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drozy_jae Community member
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Smile, always smile


I was thinking today, we are all gonna die one day..taking so much for granted, it shouldn't be that way....I think we all just simply forget..that we are all truely blessed..

and if you ever feel down, or use the excuse "lack of rest" please take some time to think about all the things you cherish.

go hold someone you love, put your heart and soul into that hug..and don't let go until you both can't breathe. Go make friends with someone completely, random...

never be afraid, you'll take on this world like tandem..but I'll be here if you ever need a hand. Don't feel bad when you hold the door and they don't acknowledge you..

just smile, always smile..bc you have better things to do..if you feel lost, take a chance..any road will get you somewhere..and don't forget to give, if you have enough to share.....

expectation is the real heartache, best thing to do is stop thinking, for your own sake..and if this world ever makes you feel small, look up at the stars..

know others are doing the same both near and far...and after you've had a terrible day, please oh please don't get in your own way, of tomorrow..

everyday you wake, let go of all your sorrow....they say we learn from experience, but I learned that's not true..we never know what's really gonna happen, every second is new....

that's the thing about life, gotta live every moment like it's your last..and never regret, never look back..and never forget to smile, always smile..

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