to eat half of it?,” the alpha told his beta. Scott even picked up the boy’s plate and pushed slightly over half of it back into the box and gave the small portion back to Liam. Liam glared at the plate, his hand shaking. Theo watched as his boyfriend’s claws started to slightly to appear on the beta’s hands; he grabbed his left hand and looked at him with comforting eyes. Liam reluctantly picked up his fork and started taking small bites. “I can’t do anymore; I am going to be sick,” Liam told them.. The older two stared at the younger one’s already small portion about half of it was gone. “At least it was something,” Theo thought to himself. “Thanks for trying,” he told the boy. Scott went upstairs to complete some of his schoolwork. Theo started to too as Liam just stared at the chimera. “Theo, can we go on a walk?” Liam asked his boyfriend. “Sure, just a light one. You still look exhausted.” Theo stared at his love. He grabbed his hand, and they went into the street. “You good with holding hands in public,” Liam asked him. Liam knew he was always the physical person; he never really saw Theo touch anyone in public except to punch them in the face. Theo smiled at him, “only because it’s you. You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting to do this.” “When did you realize you liked me?” the beta asked the chimera. “When you kissed Hayden in the woods, when you had me chained to you,” he smirked at him. “When you did that my heart skipped a beat, I mean I pretended to just want to get away, but really I just didn’t want to accept it.” The small boy shuttered, “how had he not realized?” Liam thought. “Not going to lie, after Hayden was taken by the Ghost Riders, deep down I knew I was glad it wasn’t you.” The couple walked for about a mile and returned to the McCall house, after Liam looked fatigue and light headed. Liam looked at his phone; he had a message from Mason telling him if he needed him to let him know. One from Coach, saying that he was sorry about hearing about his parents and not to worry about practice or his position just to take care of himself. Honestly, Liam didn’t even know Coach could actually be that nice. Little to Liam’s knowledge, Coach Finstock actually loved Liam. He could see the boy struggled with trying to live up to his own standards for himself, even though he exceeded everyone’s standards. He obviously knew about Liam being a werewolf; I mean everyone did after Liam was spotted shifting at Brett and Lori’s deaths. After seeing him taking punches from Gabe and the others without fighting back, he respected the kid. He was shocked when the boy forgave Nolan and even more when the boy made him co-captain. The boy had natural talent, and it was a shame he didn’t see it in himself. Liam texted him back to tell him thanks for being such a great coach and thought about how much time it has been since he touched his lacrosse stick. It was only three days, but Liam never missed practicing for that long. His heart started to beat fast because his mind went spiraling that he was going to lose his skills, his performance ability, then not even his captain position, but be thrown off the team. He realized how much that would have disappointed Dr.Geyer and even his own mother, and the thought of them being even more disappointed in him sent him into a full panic attack. The beta started shaking even more than he already; it was becoming hard to breathe. His vision started getting spots; he started clawing at his own arms, not knowing what was happening to him. His heart was racing, he was sweating, blood falling off his small body. Theo downstairs started to hear the boy’s heartbeat go off and ran upstairs embracing his boyfriend. “Liam, you got to breathe. It’s okay; I am right here. Look at me.” The two boys eyes met, and Liam began shaking slightly less, his claws retracted, and his breathing began to calm down steadily. It took about ten minutes for the beta to calm down. “Liam, that was a panic attack,” Theo looked at the exhausted boy. “Do you want to talk about what happened?” Liam shook his head; “I think I am just going to lie down for a little bit.” Theo agreed, “Would you like me to stay with you?” The boy shook his head, and the couple laid down; Liam curled up in the older boy’s arms.

Theo woke up two hours later with his beta curled in his arms; he watched Liam’s chest rise up and down. He stroke his hand through the younger boy’s hair, worrying about him. Theo knew he had to do some of his schoolwork; Liam might have got excused for his work for a while, but he knew they would be slightly less lenient with him. He quietly slipped out of the bed to do some work. After an hour or so, Argent walked in and sat down at the table with Theo. “Hey, Theo. I’m sorry. I should have trusted you more recently, but after Allison died; Scott is basically a son to me, and after what you did to him it was hard,” the man stared at the chimera. Theo was shocked out of anyone he would have never of thought Argent would be apologizing to him. “Thank you,” Theo told him, “but honestly I don’t know if I could have forgiven myself for what I did. Everyone always says it was the Dread Doctors influence, and it was, but I should have said no.” “Hey, kid. We all make mistakes, and you were corrupted at a young age. Heck I used to think all supernaturals were evil because my father told me so. But after what you have done for the pack, I realized you have changed. I watch how you love Liam and would do anything for that boy. You care about everyone in this pack except yourself. You are a good person, Theo, you just need to realize you moved passed what you were.” Theo smiled at the man, realizing what a great father figure he was. “Thanks, it really means a lot coming from you.” Argent smiled at the chimera as Melissa walked in the door from her shift at the hospital; she was carrying take out from a local Chinese restaurant for the family. “What are you guys talking about?” she asked them her motherly instincts knowing they were actually enjoying the other one’s company. “New ways to defeat the hunters,” Argent smirked at Theo. They had the tough guy reputation to keep up. “Hmm..sure,” Melissa looked at the two boys. She went over and kissed Argent. “Want to go get Liam?” she asked the chimera. Theo nodded and headed up the stairs. “SCOTT I MADE DINNER.” The mother screamed. Scott came busting out of his room almost knocking Theo down. They laughed at each other. Theo remembered Melissa used to do that to them when they were kids. They would be playing in the yard, and she would scream, and they knew they had to come running, if they didn’t want to be doing all the dishes. “Just like old times,” Theo told the alpha. Thoughts of him killing him trickled in his brain, but then he remembered Argent’s words that he needed to move on. “She never changed.” Scott shook his head at him. Knowing how close they used to be hurt him,, but he knew Theo really had changed from the blood thirsty Dread Doctor slave who murdered him. Theo opened the door to Liam and his shared room and saw Liam staring at the wall curled in ball, shaking. “Hey, it’s okay Liam I’m here. What’s wrong?” Theo asked the beta. “I am tired of being a disappointment to everyone, I am tired of being tired, I am tired of feeling guilty, I am tired of crying, I am tired of being so cold,” Liam cried into the chimera’s arms. Theo looked at his boyfriend, “Hey you are not a disappointment to anyone, but especially me,” he took the boy’s small hand and softly kissed his lips.

