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This is a story about 2 friends, who were parted after college due to jobs. After a few years one of the friend comes to know the horrible life experiences of the other friend and he decides to help him and his family.

True Friend - 1

Once there were 2 friends in a college named Alex and Tom. Both friends were pursuing engineering degree in computer application.

They were hard working, sincere, good hearted and passionate students.

Their future aspirations were to just get a decent job with which they are able to support their family in a comfortable manner, they did not dream of very high standard of life.

In the last semester of college both of them got placement in good MNCs. Before parting they promised to keep in touch in future.

Alex got the joining letter earlier than Tom and left to work for the company.

A year passed by and Alex was having a life he always dreamed of, he was living in a 2 bedroom flat with his brother with a decent salary.

Alex was planning to bring his parents from his home town to live with him.

One evening he suddenly remembered about his friend Tom and wondered how he might be doing. He quickly reached his phone and called him, but no one picked the phone.

He decided to visit his home next month. On reaching Tom's home he found out that Tom's family moved to some other place in the same city.

After inquiring he found out that they were living in a rented place on other part of town.

On reaching the place, Alex was shocked to see the condition of the place in which Tom was living. It was a miserable and dirty flat with not so good neighborhood.

He knocked the door, Tom's mother opened the door and quickly recognized Alex. She asked him to come inside the flat. It was a single room flat in unhealthy condition.

Tom's sister, Cindy welcomed Alex and offered him a glass of water.

There was an awkward silence in the room. Finally Alex asked Tom's mother in a low voice 'what happened'.

Tom's mother then told Alex - 'After you and Tom completed the college, Tom was waiting for the joining letter. After you left, Tom's joining letter also came.

On the day, Tom was to leave the town, to join the company we received the awful news that David(Tom's father) passed away in an accident. We were all broken and sad.

David had taken a loan to start a business. We did not had any money to repay the loan, so we decided to sell the house and move to this awful place with all the little savings that I had.

Tom decided to turn down the offer letter because he had to serve the unpaid training period with the company for 6 months and then only he would have got his first salary.

Tom could not find a decent job in this small town in computer application.

Also Tom did not want to hinder the studies of Cindy due to lack of money, so he decided to join a construction site here only.'

After telling the story Tom's mother started crying and Cindy hugged her mother. Listening the story Alex was feeling very sad and was somehow stopping his tears in front of the family.

By this time, door opened and Tom entered the room, returning from work.

He looked absolutely amazed and surprised to see Alex.

Alex suddenly got up and slapped Tom and said 'So much happened with you and you did not tell me or asked for help, I am very angry with you.

' On this Tom replied that he did not want to disturb his career by telling his miserable life and hugged Alex with tears rolling down his face.

Alex said to Tom that he is going to help them. On this Tom replied he cannot accept his help because it might affect Alex's career.

After thinking for some time Alex proposed a plan that will not affect his career.

Alex - Last time you were not able to join the company due to family responsibilities, right?

Tom - Yes.

Alex - This time you apply again for the company and go for the training...

Tom - But I cannot leave my family alone here and also Cindy is still in college.

Alex - Yeah that I know.

What we can do is, Cindy and aunt can live with me in my town while you complete your training and after you get your first salary and get settled comfortably, you can take them.

Tom - But Cindy's college...

Alex - She can continue her studies with distance learning and her fees can be paid by me.

Tom - NO NO NO. I cannot put so much responsibilities on your shoulder.

Alex - Please Tom, your family is my family, there will be no responsibility. I insist. This is the best way. Please aunt explain to him.

Mother - Tom I think Alex is correct. You should consider his proposal.

After thinking for some time Tom said.

Tom - Ok, but all the expenses that you do, I will repay to you in future. Ok?

Alex - Agreed.

On this Tom thanked Alex and hugged him. The following month Tom applied for the job and got the joining letter.

As decided Tom's mother and sister moved to Alex's flat in the other town with Cindy continuing her studies from distance learning.

Tom joined to company to complete the unpaid training period of six months.

Will continue the story in next part to see how things turn out in Alex's home with new members and see if there is love about to blossom.....

Please do like and share and also comment how you want the story to turn out in the next part.

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