to leave you behind
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drowninginyou What's really on your mind?
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to rid of a broken love is to end my existence.

to leave you behind

today was hard only because i realized that maybe our relationship isn't as perfect and healthy as i believed it to be. i give and give so much only to receive nothing in return.

everything i do you use against me. you even used my apologies and tears against me. you judged me for being scared that you would leave me. but how can i blame you. im worthless they say.

maybe they're right. no, they are right. but that's besides the point. and you are right sometimes. i make everything about me. but so do you.

the problem is you are allowed to use us however you want yet even my small mistakes are disastrous in your eyes. i can't be perfect and i also can't keep this up. trying to be perfect.

i'm tired. i'm actually exhausted. but you dont care. sorry but i can't do this anymore. i have to leave. we can't be anymore.

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