The couple went downstairs to eat dinner; Melissa got Liam plain white rice with some chicken and vegetables for his stomach to handle. They all watched as the boy merely pushed his food around his plate, picking up small bites here and there. The beta was getting scarily skinny quickly. His cheek bones were protruding in his face, his fingers slim, you could easily wrap your fingers around his wrist, his ribs were beginning to stick out, and he was constantly shaking. Scott already told his mother what had happened this afternoon, so although they didn’t want to they decided to not say anything to Liam. After the plates were cleaned up, Liam collapsed on Theo’s shoulder in the living room. Scott decided to go over and see Malia who was staying at Peter’s apartment for the time being. Melissa and Argent went upstairs, leaving the two downstairs alone. Theo started stroking Liam’s hair. “Theo, I don’t know how I am going to do tomorrow. I have family I haven’t saw in years or don’t even know coming to the visitation. How am I supposed to look at them, crying over my parents, after I know I am the reason they are dead? What if my father comes; I don’t know what I am going to do?,” Liam told the chimera. Theo never really thought about Liam’s birth dad; he never mentioned him. He could see Liam flinch at his name, his heart rate speed up. Theo didn’t have any family; he didn’t know how to treat family members. “You can do this Liam, and I’ll be right beside you the whole day,” Theo told him. Tears started streaming down the beta’s face, Theo wiped them off and picked the small boy up carrying him up the stairs. Liam calmed down and decided to get a hot shower to warm up; he was constantly freezing now. Theo sat down, scrolling through his phone, waiting for him to be out. He had a text from Mason on his phone, asking Theo how Liam was doing. Theo texted him back saying not good, not looking forward to tomorrow. Mason answered and asked him if Liam said anything about his father coming. Theo realized Liam did say something about his father; he told Mason that he mentioned be worrying about it. “What’s the deal with Liam’s father?” he asked his best friend. Mason typed back, “Liam doesn’t really like to talk about it, but when he was younger his father abused Liam. He was jealous of how much attention Liam was getting from Jenna and took it out on him. Jenna found out, divorced him, and moved away. That’s what caused his IED to form in the first place, that’s why he’s so self-conscious, and tries to be the best at everything. Theo stared there shocked at the text message; he always thought Liam had a good life, a loving family, had money. He was actually always jealous of Liam having a great life. He never thought about the boy’s childhood or how his mental issues even started. “I didn’t realize that…,” he typed back. “Ya, don’t tell him I told you, but just watch out for him,” Mason answered. “Thanks, I’ll see you tomorrow.” “You too, take care of Liam for me.” Just then Liam came out of the bathroom, already in an oversized hoodie and sweatpants. The beta only wore baggy clothes at this point; he was so self-conscious of his “ugly” body and was always cold anyways. While Liam was in the bathroom, he stood at the mirror for ten minutes, grabbing at his “fat” and looking in disgust. He needed to start exercising more again; this was bad. In reality, Liam was basically a walking skeleton, probably weighed no more than 100 lbs. at 5’6. Theo stared at him as he came out, shaking, his eyes red from crying. Liam walked over to the bed and curled in a ball waiting for Theo to come in. Theo went to the bathroom, took a shower, then noticed blood on the sink. He could recognize that blood anywhere; he walked out and wrapped his arm around his boyfriend. “Liam, why were you bleeding?” Theo asked him. Liam realized he must have not cleaned up all the blood well enough; he knew the cuts wouldn’t last with his healing abilities, but in his weakened state it took them a lot longer. He didn’t know what to tell the chimera, so he just sat in silence. “Liam give me your arm,” Theo instructed him. Liam slid down both sleeves to show two completely normal, well extremely skinny wrists. He knew Theo would think there first, so decided to cut himself in a different place. Tears started streaming down his face, when Theo looked at him with a worrying look. “Liam, where did you cut yourself?” he asked his boyfriend. The beta calmly pointed down at his concave stomach; Theo could see blood slightly soaking through the old lacrosse sweatshirt he had on. “Come on let’s clean you up,” the chimera said gently. “No, it will heal,” Liam answered. “Liam your body can barely hold itself up right now much less heal yourself,” he raised his voice the boy. He could see Liam’s eyes starting to turn yellow, flinching at the force in his voice, Theo grabbed his hand. “Liam, I’m sorry, but I can’t let you destroy yourself,” Theo looked into the blue pool’s staring at him. Liam reluctantly leaned into the chimera, allowing the older boy to pick him up and take him to the sink. Theo ripped off his sweatshirt, looking at the boy’s suck in stomach, red claw marks ripping across his ribs and what was left of stomach. He tried to clean his wounds, but Liam somehow managed to cut to deep. Theo heard Scott open the front door and rushed out carrying Liam, throwing a towel over the beta. “Do you think Deaton can take him right now?” Theo panickily asked the alpha. “I mean he’s defiantly closed right now, but I’ll call him that we have an emergency,” Scott said quickly after looking at his beta’s state. He already knew what had happened in his head; Liam was clearly depressed, had awful self-esteem, and not good coping strategies. Blood was already seeping through the towel; suddenly Liam was seeing spots in his vision, after losing so much blood. He passed out in Theo’s arms. Theo could feel his body go limp, not like it made it much heavier. Scott and Theo sprinted to the jeep as Theo dialed Deaton on Scott’s phone. The man picked up, “Scott what’s wrong?” “Hey, Liam has been really injured; he’s bleeding out. He just passed out in Theo’s arms; he need stitches asap.,” Scott told his ex-boss. “You’re lucky I store just enough blood here for emergencies like this. I’ll be ready for him.” Deaton answered calmly. They pulled into the veterinarian clinic; the doctor met them at the door and told Theo to set him down on the table. Deaton hadn’t seen Liam in a while and was shocked at his weight loss, poor health, and then the red claw marks across his body didn’t help either. He quickly started stitching up the wounds and placing a blood transfusion into the beta’s arm. He couldn’t find a vein on the boy, being so dehydrated and had to stick it in his hand like a child. “I figured Liam wouldn’t be in a good state, after what happened to his parents, but this is terrible,” the doctor told the two older boys. “It started, before then even died. He took it out on himself, after finding the body in the woods.” Theo told the man. “He blames himself for all the deaths; he barely eats, sleeps, and won’t let himself heal. He starting cutting himself to release anger and stress, but this was definitely the worse. “ Tears started forming in the chimera’s eyes worried about his boyfriend. Scott and Deaton stared at the beta worryingly. “If he keeps going like this, he will not survive long.” Deaton told Theo and Scott with concern. Liam woke up about an hour into his blood transfusion, unsure of where he was. He started to panic on the table, until Scott and Theo both grabbed one of his arms. “We had to take you to Deaton’s Liam, you were going to bleed out if we didn’t,” Scott told his beta. Liam gulped and nodded, not liking the looks in their eyes. Liam finished taking in the blood transfusion, and Deaton kicked the two boys out while he wanted to have a word with him. Scott was on the phone with Melissa; who panicked when she found them all missing, leaving Theo alone in his thoughts. “Liam, I know this is hard, but you can’t go on like this. People care about you, and if you don’t start caring about yourself they are going to lose you. From a medical prospective, I would admit you to a hospital right now until you were stable, but as your friend I don’t think that would be the best for your mental health. Promise me you’ll try?” Deaton told the beta. Liam nodded his head, and Theo and Scott came back in to drive Liam home and get some much needed sleep, before tomorrow.

Liam and Theo woke up to Melissa politely knocking on the door. “Hey, you guys need to get up sorry,” she told them. Theo rolled over and grabbed his phone, looking at the time, 10:00 it read. They needed to be at the funeral home by 1:00 because the viewing started at 3:00. Theo knew they had to go back to the Dunbar-Geyer household to get their suits; Jenna bought Theo one for a family dinner he went to once with them. He looked over at Liam, him dreading getting up with his head shoved into the pillow. “C’mon, Li. We got to get up,” Theo told his boyfriend. Liam sat up, looking at the chimera his eyes already starting to water. He grabbed the beta’s hand and looked at him in the face, softly pulling him closer and touching his lips to his. Liam smiled at him lightly and got up. Both of them headed down a few minutes later. Argent was sitting at the table, looking like he had been up for hours, cleaning reading the newspaper. Melissa was busy finishing cooking, and Scott was basically hugging his cup of coffee. Black circles under his eyes after last night episode, the alpha was looking dead into the creamy brown liquid. “Light cream, light sugar,” Theo thought to himself; just like Scott perfectly sweet, but not too much. Theo poured himself a black cup of coffee, just like himself dark like Tara’s heart,” he thought. He offered Liam some, but the beta just shook his head. Liam couldn’t stand black coffee, and only liked it with lots of sugar, but that had too many calories he didn’t deserve right now. Theo sat down, while Liam hovered near the door, shaking, barely being to hold himself up. Theo ushered him to sit down beside him; Liam did reluctantly trying to avoid brunch. Melissa handed the boys each a plate filled with eggs, potatoes, and bacon with some toast on the side. She asked Liam, what he wanted. The beta gagging at the sight of food, “just toast,” he told the mother. Theo, Scott, and Argent dug into their brunches as Melissa sat doing starting in her plate as well. It was silent as Liam picked at the crust around the bread; Melissa put a spoon of peanut butter on the side, hoping the boy might eat something with some protein. He ate a piece of bread, avoiding the fatty peanut butter. No one said a word as he threw the other piece in the garbage and sat back down. “Liam and I are going to go get our suits and get ready; we will meet you at the funeral home. Thanks for breakfast.” Theo told Melissa. Melissa and Argent nodded; Scott fell asleep straight on the table. The couple walked up as Melissa was waking her son awake. Liam slid into Theo’s passenger seat and took a quick breath. He could do this; he thought to himself. He hasn’t been inside his house since they went to get their stuff after his parent’s murder. He looked at his phone Mason, Corey, and Nolan all texted him asking if he needed anything. The beta replied no to all of them and just kept starting at the screen. He had a message he had been ignoring for a few days, a message from Hayden saying she heard about what had happened and was sorry. He couldn’t believe he used to think he loved her. She was nice and great to him, but just not as much as the boy needed someone to be. Theo was perfect he was caring, but not too much, was able to understand Liam, and not pressure him into anything. He finally replied thank you to her and left it at that. He wasn’t even paying attention until he recognized Theo pulling into his street. He pulled into the driveway and turned off the ignition to the truck. “Ready?” the chimera asked him. “As I’ll ever be,” he told his boyfriend. Theo jumped out of the truck, circling to the passenger seat to make sure Liam didn’t fall out. Liam grabbed Theo’s hand as they slowly walked up to the door; Liam stared remember his mom sitting in the kitchen, waiting for him to come home, his “dad” sitting on the couch watching TV with him. Liam was shaking so bad; Theo gripped his hand harder. “Liam you have to unlock the door,” the chimera told the beta. “Oh, ya,” Liam put the key in the door and unlocked it. He walked in staring at the spot where he found his parent’s bodies, cleaned up know, anger build up inside him. His claws poked out through his fingers, fangs crept out, and his eyes turned yellow. “Hey,” Theo tried comforting him. Liam growled; Theo flashed him his blue werecoyote eyes, and the boy’s eyes turned back to blue. Theo was his anchor he knew that; they both did. Liam ran up to his bedroom to get his stuff and slammed the door behind me knocking it off one of the hinges. Theo went up to the guest bedroom, where he stayed with the Dunbar’s. Theo slid on his suit, did his hear, and listened to Liam’s heartbeat in the other room waiting for it to increase. He noticed the boy’s heart rate was even slower than usually. Liam was extremely athletic and active, so his resting heart rate was already pretty low, however he counted to himself 39 beats per minute. It was unsettling to him; he’s been looking up some stuff about eating disorders since Liam seems to have develop one to cope with grief and guilt. He knew heart failure was a common causality caused by the disease. When he was done, he knocked on Liam’s door seeing if he was ready yet. Liam surprisingly let him and needing Theo’s help. Liam’s suit was extremely too large on him, since his recent weight loss the boy was swimming in his old perfectly fitting suit. Theo helped Liam manage to make his pants stay up by adding a new hole in his belt.. The shirt was entirely a loss cause and made the boy look smaller and sicklier. Liam had huge black circles under his eyes, he looked worn out all over, about ready to fall over if the wind blew too hard. Theo looked as handsome as ever, perfectly fitting in his suit, trying to put on a positive face for the beta even though he was exhausted from taking care of him. Liam wondered why Theo even liked him he could get any man or woman he wanted, and Liam looked like a beaten puppy dog compared to him. “Ready Little Wolf,” Theo asked his boyfriend. Liam shook his head as they left the house to go to the funeral home for preparations.

