Those little secrets.
Those little secrets. sex stories
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The secrets of a late night, when he laid beside her.

Those little secrets.

While you run your hands, through my hair,

And hold them hard and tight,

I plant a kiss, on your ravishing skin,

Under which, your hungry soul hides.

You touch me, and kiss my lips,

While I hold you in my arms,

Those alluring hands, that clutch my chest,

Make me crave, for the drops of your charm.

Those curves and flats, that live on your flesh,

With your enticing touch

The throbbing veins, of your thighs I see,

Where I kiss you, and give you a smudge.

The way I taste you, the way I work,

When you thrust my face, between your legs,

Is the only thing that I remember,

With my tiring hands, and a drop of sweat.

Your breaths go heavy, your voice starts trembling,

Your thighs become so tight,

You clutch your lips, with those teeth of yours

And pull me up the height.

Now you taste, what I was before,

Through my warm, and those wet lips

And play, with that hungry part of mine,

To give me chills, and a bodily apocalypse.

The rising heat, those passionate breaths,

Those compelling smile of yours.

Ignites a hunger, insatiable,

And makes me crave for more.

Now this onslaught of raw desires,

Gives rise to a tide, that is unseen.

This passionate tide takes over me

And I dip my tounge and swirl within.

This intense moment, these tender assaults,

That happen from you, and within,

Make me move close to your body,

And attach me forever, like our flesh are akin

Our feet united, our hearts are one,

Our bodies that move in unison,

Make us stand, on the edge of our mind,

And explode, and lie, till the call of sun.

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