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duckcat12345678Just trying to be better at writing
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I dream :)

I dream

I dream what it would be like to be a bird soaring high in the sky

Or maybe a pirate on the high sea

What would happen if the ocean was the sky and the sky was the ocean

and if the leaves were the roots and the roots were the leaves

If day turned to night and night to day

If a lie turned to truth would it hurt me anyway?

What if i was a stray not knowing my way

Or if I was the king of everything

What if the universe enveloped the earth and I couldn't see anything

If the sun just left and took the moon with it

Or if I had the secret to peace, what would I do with it?

If I could no longer feel any emotion would it even hurt die?

What if my body turned to wood and could no longer think

Oh night time makes me wonder

as I lay in my bed dreaming of peculiarities

Oh yes but when I wake tomorrow I shall forget

I shall forget the adventure...

and the absurdities of my mind when I dream

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