Liam shook his head as they left the house to go to the funeral home for preparations. Liam and Theo were the first two there; they jumped out of Theo’s truck and walked into the funeral home. The funeral director started telling Liam where he would stand and asking him if he was having anyone standing with him. He nodded and told him Theo. He asked the boy if he wanted some alone time with his parents before the visitation. Liam decided to go in alone to say his goodbyes. He walked in and saw the two caskets laying there, open. He saw Dr.Geyer’s smooth skin, his eyes closed, looking peacefully sleep. Liam started to cry thinking of the hours he spent playing lacrosse with the man, how he was he adopted Liam as his father from the moment he met him. Helping him with homework, showing him how to be man, even working on the house with him was always good memories. Liam knew he disappointed the man who gave him everything; the doctor had so much hope for Liam. He saw his disappointment when he crashed his ex-coach’s car, hearing about him getting into fights at the school, and losing his temper with him and Jenna. He didn’t deserve such a great father as him and know he had ultimately led to his death. The man was full of love and compassion; it should be Liam laying in that casket, not him. The man saved countless numbers of lives, was so helpful to everyone, and the friendliest man he had ever met. Tears continued to stream down the beta’s face as he apologized to the man and thanked him for everything he did for him since he was a little kid. Next, Liam moved to his mother; he knew it was going to be even harder than his father. The woman raised him his whole life, chose him over his abusive father, took care of him single-handedly before she met Dr.Geyer. She went through ever trouble with him from his IED to his PTSD from his abuse as a child. No one knew this except Mason, but this wasn’t Liam’s first time struggling with an eating disorder. He went inpatient at eleven years old from feeling worthless after his father blamed him for everything. She came every day to visit him and helped him recover, dealt with him destroying things, punching holes in the walls, and so many detentions. She took him to the park, the zoo, and sacrificed everything to make him have a better life. She gave his hugs when he was crying, put bandages over his wounds, and wiped up his messes. Both of his parents accepted him when they found out he was a werewolf. They didn’t fear him and even understood he needed his independence sometimes to do pack stuff. They let him bring Theo into his house and accepted him like a son. Liam was shaking so bad as he was crying over his mother. Looking at her peacefully lying there, her hair pulled off her face, soft lips, and gentle face he grabbed her hand and told her how much he was sorry for everything he put her through. She deserved everything, and he took that away from her. Liam thanked her for everything she had done for him. He wasn’t very religious, but he did believe in God. His parents were both strong Christians, but Liam never really practiced anything. For the first time in a long time, Liam prayed hoping his parents were in Heaven (he definitely knew there was a Hell) and asked God to help him through this. The beta ended up staying in the room with his parents for an hour. Theo sat outside listening to the boy’s heartbeat making sure he was okay. Eventually, the rest of the pack showed up; they all agreed to stay during the entire viewing. Mason and Corey were the first ones there. They asked Theo where Liam was. “He went in to say goodbye a while ago; I’ve been listening to make sure he’s okay,” Theo told his boyfriend’s best friend. “He’s not going to be okay for this,” Mason told the chimera. He knew Liam better than anyone, and he knew Liam didn’t go through hardships well. The boy tortured himself for a year after Jenna left his birth father for his safety. Corey sat there in silence, feeling bad for Liam. Being quiet a lot made, Corey very observant. Since he met the boy, he could sense the boy was constantly pushing down pain and ignoring his feelings. He watched him on the lacrosse field beat himself up, for missing a ball, push himself harder to be better. Get angry for losing control and he will never forget the grief the boy was going through when he thought he loss Hayden. The McCall’s, Stiles, and Argent showed up next, expecting Liam to be by himself. They stood their trying to keep up small talk with the boys to lighten the mood. Argent and Scott were having flashbacks from Allison’s funeral. Stiles was remembering his mom’s funeral and was clearly upset. Scott saw this and put a hand on his best friend’s shoulder for reassurance. Theo hadn’t thought this might be hard for him to watch, losing a parent himself and blaming himself for no reason. He remembered when Stiles mom died as a kid; he was in a bad place for a long time. He watched his mother slowly degrade and then not even remember her own child, he blamed himself for everything. Noah, Scott, and Melissa had to bring him out of his grief and depression. Theo killed his sister not long, after her death, so he wasn’t really there for the aftermath, but knew he couldn’t have been pleasant. Malia, Derek, and Peter showed up next, pretty somber themselves. All of them knew what it was like to lose their family members. Lydia and Parrish along with Noah and Natalie showed up next. Melissa, Natalie, Noah, Peter, Derek, and Argent went to discuss some planning with funeral arrangements as the adults in the pack. Lydia came over and hugged Theo for some reason; she was always more open to him than the other members of the pack. Parrish smiled some reassurance to the chimera. Liam finally came out of the room; everyone could see his red eyes, puffy from crying. He looked beaten and worn out. His suit hanging off his small body, his cheek bones protruding out of his thin face, his little hands were shaking, and his eyes refused to look off the floor. No one really knew what to say; Mason walked over and grabbed his best friend. They stood their hugging; Liam crying in his friend’s shoulder he knew Mason understood everything more than anyone. Mason was unsettled by how small Liam felt in his arms but let him go giving him a reassuring look and whispering he’ll be here to get through this. Scott went up to his beta next and wrapped his arms around the small boy. Everyone knew Scott treated Liam as a younger brother; he would do anything to support the beta. Scott would never tell Liam this, but he took some of the blame himself. I mean if it wasn’t for him Liam would have never been a werewolf in the first place, but he would also be dead at this point, killed by falling off the hospital roof. Scott lets go, and Theo grabs his boyfriend hand with a firm grip, assuring him he wasn’t going to let go.

