Welcomed Love
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drozy_jae Community member
Autoplay OFF   •   2 years ago
The only love welcome in my life anymore..

Welcomed Love

I learned life isn't always how you planned, you won't have someone there to always hold your hand, or even stand..by your side. I don't know why, you believe her lie.."ride or die"..now I..

get so high and I'm feelin alright. I'm feelin good, feelin how I think I should..I'm feelin you too, you think we could- nevermind about that..

gotta worry about myself, lemme take a few steps back..been trying so hard not to relapse, I need to relax..before I end up back on my knee caps, trying not to collapse..

trying to only go up from here, and falling for her is still falling, and that's my biggest fear..a growing love is the only thing that is welcome here..

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