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:D DAMN! Libra got it going on. XD Part 4.

Zodiac High

Episode 4: Colors

Libra's P.O.V

Flopping on the bed of my dorm room, I look around the dorm curiously. It's not much. I mean the walls are brown as sand and everything is so modern looking. But then, I wonder who my roommate is. I hope I can get along with them, maybe I'll make cookies later.

The day passed, of exploring campus and meeting new people was really fun. Chuckling as I thrust the key into the keyhole. Twisting before opening it, laying my eyes on bags? ooo~ My roommate probably came! YAY!

Smiling as I walk further into the dorm, peeking my head into the second bedroom to greet myself. I lay my eyes on a green-headed boy, he's pretty cute. He was sitting at his desk drawing. "HI!" I blurt out waving with enthusiasm.

He jumps and quickly turns his chair to me. "Phew. You gave me a fright there, hello. You must be my roommate?" He responds smiling at me. I flop on his bed "Correto! I'm Libra."

"Cool name. I'm Gemini, funny we're the same element." Chewing my lip, glaring him up and down. God, he's cute. Focus Libra!

Gemini's POV

Is it just me? Or is my heart melting from this girl's sight. Her hair was in a messy bun, I loved how her shiny hair reflected the room light. Her curves and...everything. Jeez, she's beautiful. Shaking my head so my thoughts wouldn't get deeper, or dirtier.

"Well, it's nice to meet you Libra," I say turning back to my desk. "You too. I'm going to bed, things are going to get busy tomorrow." She gets up to leave but I stop her."

"Libra," I say "Yeah?" "Goodnight." I smile at her. She giggles, "Goodnight, Gem." She yawns and leaves for her room, closing her door. Gem? I like it.

Ooooh! I sense a ship between the two *wink wink* Anyway thanks for reading this part and start tooned for the next one! Thank you my "Starry Nights" - Starla

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