Soon the funeral director opened the door, Liam took his position in front of the caskets to shake hands and hug family members and friends. Although, they were well liked Jenna and Dr.Geyer had no really close family members that would stand beside Liam. Theo stood with him, since he was basically their adoptive son; they figured other family members wouldn’t mind. The rest of the pack wandered around the lobby and sitting area, making sure there was no trouble and to make sure the beta was okay. People started coming in around 2:45; Liam knew he just had to stand there for 2 hours; he could do this. Dr.Geyer’s sister and her husband were one of the first people there. They had a few dinners with Liam’s family and really liked the boy. They give Liam a hug and his sister cried over her brother. Liam gripped Theo’s hand tighter; he didn’t know if he could do this. More family members came after then, and Liam just began to go numb to everyone stating their apologizes. Some of the members on Jenna’s side of the family and even his father’s side that didn’t support what his father had done to Jenna and Liam came to pay their final respects. Melissa helped some of her co-workers go by Liam, paying respects to one of the most diligent doctors at the hospital. Jenna was well liked at the hospital sending treats for Dr.Geyer and his co-workers. They had plenty of friends that came over for dinner from time to time. They all knew Liam quite well, many people were shocked at his skinner appearance, but everyone knew this wasn’t the time to say anything. Some of the doctors co-workers who was close to the Dunbar-Geyer family pulled Melissa aside and asked if Liam was okay. “Not really,” she told them. “He’s taking this really hard and not taking care of himself. I am really worried about him myself. My son, boyfriend, and I are going to start taking more care of him when this is all over.” Liam hugged his aunts and uncles, all concerned for the boy’s well-being, asking the boy if he had someone taking care of him. Theo butted in to save the beta and told them he was as well as Peter officially taking the role of legal guardian. Peter shook his head at the chimera in agreement; the family members swarmed Peter asking him questions about how he was going to take care of the boy. Peter surprisingly handled them well, leaving them more comforted about one of the favorite nephews. Jenna was one of the favorites of the family taking care of everyone; she took care of her parents until they passed as well as running family reunions and dinners. Nolan and Alec came a little bit later, not really knowing when the boy wanted them there. Scott convinced them to stay for the rest of the viewing, and they easily agreed. Boys from the lacrosse teams of Beacon Hills and Devonford Prep came to support their teammate, despite making people mad over the years. Liam was still well liked and respected for his skills. After pretty much everyone in Beacon Hills knew he was a werewolf, he even gained some more respect after keeping his cool with Gabe and Nolan at school. Coach Finstock let the boys have off practice for the evening for the viewing which had never happened before. Coach even came in to tell his captain he was sorry for everything that had happened to him, actually sincere for once. He was taken aback by the weakened state of his star player, but he had actually been watching him for a few weeks at practice slowly deteriorate. Despite him looking like he didn’t care, he actually mentioned it to the new guidance counselor who was going to speak to Liam this week, before this all went down. He ended up talking to Scott and Stiles for a while about Liam, college, and how everything was going. Other teachers came including Mr. Yukimura and his wife; they talked to Lydia and Parrish about Kira while Scott was stuck talking to coach. Some of Liam’s family members questioned who Theo was; Liam calmly told them his boyfriend. Most of them took it well, however some made some homophobic comments that made Liam’s heart sink. Theo saw the change in the boy’s eyes and helped reassured him he was better than what they said. The two hours actually seemed to be going by pretty quickly; Liam was basically numb for the entire time just shaking hands, accepting hugs, and shaking hands. As the funeral director was about to close the door, a rough-looking man came in, looking drunk and angry. Theo noticed Liam’s hand start shaking his claws digging into his palm as he let go of Theo’s hand. Theo noticed the man looked similar to Liam and put two and two together. Peter and Derek did as well and stopped the man, before approaching the boy. “Are you here to pay your respects or cause trouble?” Derek calmly asked the man. The rest of the pack was staring at the man; Mason and Corey went to the other side of Liam. Nolan and Alec stood in front of the beta. “What am I not allowed to say goodbye to my one love in this world, or did my pathetic son take that away from me too?” the man growled back at Derek. Theo grabbed Liam as him and the rest of the boys took Liam away from the casket. Liam was shaking, blood coming out of hands as he stared at the man. His eyes turned yellow and his fangs bared through his teeth. “Well, Liam looks like someone got even worse looking than you were when you were little,” the man chuckled. Theo held Liam back from attacking him. “You think you are stronger than me werewolf,” the man taunted. Holding up a small vile of yellow powder, wolfsbane. Liam shuttered at the sight of it. “I figured if I was going to see my monster of a son; I better be prepared. How does it feel Liam to know you are the reason your mother is dead? How does it feel to know you managed to get your father put in jail for five years? How does it feel to always be a problem?” Liam eventually broke down; he couldn’t handle it any longer. His eyes turned back to blue, and he melted in Theo’s arm. Scott flashed his eyes red at Liam’s father, “Say one more thing and you will be welcomed back in your prison cell.” “Scott McCall, the true alpha, I think I can handle you too,” the man snarked. “Pointing a knife dripping in purple wolfsbane at the alpha.” Everyone was shocked how did Liam’s father know all of this and how to take each of them down. Peter glared at the man, “Monroe?” “Of course, I saw my idiot son’s picture all over the place and contacted her asking to fight. I told her where Liam’s family lived. I told her how to take him out; I know he is weak, just look at him now.” Peter snarled at the man, “So you think you can take all of us down? Honestly, it looks like you have 0.1% strength of your son’s strength. Your son is one of the most powerful werewolves I know.” Just then Parrish, Noah, and Argent pined the man behind his back and drug him out in handcuffs. Liam stood there shaking in Theo’s arms. Mason, Corey, Alec, and Nolan tried to calm him down, but nothing was working. Liam went into a full-blown panic attack; Stiles tried to distract him, knowing it was the only way to stop his panic attacks. Lydia came over and told Theo to kiss him as it worked with Stiles. Theo tried to, but the beta was thrashing so bad. Scott finally came and flashed his red eyes at his beta trying to get the wolf inside of him from keep coming out. He collapsed in Theo’s arms and blacked out in exhaustion; Theo was bleeding from where the boy scratched him during the rage. Melissa came over and helped Theo up as Peter took the small limp boy from his arms. Melissa helped Theo heal quickly as Peter and Malia took Liam to Theo’s truck and laid him down on the back seat. Theo jumped in the passenger seat, and Peter decided to drive the boys back to the McCall house. The rest of the pack decided to go back to the house too for a debriefing of what had happened.

Theo laid Liam down on the bed and was watching the boy’s chest rise slowly up and down making sure he was alright. Scott opened the door sitting on the edge of the bed with Theo looking at his beta. “Would you mind coming down to talk with everyone? I think he’s stable right now.” Scott told the chimera. “Ya, I’ll come down,” Theo said to Scott. Scott helped Theo up. “Thank you for being there for him,” Scott told him. Theo was shocked Scott really did forgive him and trust him now. “I’ll always be there for him,” Theo stated. The rest of the park was downstairs sitting in the living room; they had ordered pizza since everyone was starving hadn’t eaten since this morning. Theo grabbed two slice and sat down on the couch besides Peter. “So, what we have learned is Monroe is advertising herself; she is passing out wolfsbane like it’s candy and knows about the funeral tomorrow,” Scott said to the pack. “Don’t worry about the funeral,” Parrish told the alpha. Noah just put almost every man available to guard the funeral. The funeral was going to be small anyways just immediate family members and the pack. “But the wolfsbane thing is a concern,” Derek spoke up. “There was enough wolfsbane in that container to severely weaken any one of us or kill us.” Stiles shook his head, “I’ve snuck into her file on the FBI database as well as the hunters that claimed to have killed Liam’s parents.” “They haven’t been able to track her or find her supplies.” Noah shook his head at his son, proud, but afraid of his son getting expelled from the academy before graduating. “Derek and I haven’t found any signs of her except her victims either,” Argent spoke up. “Peter and I have searched all through this town,” Malia said. The pack stood their stumped at what to do next. Alec, Nolan, Mason, and Corey went home their parents expecting them home directly after the viewing. Everyone else eventually followed not knowing what to do next. Theo, Scott, Malia, Melissa, and Argent sat in the living room. “I am going to check on him,” Theo told the group. “See if he will come down and eat something,” Melissa yelled after the chimera. Theo open the door and peered in at the beta curled up in a ball; he was fast asleep. Theo decided not to wake him up; he probably wasn’t going to eat anyways. He got ready for bed and woke Liam up to get him out of his suit. Liam looked worn out and couldn’t sit up; he just stared at his boyfriend. Theo helped him up and out of the suit. Liam tried to change by himself embarrassed of his appearance and his inability to get undressed himself. Theo tried to ignore the Little Wolf’s appearance, but he was shrinking away more and more. He still had the stitches where Deaton repaired his stomach, still not fully healing, his toothpick legs had claw marks from gripping today, and he was shaking uncontrollably. Theo grabbed one of his own sweatshirts, knowing the younger boy would swim in it, hopefully warming him up. He threw Liam a pair of his own sweatpants and underwear. If it had been any other time, Theo wouldn’t be caring about Liam’s face and looking elsewhere, but currently all, he could focus was the blue eyes tears welling up in them. Liam threw the clothes on and collapsed once again on the bed. Theo curled up around the beta; Liam gripping his arm. Liam passed out from exhaustion, but Theo was struck by nightmares. Usually his nightmares consisted of Tara taking her heart back, but today it was Liam getting killed over and over again. Theo started crying in his sleep and shaking. Liam woke him up to calm him down. “Hey, Theo. It’s me,” Liam shook his boyfriend. Theo stopped and smiled at the beta, “I am the one who is supposed to be taking care of you.” “You got to let me do this sometimes,” Liam smiled at the chimera. Theo rewrapped his arms around the beta this time; he fell in a deep sleep this time. Liam stayed up for a while staring at him, knowing he didn’t deserve him. The words of his father bleeding into his mind. He was the reason his parents were dead; he knew that. He was a monster, a failure, and a disruption. He passed out from exhaustion