When past plays the future dances (part 4)
When past plays the future dances (part 4) romance stories

dreaminnlivin _keep shining_
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What was I to do? How were we to get through this

When past plays the future dances (part 4)

"Yes, you can leave me alone and pretend you didn't see anything." I grabbed the phone and marched off down the stairs and to the other side of the yard.

I know I didn't need to be so rough with her, I could also on the spot make up a thousand reasons and excuses for it but at least to myself I had to admit the truth.

I wanted to hurt anybody because I couldn't do it to Serena. Nothing touched that ice queen.

I tried to look busy the whole day thought I didn't get much done, not that it was expected from an engineer. Out of personal pleasure I worked with workers. There wasn't any of that today.

She took away event that last drop of pleasure from me. I got the message today and i almost managed to resist the temptation but the hope that it was from Rianona was too strong.

It really was from Ri but I did not like it one bit.

""Leo come for me, I miss you. She won't let me see you. I miss you soooo much."" I could imagine my piercing scream scaring all the birds into flying of the roof.

I didn't let myself scream despite the pain threatening to suffocate me. My little angel was unhappy and i couldn't do a thing to change that. I let her down again.

The only thing I could do at that moment was to look at her picture on my wallpaper, taken aback by how much she looks like mum and to suffer even more because of it.

I didn't even hear Alena when she entered, I didn't hear her fast steps all the way until she violently shook me.

"Leo, Leo, you have to breathe. Breath you forsaken creature." I became aware of my starved lungs hungry for air.. I forced myself to breath in and some of that awful pain eased.

I knew the other part won't ease any time soon. "Your daughter?" I wandered why did her voice quiver but I couldn't figure out the answer.

"No, she's not my daughter." "I thought... You really look alike." She said in the end.

"She's my sister. We both took after our mother." ""I miss you too, dear. Don't let Serena know about the messages and I'll come up with something."" I sent the message to Ri while Alena was still next to me.

"Who is Serena? You don't need to answer, I just overheard a bit of your conversation with her. Never mind, i shouldn't have asked. Sorry.

" She added quickly as if she were the one slowly killing me and doing something wrong.

"It's alright Ale, you did nothing that'd be a big deal. Serena is my older sister, a high school teacher hated by everyone around her.

Because I move sometimes and have a job that takes me more time in a day the court gave her the custody, sort of. Actually we are supposed to share it, though Ri would be withe her more time.

But Serena shares nothing that's hers. Like Ri is even hers. I think even Vinai, her son doesn't like her."

I shook my head and got up, than I flew straight to the wall which was luckily close by.

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