Address Unknown
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drummerlj Teen with a passion for writing poems
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You and her, a phenomenal example, you love each other, every day a gamble

Address Unknown

You and her, a phenomenal example

You love each other, every day a gamble

It's a forbidden love, and so they will seek

Hunting down, your future seems bleak

She cannot handle the danger

You find it only more exhilarating

Walking down the street, acting like a stranger

If only one day they'd be liberating

The woman you love, is simply afraid

She has to leave, as they forbade

You wake up the next morning,

She is gone

She gave a forewarning

And now anger's drawn

You go to the state, you ask who's in charge

You go to the leader and you want him dislodged

He won't take you serious

You are but a female

It feels so insidious

You need to prevail

Try to look up the name of your love

So you won't have to do alone

But she's mysterious as a dove

And forever her address unknown

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