with tears in his eyes. Melissa woke up the boys early in the morning about 7, knowing they had to be to the funeral home by 9. She somehow manages to wash, fold, and press both of their suits that Theo had laid in the basket in the hallway. Scott and Malia were already at the table; Scott looking exhausted and Malia looking angry at the world. She was inhaling her coffee with lots of sugar, surprise pretends to be tough but has a soft side, similar to Liam. Scott was staring at the door. Argent came down the stairs grabbing coffee to go, and a breakfast sandwich Melissa made him. He said he had business to do, before the funeral. Theo saw him carry a bouquet of flowers behind him; he’s laying them on his wife and Allison’s grave he thought to himself. Melissa laid down a sandwich for each of the kids taking hers upstairs to get ready. Malia inhaled hers and the second one Melissa knew she would want eventually. Theo laughed at this in his head. Scott basically slept into his breakfast, while Liam stared at it shaking. He knew he needed to eat to not pass out at the funeral, but he just couldn’t. He didn’t deserve it; Theo saw him struggling and decided to grab an apple for the boy instead. Liam thanked his boyfriend and reluctantly ate the piece of fruit. Scott and Malia went up to get ready, and Theo and Liam followed. Melissa this time helped Liam actually fit in in suit and ended up sewing extra straps to make it look slightly less huge on the boy. When everyone was ready, Theo and Liam got in his truck, while Scott, Malia, and Melissa waited for Argent to get back. They went into the funeral home, fully guarded this time. Some of Liam and Dr.Geyer’s family members arrived.; some came over to talk to Liam. The rest of the pack showed up. Liam, Theo, Dr.Geyer’s sister, and Melissa all agreed to speak at the gathering. Theo sat on the end beside Liam and Mason and Corey sat down on the other end of him. The McCall family then the Hale family sat behind them with Stiles and Argent. Nolan and Alec sat down beside Corey. Lydia, Parrish, Natalie, and Noah sat behind the Hale’s. The other family members sat on the other side of the room. Jenna and Dr.Geyers’s preacher spoke the message and recounted memories with both of them. Dr.Geyer’s sister spoke about how he was such a generous, caring, and playful man. She spoke about memories growing up always feeling protected with him as her older brother and his journey into becoming a doctor. She spoke how when she met Jenna; she was shocked how her brother could get a girlfriend as great as her. The audience laughed. She talk about their wedding and the smiles of family dinners they had together. Liam was staring numb to the world shaking. Melissa was next and spoke up about how great of a doctor Dr.Geyer was and a wonderful father he was. She spoke of the fun and stressful times as co-workers, how Jenna and she became werewolf mom’s together and how Jenna took care of Scott like her own son. She started crying by the end; Liam rarely saw her break down except when Scott was killed by Theo. Theo stood up to go; Liam was still shaking. Mason reached over to grab his hand. “Jenna and Dr.Geyer took me in as their son. After hearing about who I was and what I had did, I wouldn’t have taken me in. But as soon as their son (he smiled at Liam) told them I was living in my truck; they wouldn’t say no. I haven’t had parents in ten years; they taught me what family was. Jenna taught me how to do basic chores I never knew how to before; Dr.Geyer played lacrosse with Liam and I like a real father. He even kept trying to teach me as I knew nothing about the support. They were the most loving and caring people I ever knew. I am going to miss them,” by the end of his speech Theo was in tears. Not too many people have ever seen Theo cry; it was at this moment everyone loss any doubt that Theo hadn’t changed. Liam stood up next; Mason helped him up and stood by him in case he fell over. Liam looked at the audience and broke into a sob. “My parents were the greatest people I knew; they didn’t deserve to die. My mother helped me through every step of my life from raising me, saving me from my father, helping me control my anger, tutoring me through school, cooking me meals and making sure I ate breakfast, coming to cheer me on at every lacrosse game, forgiving me for getting kicked out of Devenford Prep, and accepting me as I was. Dr.Geyer adopted me as his own son; he taught me to love lacrosse, showed me how to care for others, and taught me how to be a man. He would do anything for me or anyone. My mom would do charity work every day, volunteer for anything, and care for anyone. She sacrificed her own enjoyment for me and everyone else’s lives. I don’t know how I am going to every live without them; I will forever miss and love them,” Liam said in between tears. At this point everyone else was crying too, Theo had tears streaming down in his face. Mason was holding Corey’s hand tears streaming down both of their faces. Alec and Nolan barely knew Liam’s parents, but Liam crying made tears form in their eyes too. Melissa was crying on Argent’s shoulder, even he tried to be tough but had tears in his eyes. Scott was crying, and Malia was trying not to, but you could see tears coming down her face. Stiles was sobbing into Derek’s shirt, and Derek was looking down at his boyfriend trying to hide the face he had tears forming too. Peter was hiding his face, obviously trying not to look weak. Noah and Natalie both looked somber holding each other’s hands, tears in their eyes. Lydia was crying on Parrish’s shoulder, even the deputy had tears in his eyes. Liam sat back down beside Theo; the chimera grabbing his hand letting him sob into his shoulder. The preacher finished the service with a prayer, then everyone got up. They decided Dr.Geyer’s sister and her husband; Liam and Theo would be the only ones to go to the cemetery. Theo hated the cemetery; Tara was buried there, and he used to come there for hours and cry asking for her forgiveness. He knew he had to be strong for Liam, so he agreed to go along. They laid the bodies of Dr.Geyer and Jenna in the ground; his sister asked for some alone time. Liam and Theo stood by his truck; the beta not saying a word. She came back over, gave the boy a hug, telling him if he needed anything to let her know, and her and her husband left. Liam decided go say his final goodbyes alone, and Theo decided to visit Tara’s grave. He passed the Argent’s plot and saw the bouquet Argent was carrying this morning. He sat down on his usually spot on the ground and asked for her forgiveness. His tears soaking into the dirt; he had a flashback of that dreadful night he pushed Tara into the freezing creek. The Dread Doctors coming to rip out her heart. The nightmares of her climbing out of the morgue coming back to take her heart back, her coming back and taking Liam’s heart, and then the more recent ones of Liam dying in some horrific way. Eventually, he stood up and went back to see if Liam was done. He was laying on the graves, tears streaming down his face, blood gushing from his arms, where he apparently clawed them. Theo picked Liam off the ground and threw him in his truck. They drove back to the McCall house; it was already 5 by the time they got there. The pack decided to leave on Friday to go back to college. Scott was doing homework in his room; Malia went home with Peter, Stiles, and Derek. Melissa and Argent were in the living room; she had to work the next morning, and he had some work out in Los Angeles with Scott’s dad to look for Monroe out further tomorrow. Theo and Liam went upstairs to change as Argent decided to cook soup for them tonight. Theo sat down to do some homework as Liam laid down crying into his pillow. Argent called the boys downstairs for dinner. They ate their meal in mostly silence. Liam decided to drink the broth out of his soup to make it look like he was eating, but in reality he new the broth only had about 25 calories. Scott decided to ask Liam after dinner if he wanted to throw a lacrosse ball back and forth. Melissa stared at her son, but then decided it was probably good to distract him even though he shouldn’t be exercising at all right now. Theo hadn’t really decided, when he was going back to school, but since it was already Wednesday Melissa suggested he just waited until Monday with Liam. Scott and Liam went onto the street to pass the ball back and forth as usually. Although Liam was weak, he still had a great reaction time and his lacrosse skills were still on point. Liam got tired quickly blaming himself for being out of shape, overlooking the fact that he was malnourished and exhausted. Scott helped him inside and up the stairs where Theo made sure he got in the shower and got ready for bed. Liam laid down on the bed and despite feeling worthless was even more exhausted and just passed out. Scott came in and asked Theo to come downstairs as the beta was sleeping. “Okay, this is serious; the funeral is over Liam needs to start eating again,” Melissa told Theo and Scott. “He is going to die, if he doesn’t start. I am going to have to put him inpatient in the ED unit at the hospital, if he doesn’t; I am not going to let him go.” Scott and Theo both agreed. Melissa said she would lay out meals for them for breakfast and lunch, while she was a lunch. They would be small, and she understood if Liam didn’t finish them all, but he has to at least eat half of it. She told them. Theo and Scott decided to go for a night run; the two of them haven’t really been alone too much. They actually acted like normal friends, and Theo did not know how he ever thought about killing him. Scott was always an amazing person with a kind-heart and always fought for what was right. Scott realized he did completely forgive Theo, after learning more of his story he discovered how much the Dread Doctors manipulated him as a kid. Theo went upstairs to get a shower and went to get into bed, when he realized Liam was gone. He broke into Scott’s room and the two jumped into Roscoe and went on the search for the beta. Theo texted the pack group chat, Mason specifically, Stiles for Derek, Peter, and Malia as well as begged Liam to pick up his phone. Theo didn’t realize it was lying in the bed where Liam was drug from. He had been too much in shock to even realize the window was open. They drove around not being able to catch a whiff of him anywhere. Theo and Scott got out and turned into wolf and werecoyote mode. They prowled around searching for the boy’s scent in the early morning hours, where they circled back turned back into humans and checked their phones. There were a bunch of missed calls from Melissa, Stiles, Malia, and Derek. Apparently Peter had found Liam getting beat up by his birth father, somehow the man had broken into the upper window, when he saw Scott and Theo leave on their run. He drugged his son with some sedating pills, while he was too exhausted to hear him, took him out the window, but fortunately was too drunk and lost the wolfsbane, so resorted to beating up the small boy. Liam at this point woke up and turned on his father almost killing him. Peter managed to stop the boy from killing him; he didn’t want it on the boy’s conscious the way Theo had stopped him multiple times before. Melissa patched him up at the hospital, and Stiles and Malia were watching him while Peter and Derek were turning in his father. Theo and Scott rushed to the hospital where they found Liam being watched over by Stiles and Malia. Malia was holding his hand, looking motherly which was unusual for her. Stiles was on the other side, watching him like a hawk not letting anyone touch his younger brother. Theo rushed over and grabbed his hand. The boy had stitches above his eye, one across his bony chest, and had two black eyes. Melissa gave him another blood transfusion and some fluid through his IV.

