Conflicted Love
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drummerlj Teen with a passion for writing poems
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I wrote this in a couple minutes just to get my thoughts out about something pressing

Conflicted Love

I can't get you out of my head

That evening, only a day ago it was

Us in your home, having fun

It's been the best day of the past year

Granted, this year hasn't been great

But it's becoming one

With you in the picture

A picture that I see every second of every minute

Not a song goes by without thinking of you

Not an hour goes by without looking over at your texts

I might be in love

Or I've finally experienced something I never have;

True friendship

You raise my heartbeat, you make the bottom of my stomach feel inflated

Like a balloon that's about to pop

Maybe it is 'cause you're the first girl who has been nice to me

Maybe it's our mutual interests and experiences

Maybe I'm just in love

Because I cannot get you out of my head

I hope you never see this, or maybe I do

It's only been one day and I cannot get enough of you

I want to text you so badly

I want to hug you so badly

I want to talk to you so badly

But I don't wanna mess it up that badly

It is definitely love that I am feeling

Question is which type of love

You freed a part of my angst

You opened up a part of my identity I didn't know existed

I cannot breathe or function properly

I want to go to sleep earlier so I can see you sooner

Tomorrow, on the school grounds

Acting like I haven't been up at night thinking of you

Acting like that day wasn't one of the best in my life

The truth is, I don't know what I feel

But I feel a true love

And that is so refreshing from a usual gloom

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