Hello, I'm DRGWriter26
Hello, I'm DRGWriter26 me stories

drgwriter26Teenager, loves animals, loves to write
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Since I am new to Commaful, I created this story all about me. I explain what my favorite things are and why I love to write. Follow me on Commaful @DRGWriter26 to read other stories that I will be creating.

Hello, I'm DRGWriter26

by drgwriter26

I am a teenager who loves to read and write.

I have been writing stories since I was in third grade. I want to become an author when I grow up.

I have two very silly cats.

Their names are Mickey and Goofy. They are really big goofballs. All of my pet stories that I have written were inspired by them. Including, my very first story I ever wrote called Santa Paws.

I love to write fiction, fantasy stories.

I also like to read fantasy stories too. They are always entertaining and they take you to spectacular places.

My favorite thing to write is...

Novels. I have three in the works right now. I like to get very descriptive, so I am not so good at writing short stories.

Have I ever finished a novel?

No, because I sometimes get writer's block and that causes me to take forever to finish the book. Plus, I get a lot of new ideas in my mind and I end up starting a brand new novel.

Why do I love writing?

It is so much fun. You can just get creative and don't have to worry about it being realistic. Readers can live in your fantasy world that you create.

What is the most difficult part of writing?

Creating the characters. It is the most difficult part for me because I have to pick out the names, think about what each character looks like, and what each character's personality is like.

If you are interested in reading my stories...

I am, obviously, on Commaful and I am also on an app/website called Wattpad. Wattpad has all of my novels that I wrote or will write. Follow me on there @DRG_Writer26. Also, follow me on here.

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