Liam woke up shortly after Theo and Scott arrived. He looked at Theo, Scott, Stiles, and Malia. “How did you find me?” Liam asked them. “What’s the last thing you remember? Scott asked him. “My father punching me in the face, “ the beta told his alpha. “Peter was the one who actually found you; everyone was out looking for you. After you woke up, you turned and fought your father back,” Scott reassured him. “Did I hurt him?” Liam asked worriedly. “No, Derek and Peter took him to my dad; you should him you aren’t weak though,” Stiles told the boy. Liam looked at his IV in his veins and instantly was worried about what it is. Theo watched his eyes, “Liam it’s just fluids don’t worry.” Liam breathed again; Malia stared at him, “Liam you need to stop giving Stiles a heart attack; I’ve been sitting here telling him you are still breathing every five seconds,” as she tried to lighten the mood. The boys laughed. Theo and Scott both blamed themselves for letting this happen. They decided to leave Liam alone, but Liam saw this in boyfriend and alpha’s face. “You couldn’t have done anything about this, and hey it got my dad in jail,” Liam told them. He knew how it felt like to blame yourself. He didn’t want Theo and Scott to feel the same pain. Scott never did anyone to hurt anyone; he was a great guy, who did almost everything right. Theo might have done some stuff, but he really had changed and didn’t need any extra blame on himself. Liam knew he never fully forgave himself for what he did to Scott, Stiles, Malia, and even Liam. Theo looked at his phone and told Mason and Corey about how they found him, and the rest of the pack was informed on the group chat. It was just passed midnight at this point, so they didn’t want anyone still to worry. Everyone in the hospital was exhausted. Melissa came in it followed by Derek and Peter who came back from the sheriff’s office. She checked his vitals and was worried about his heart rate, but he looked okay from his injuries. The delicate boy looked so small and fragile curled up in the bed; she almost broke into tears looking at his beaten and broken. “Well, kid, can you stop ending up in here?” Peter smiled at the beta. His show tonight made him like Liam even more; even broken the boy was able to put up at fight. Derek looked at the beta, worried about him, he knew he was one of the strongest beta he ever saw, but he didn’t know how long he could hold this up. “Your dad is sentenced in for questioning and should be locked up for attempted murder, kidnapping, and driving under the influence, so he should be out of your hair forever,” Derek reassured him. Derek went over and placed Stiles on his shoulder; the boy was falling asleep standing up. Derek smiled and said they better go home soon. Melissa looked at the crew and told them they could go home. She just needs to talk to Liam, then she said Theo and Scott can take him back to their house. Peter patted Liam on the shoulder, a little too rough, the boy flinched. Peter was shocked how bony the beta’s shoulder was, “Sorry, little wolf.” Liam nodded his head at the werewolf as he took Malia and left. Malia smiled at the boy as the left. Derek basically carried Stiles out saying they would stop by later in the day. Theo and Scott decided to stand outside because Melissa said she wanted to speak to Liam alone. Melissa stared at the boy’s blue eyes, wanting to be as gentle as possible. “Liam, I know this is a hard time, but you are really scaring me. Your heart rate is really low already; your body is eating itself. I am worried you are going to die; if you don’t start eating at home, I will admit you here. You’re seventeen; officially Peter has control to admit you, and I know he won’t argue with me. Liam you are basically bones; there is no way you can play lacrosse right now. You are really scaring everyone; everyone cares about you, and I am not going to let you do this to yourself. I looked at your file earlier, and I saw you were admitted before. I am sorry we didn’t know about this beforehand to support you, before you got this bad,” she stroked the young boy’s hair. She cared about him like her son and at this point he basically was; she felt like it was her responsibility to Jenna to be that for him. “I’ll try, Melissa.” Liam said softly. He was ashamed that she found out about his past, but he was also fearful of going inpatient again. It was painful, constantly being watched, having no control of what you did, being stuck with people that you don’t know, most rude because of their eating disorder as well, the daily weigh ins, the scheduled shower times, the stupid mindfulness exercises. It was one of the worst times in his life. Melissa gave him a hug and unhooked his IV. She helped him get to his feet, black spots formed in his vision as soon as he sat up. She called Theo and Scott back in; Theo swooped up his Little Wolf in his arms and carried him out to Roscoe. Theo sat in the back with Liam curled up beside him. Theo felt even worse for the beta; he hadn’t known about his past struggles with anorexia. Scott and he overheard the conversation with Melissa through the door with their werewolf hearing ability. It made sense why Liam was always so obsessed with working out, why Jenna and Dr.Geyer always made sure Liam ate, how easy it was for him to skip lunch and sneak around throwing out his breakfast. Liam looked up at the chimera, “You heard didn’t you?” Theo looked at his boyfriend and nodded his head. Liam was ashamed he was supposed to be the tough one always. Now, Scott and Theo both thought he was weak, couldn’t handle himself, or his own problems. Theo has been through so much and was still able to handle the pain. Scott might have not been in the same situation, but his father left him too and he didn’t take it like Liam did. Liam thought he was just a failure, weak, and not worthy of anyone. Theo hugged the boy closer to his body to stop him from shivering. He stroked his back, feeling every rib to calm him down. Scott kept his hands on the wheel in silence, worried about the boy. Liam was his little brother; he swore he would never let anything else happen to him after the well incident, and now look at the situation he was in. They pulled into the McCall house; way passed 1 am. Theo carried Liam up, and they both fell fast asleep.

Liam woke up once before Theo, Liam was trapped under the chimera’s arms. He started freaking out about being pinned; Theo woke up and glared at him squirming in his arms. “What the hell are you doing?” Theo asked the beta. “I don’t like feeling like I am trapped,” he said as he threw Theo’s arms off of him. The movement slightly tore open one of Liam’s stitches on his chest; he was still not letting himself heal. “Calm down, Little Wolf,” Theo got up and cleaned the blood off of the boy’s chest, then threw on a hoodie and some jeans. Theo looked at his phone; he had a bunch of missed text on the pack group chat making sure Liam was alive. A few from Mason asking if he was alive which was unusual, and Nolan sent him some stupid picture of a cat in the puppy pack group chat. He still can’t believe he agreed to be called that with Liam, Mason, Corey, Alec, and Nolan. He just then noticed that it was already 1 in the afternoon; that’s why Mason asked if he was alive. Theo had never slept that long in his life. The Dread Doctors didn’t care if you were up until 5am on a call; he had to be up and ready by 6am on the dot, or they would shock him. He replied to Mason, hoping he didn’t have his ringer on in Spanish. The rest of them went to school today; Liam and Theo were the only one who weren’t going back until Monday. Liam was dressed by the time Theo looked up off his phone and still looked exhausted even for sleeping almost twelve hours. “Hey, let’s go downstairs and get some breakf..lunch?,” he told his boyfriend. The beta rolled his eyes at him but followed him down, “it’s called brunch.” “Sorry I was never taught civilized mannerisms,” he chuckled at the beta. Scott was already up and at the table on his laptop, trying to do some assignments, however the alpha had fallen asleep on top of his plate. The couple startled him as he was wiping off his half-eaten toast off of his face. “I have this stupid anatomy exam on Monday. I need to study for,” Scott told them. “Well, maybe you should try sleeping, first,” Theo told him. “I had an essay due at noon; I had to finish,” Scott replied. “I wouldn’t want to read that,” the chimera laughed at him. “ I don’t even remember what I wrote…” Theo got out the eggs and toast; Melissa got ready for Liam and him to make Liam eat something. He had two pieces of toast and two scrambled eggs, while she made Scott and Theo a lot more which is what they were supposed to be eating with their faster metabolisms. Liam stared at the breakfast not knowing what to do. He knew they would be disappointed in him if he couldn’t try, and Melissa had threatened inpatient on him. He couldn’t eat this; he didn’t deserve this. He wasn’t unaware of the state his body was in; he was always cold, his clothes were barely staying on him, and he missed some of his muscular frame. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to eat, but he just couldn’t. Liam looked and decided by eating a piece of toast; it might get them to be less concerned. 70 calories for one piece, 50 for half a Tablespoon of butter; he could do this. Scott and Theo were watching the younger one’s head spin as he thought all of this, staring at the food untouched. Theo wished he could just someone how get back to eating normal, living a normal life, and being a normal teenager, but he couldn’t. He never even knew what that was like. Liam finally picked up the piece of bread and took a small bite; it took him twenty minutes to finish the one piece of toast, but at least it was something. Scott looked scared at the rest of his untouched meal. “You can’t handle anything else?” Scott asked the beta. Liam shook his head, and Scott smiled, ”Hey at least you tried.” Theo and Liam decided to help each other on homework then head over to Mason’s at 3 after school to have him show them what they missed at school that day. Mason’s mom opened the door to the boys and gave Liam a hug. She went to the viewing for his parents, and still couldn’t get over what had happened to him. She treat Liam like a son; he had been coming over to her house since he had been 6. She was scared of the state the boy was in. Mason came down the stairs and took Liam and Theo up to his room to show them the homework he collected for them. Theo looked over it, understanding it. Liam stood their holding the papers, them shaking in his hands. “Hey Liam, are you okay?” Mason asked his best friend. Liam scanned over the work, having no clue what any of it meant. He hadn’t been paying attention in school for the past two weeks much less being able to teach himself new concepts. “Ya, I just don’t understand this at all,” the boy admitted. His chest suddenly felt tight, and he felt like he was going to pass out again. Mason made him sit down. “Liam, you need to breathe, look at me,” Mason tried comforting the boy. Theo grabbed his hand, distracting him from his feelings. Black veins went up Theo’s arms taking away some of the pain in his chest, eventually Liam calmed down and started