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Everyone has a phobia. Mine is water...



How an unexpected circumstance could throw your life in a totally different direction. Well, that's what happened to me. I fell into the water, my ultimate nemesis since I was little.

In a panicky situation like this, people tend to blame everything or everyone. I did it too. First, my mind started cursing my foolishness.

Why did I stand to close to the swimming pool? Didn't I know that I hated deep water so much? Just why?

Also, I remembered the waiter that suddenly hit me. He made my balance off and fell. It was totally his fault! But then, a small voice started talking, "stop being grumpy.

You have a situation here! Don't you think you should save yourself from drowning?"

"But, I can't swim!" I heard myself whining.

"Bull! You learned to swim at a very young age. You just stopped swimming after your brother threw you into the lake when you were 10.

From that moment on, you were cursed yourself to be a coward, weren't you?"

"I swear, I can't!" I replied nervously.

"Well, too bad! You'll die miserably in minutes. Why are you doing this to yourself? Being a coward the whole time. Do something and stop making excuses! Fight for your life!"

And as a lightning struck, I instantly realized that the voice was absolutely right. I had been a scaredy cat liked forever.

Never thought I was good enough, never thought I had a good life either. And I was letting go my life this way? So pitiful...

Suddenly, I had an urge to fight. I extended my arms, tried mimicking the moves my father taught before. I tried to push the water, tried to bring my body closer to the surface.

I heard some voice from outside. Were they screaming? I wasn't sure. All I knew, I was doing my best to survive.

Suddenly, someone grabbed my hand and pulled it hard. In seconds I felt an immediate relief as I started breathing fresh air again. My lungs were so heavy, I was struggling to inhale.

A towel wrapped my tired body, as a man who helped me yelling, "call the doctor!"

I closed my eyes and tried to calm the turbulence inside my mind. Dear God, I made it! I was safe...

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