breathing normally again. During his panic attack, he managed to claw his arm; Theo went to get stuff to clean it up. “How often has this been happening?” Mason asked. Liam had always had panic attacks, since when they were younger. When Jenna and he left his father, when he struggled with eating when he was eleven, after Brett and the zoo incident, getting kicked out of Devenford, the rest of the pack didn’t know this, but Mason helped him get through some during when he first started changing into a werewolf, and after all the things that happened to him over the past year. “Sometimes,” Liam answered him. “Liam you need to see someone about this, you need to talk to someone. I don’t want you to live like this any longer,” Mason gripped his hand. “Don’t do this again and hey if you won’t recover for yourself; can you do it for us?” Mason was his only friend during his time of his first eating disorder treatment; he knew the only they eventually got the boy to recover was having him do it for Jenna instead of himself. He knew it wasn’t the best, but he didn’t want his best friend to die. He went and visited Liam a few times with Jenna in the ED unit. He was shaken by seeing Liam with a feeding tube, crying all the time, just wanting to go home. Liam ended up staying there for 3 months; he fought eating for over a month. He eventually started and once he was a stable weight; he went to a day treatment for the rest of the school year. The next year he came back to Beacon Hills but struggled with everything. The following year Jenna and Dr.Geyer got him enrolled at Devenford when he was in seventh grade. Liam would come over after school almost every day and complain about everything to Mason. Then, in 8th grade, after the IED incident and his coach’s car. Liam told him first, before his parents he got expelled. When Liam came back to Beacon Hills High, he was so scared, but Mason got him through it. Theo finally came back with some peroxide and bandages to wrap up Liam’s wounds. He still wasn’t healing property, and they did not need another trip to the hospital. Theo and Mason helped the boy learn some of his missed assignments, when Corey walked in around 5, after lacrosse practice. Corey basically lived with Mason at this point, his parents didn’t care, and Mason’s family actually loved him. “Practice isn’t the same without you,” the chameleon told Liam. “Coach started screaming at us the moment we got onto the field; we were a mess. We need our captain back; Nolan is trying, but we all know he isn’t the best at leading.” Liam smiled at least someone seemed to need him, but of course Corey might just be saying that because Mason told him to. “I’ll be back Monday,” the beta told his friend. Mason and Theo looked worriedly at each other; wondering if the boy could even play lacrosse in the current state he was in. Theo and Liam left around 6, when Mason’s family decided to have dinner; they of course asked the boys to stay, but Liam looked so nervous when they did. Theo decided it would be better for him to eat at the McCall house. When Theo and Liam arrived, Melissa, Argent, and Scott were already sitting down at the table. Liam and Scott took a seat; Liam stared at his plate per usual, pushing food around, and shaking. “Liam, honey, you have to eat something,” Melissa gave him a sincere look. Liam ate about half of his small portion and eventually just gave up. Theo looked at him to indicate he was proud he tried. Liam just looked away and looked really upset. He excused himself and went upstairs to “change clothes.” Liam and Scott decided to go play lacrosse in the yard, after dinner. Liam went upstairs to the bathroom, feeling sick from one of the larger meals he ate in a long time, even though it wasn’t much at all. He hasn’t done this since he was eleven, but he figured he would still know how. He stuck his thin fingers down his throat, multiple times until his gag reflex was activated. No food came out at first; he drank some water from the sink and decided to try again. This time his small contents of dinner slid up his throat and out in the bowl. He did this twice more, until nothing else came out. He was shaking, black spots filled his vision, but it felt good to be empty it’s what he deserved. Theo came up, after it seemed to have taken Liam longer to change than he thought it would. The boy managed to clean himself up and change, before Theo opened the door. The chimera thought the beta’s eyes looked red, but decided it was probably just from exhaustion. Liam bounded down the stairs to practice lacrosse. Theo sat in their shared room and did some homework. He overheard Melissa and Argent talking in the other room. “Melissa, what are you going to do with him?” Argent asked her. “I mean as a father you and I both know that kid is not okay.” “I know I just don’t want to force things too soon, but he’s really starting to scare me.” “You know I know almost as much about werewolves as anyone except probably the Hale’s of course. I have never saw a werewolf not eat before, I mean their metabolisms are so high it’s dangerous.” “I’ll give him a week, then I’ll talk to Peter about signing of papers to admit him.” “Good, you know I have a lot of doubts about Theo. I mean I have saw a lot of people pretend to change, then turn out just to be using someone. I mean I watched my sister lie about following the code, my dad rebelled against everything he taught me, and my wife even tried to kill Scott without me knowing. But Theo, I think actually has changed the boy has a good heart buried under layers of protective covering.” “I do too, even as a kid he was always sensitive and caring. Despite Stiles, he was always my favorite out of Scott’s friends; I just hope he realizes that too.” The two walked into their bedroom; Theo just sat there in shock. They really did trust him and weren’t just putting on an act. Also, Liam needs help, and he knew he was going to be the one who had to do it.

Liam and Scott came back in; Scott basically carrying the boy. “I’m fine, Scott,” Liam told him shaking from exhausting. “Really, Liam? You think right now you are okay?” the alpha asked his beta. “Yes, I’m just out of shape for not practicing for the past week,” he replied. “No, Liam you aren’t your body isn’t able to keep up with what you are doing to it” “I’ll be okay; just let me go.” Scott took his hands-off Liam, and the boy almost fell on the floor before Scott caught him. “Okay, maybe I am just tired.” Scott took Liam to the couch. “Liam, I am worried about you; you need to talk to us. I don’t know what you are going through right now.” Scott’s brown eyes looked in the beta’s blue eyes trying to comfort him. Scott gave the boy a hug. Liam felt bad he didn’t like to worry Scott and everyone else, but it was out of control at this point and he didn’t know how to stop. The next day went similar to the last; Liam refused to eat more than a few mouthfuls of the meals Melissa laid out for him. Liam and Theo went over to Mason’s to catch up on schoolwork, since it was Friday they decided to play video games. Alec and Nolan came over as well. Liam was curled up in one of Theo’s oversized hoodies and sweatpants shaking on the floor from being so cold all the time. Mason and Theo were playing against Alec and Nolan. Theo was surprisingly great at video games, despite just starting on them a few months ago with the boys. Liam was too caught up shaking to play; he didn’t even think he could enjoy it if he picked up a controller. Corey draped a blanket over the boy’s shoulders and sat down beside him. “Thanks,” Liam told the chameleon. “I am not going to tell you what to do like everyone else because I understand what it’s like to have things out of your control,” Corey said to Liam. “Before, I met Mason I always felt like I didn’t deserve anything; my parents didn’t care about me, and I was alone. You don’t understand what a stab in the heart feels like when your parents don’t even realize you die.” Corey lifted up his sleeves; Liam never noticed it before, but there were white scars over the boy’s wrists. He knew it must have been before he was a chimera because he knew supernatural healing powers heal your cuts too quickly. “It was the only thing that made me feel something, pain. I even thought about killing myself multiple times, but then Mason came along, and I realized I do mean something to at least someone. I know it’s not the same; you know a lot of people care about you, but I have a feeling right now you can’t stop. Starving yourself makes you feel something, gives you something you can be successful in,” Corey looked at the werewolf. “I just wanted to let you know that I am here for you, and it is better when you stop hurting yourself.” Liam stared at the boy in shock, “Thanks Corey.” Corey nodded his head at the beta as the rest of the boy’s finally finished their round. Mason’s mom ordered the boys pizza. Liam stared at and decided not even to try a bite. The rest of the boy’s looked worriedly at the boy, but decided it wasn’t worth the fight. Theo and Liam decided to stay the night, but they all had to be back at the McCall house early because the pack was going to have breakfast, before the older teens went back to college. Mason and Corey took Mason’s bed where Corey basically slept every night anyways. Mason wrapped his hand around the smaller boy, and they fell quickly asleep after a night kiss. Alec and Nolan took the floor curled up together in a mound of blankets; the boys had finally decided to be official after seeing how the rest of the members of the puppy pack interact with one another. They made plenty of jokes about how not one of them were straight. Liam and Theo curled up together on the futon in Mason’s room. Liam was shaking from being cold; no matter how tight Theo held the small boy; he just couldn’t get warm. Eventually Liam passed out from exhaustion, but Theo stayed awake for a little bit making sure his boyfriend’s heart didn’t stop beating. The boys woke up suddenly to Mason’s alarm at 7:00; they were supposed to be over at the McCall house by 8 because Lydia and Stiles flight took off at 2. Mason and Corey casually got up and started getting ready. Nolan and Alec followed suit, leaving Theo and Liam curled up on the futon. Liam looked at Theo, not wanting to leave his arms. “Hey, Little Wolf, I think we need to get up.” Liam just shook his head at the chimera, “Do we have to go?” “Don’t you want to say by to everyone.” “No, if I don’t maybe I can pretend everyone is still here.” “Liam they are just going back to college; they aren’t leaving you forever.” “I know; I am just afraid they will.” Liam couldn’t wrap his head around the other members of the pack, not being around. He lost his parents; he couldn’t lose them too. Theo didn’t really understand what his boyfriend was thinking. “Liam, you are being ridiculous. They are coming back.” “How do you know?” Liam snapped back. Theo realized the boy was serious about this situation. “Because its Scott, Stiles, and Lydia those guys have been through more than you and I can even imagine. Hey, they even survived me.” “Okay,” Liam said unsure. Theo gave him a tighter squeeze, and they finally got up and got ready. Theo, Liam, Corey, and Mason got in Theo’s truck as Alec and Nolan said they would meet them there.

The rest of the pack was already there chatting in the living room. They got a little quieter as Liam and Theo walked in. Liam looked worse by the second, and no one could get over Theo being so caring to him. They sat down for the wonderful feast that Melissa and Argent cooked for them. Argent said his goodbyes and then left for Los Angeles for the next week. Melissa hugged Stiles and Lydia wishing them luck and good travels, then went off to work leaving everyone alone. Derek and Peter already said by to the three students and were tracking hunters somewhere in the country. The pack ate the meal small talking around the table; there were definitely side eyes looking at Liam as he pushed eggs around his plate. He took a few bites, then left the rest of his food untouched. Stiles stood up at the end of the meal and did his usual speech he said every time before leaving. “I know Beacon Hills is going to struggle without having me here to take charge, but I believe I left it in good hands,” smiling at Liam. “I think it might be in better hands than yours,” Malia sarcastically said back to Stiles. “Who made all the good plans?” “Let’s get going, before your ego fills the room,” Lydia chuckled at him. Stiles and Lydia started saying goodbye to everyone individually. Stiles came over and hugged Liam, “Hey if you need anything call me anytime; I know you’ve got this.” He gave Theo a fist bump which was the friendliest thing he gave him in a long time, “I am trusting you to take care of him.” Lydia came over to the pair. “Liam you need to start taking care of yourself,” she told him in a long hug. She smiled at Theo, “You are making a better man out of yourself.” “Thanks, Lydia,” Theo told the banshee. Lydia’s respect was one of the best things in the pack you could ask for. Parrish came and picked up Lydia and Stiles to take them to the airport. Mason, Corey, Alec, and Nolan left shortly after, leaving Malia, Scott, Theo, and Liam at the house. “One more practice session,” Liam asked Scott. Scott was scared for the boy’s condition, but decided his happiness, might be better medicine at this point. “Sure,” the Alpha smiled at his Beta. Theo sat down on the table and was reading something for school, suddenly Malia sat down across from him. “You know, I hate saying this, but I am starting to appreciate your company,” Malia told the chimera. “What do you just like looking at my adoring looks?” Malia growled at him, “No, I am just impressed how much of a help you have been lately.” “Well, thanks, but you and I both know you still think I’m hot.” Malia flashed her eyes blue, and Theo smirked at her. “You are still an asshole” “I know, but actually thank you.” “No problem, but don’t get any ideas because I will still kill you,” Malia told the chimera. “Oh, I know”

Liam and Scott came back in even quicker this times; Liam was worn out more than last night. Scott was actually carrying Liam this time; he sat him down beside Theo. His put his head down on the table; Scott sat beside Malia as she gave him a worried look. Theo placed his hand on the beta’s back and rubbed his hand up and down the boy’s sticking out spine. They sat in silence, unsure of what really to do. Eventually, Liam picked his head up and looked at them. “Are you okay?” Theo asked him. “I’m fine,” Liam barked back. Obviously they knew he wasn’t, but the beta would refuse to admit he needed help. He went upstairs and grabbed his schoolwork and sat down with them just staring at the book. “What are you working on?” Scott asked him trying to break the silence. “Stupid trigonometry,” Liam replied. “And that’s how I almost didn’t pass,” Malia stated. “Ya, I don’t even know if I am,” Liam said. “Oh, your passing,” Theo glared at him. “I don’t work this hard trying to teach you for nothing.” “Maybe, I am just too stupid to learn though,” Liam looked at his boyfriend. “You’re good at history” “Yes, but that’s just memorization.” “Fine, one more year.” “Have you guys thought about what you want to do after school?” Scott interrupted their stare off. He knew Liam already had lacrosse offers and his skills should be able to overcome his grades. “I don’t know how I would ever afford college,” Theo looked at him. “You are intelligent though; you can probably get a scholarship,” Scott told the chimera. “Well, if I could I would probably go for biochemistry and try to be a doctor; I always kind of wanted to do good, since I did so much bad.” Malia and Scott were actually shocked by this; they knew Theo had changed, but not this much. “I think you can do it,” Liam chipped in. “Plus, I can help pay for college, “ his voice broke into slight sadness, “my parents left me all the money.” Theo hadn’t really thought of actually having a chance in life, but maybe if he could pull the Little Wolf up they might have a chance to be successful. “What about you Liam?” Malia asked. “I always wanted to play lacrosse at a college, and I’ve always like sports so much I thought about trying to be an athletic trainer,” Liam said. “If I survive that long,” Liam thought to himself. School had been lowered on his priority list right now; he didn’t even know if any college would still want him on their team the way he was playing currently. He couldn’t even think about moving passed this and having a future. They smiled at him, not knowing what he was thinking inside, but that he at least wanted to have a future because he was scaring them all right know.

Malia helped Scott pack up his things, while Theo helped Liam on the trig work. Melissa came home from work around dinner time, and she came home with Scott’s favorite Mexican take out. Everyone dug in except Liam who nibbled on individual grains of white rice. Melissa finally convinced him to at least take two bites of a taco. After dinner, Scott told everyone goodbye, and Malia decided to drive with him out to school, and Peter and Derek would pick her up on their way back to Beacon Hills. “Melissa when would you like us to move back to my house?” Liam asked the woman. She looked at his scrawny figure, “Not until you are healthy plus it will be lonely for me for at least a week here. And you guys are great help with the chores,” she smiled at the two boys. “Thanks,” Liam told the motherly figure. “Thanks, you have no idea how much this means to us,” Theo told her. He never thought Melissa would ever forgive him for killing Scott, much less let him stay in her home. Liam he understood; she treated hm like a son. The boy was innocent, but him not so much. Liam went upstairs to take a shower, and Theo sat at the desk in their shared room and read while he was in there. He wasn’t trying to listen to the boy, but sometimes he couldn’t help himself. He always was listening to make sure the boy’s heart was still beating; suddenly, he heard his heart rate spike up. Theo continued to listen to see, if he needed to rescue the boy. He heard the water still running, which was weird, since he heard him get out of the shower moments before. He heard Liam gaging and decided to walk closer to the door. Theo decided to knock to see, if the beta was okay. “Liam are you okay?” he asked his boyfriend. He could hear the boy’s breathe speed up, like he was panicking. Theo didn’t hesitate and broke open the door. The sight scared him. Liam was curled up in a ball around the base of the toilet. He managed to already get dressed; his hand was slightly still covered in blood and vomit. In the toilet, there was the very small contents of the boy’s stomach mixed with blood. Liam was breathing rapidly and shaking. Theo knew what had happened but decided not to comment on it until he got him back on his feet. The chimera picked up the small boy and helped him wash his face and hands. He cleaned the vomit off the floor as Liam sat down on the bed. Theo sat down beside him as Liam collapsed on his shoulder. “Liam, you can’t keep doing this. That was blood; that could be life threating. I think it stopped which means it was probably just some broke blood capillaries, but next time it could be your esophagus. I love you, and I’m not going to let you die. Melissa and Argent talked the other day; you have a week to start trying more or else you are getting hospitalized.” “And you wouldn’t stop them from doing it?” “No, Liam if it prevents you from dying and being miserable; I wouldn’t” “Some boyfriend you are,” Liam yelled at him. Liam collapsed with his face down on the bed, refusing to talk to Theo. “This is what I get for being caring,” Theo thought to himself. He went back to his laptop and started looking stuff up about eating disorders. The statistics started to scare him more and more, the deaths, the amount of people who don’t ever recover, the permeant affects they can have on your body, heart failures, osteoporosis, esophagus tear, then he saw some other signs that Liam had been exhibiting, extremely cold, faint, weak, mood swings, shaking, depression, and anxiety. He looked at Liam on the bed, who had started to cry. Liam hadn’t mean to snap at Theo, but everything just stressed him out at this point. He was scared to get help, but he was also scared that he had no control over himself anymore. He wasn’t ignorant he knew right now he could die any second, but he couldn’t bring himself up. Theo laid down beside the beta. “I’m sorry,” the boy muttered to the chimera. “I know you didn’t mean it.” Liam gripped his muscular shoulder, “I love you too.” Theo held Liam tighter to his body worried to let go that the boy might freeze to death. They eventually fell asleep together Liam wrapped closely against his chest.

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