Witches, love potions and Muffins?
                                                                      Witches, love potions and Muffins? urbanfantasy stories

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"Terrace, you need to see this.. Another girl killed herself: That's the third one this month. All from the same university. " Her voice echoed through out the apartment as she called to her cousin. "Weird."

Witches, love potions and Muffins?

"Terrace, you need to see this.. Another girl killed herself: That's the third one this month. All from the same university.

" Her voice echoed through out the apartment as she called to her cousin. "Weird."

"If you are tired of Being a maid stop pretending to be one.." The disembodied voice floated in from the behind by the wall that sepereated the kitchen/dining room from the hallway.

"and it's california there are always sucides around this time."

"It's fun being the maid...was fun." She shifted her weight from the door to her legs as she stood up straight. The hooker boots she wore gave her two extra inches to her already 5'8 frame.

The pain of the wedges was worth the look, She had deducted this at the tender age of 14, her first year of Highschool. "Seeing the wonder in their eyes.

" She ran her fingers over the smooth, taunt fabric of the lamp shade. She always had to touch things, it was an implulse that had gotten her in trouble more times then they could count.

"But now They expect me to answer the door now, its like I'm really a freaking maid.

" She shrugged one shoulder in a non chalant motion as her eye brows knitted and her arms folded over her chest.

It was her eyes that gave way what she was truly feeling as they glimmiered with agitation.

Her smokey voice morphed into a whine as as she walked into the kitchen to find her cousin bent over the table, her eyes pouring over the stackes of papers spread before her.

"Were you even listening to me Chedder.. I'm pourin my heart out here and your too busy with that crap. Fine what ever.

" She threw her arms wide and tossed the Newspaper right infront of her cousin, her eyes flashing in anger as her cousin used her long dark hair to create a curtain. "Chedder!!!"

The modulated voice of her cousin matched its owner perfectly, The darker haired girl tended to be more in control of her self then her light haired counterpart. "Oh, sorry, I was uh.. busy.

" She parted her hair, pushing a good portian behind her ear. Light reflected off the mutliple silver pierces that lined the shell of her ear. "Another girl?"

The blonde let out a huff of hot breath and leaned on her arms that crossed over to rest on the granite top of the island.

"Oh, you listen when it concerns strangers but when i mention what i feel you ingore me Ched's"

"Then why keep it up CharChar?"

The blonde flinched at her nick name, her eyes diverted as she watched the flickering lights of the dying clock that sat on top of the stove, its own clock stopped working months ago.

"I hate that name."

"Well i don't like Chedder any better" She pushed a stack of papers from in front of her to the center of the table as she spoke.

"Charlotte?" She scolded the blonde who was actively ignoring her.

"Its different, Terrace.. Chedder is cute." She shrugged and straighten her back out so she could lean against the island, the granite digging into her hip.

Charlotte raised her hands in submission at the cold glare Terrace was giving her. "Ok. Ok I surrender."

Terrace only pointed at her with the tip of her ball point pen, jerking it over towards the oven. "Hey, your muffins are burning.

" She waved the pen in the same upwards motion that the thick rolls of smoke were drifting, "Weren't those for Ethan?"

"Shut up!"

"I thought you and Ethan were on the outs ever since he left you crying on that park bench." Terrace yelped and dropped the pen when the wet end of a towel smacked her in the face.

" That's the second batch.. How does somone burn two dozen Muffins!!" She laughed and dodged to avoid the second attack.

"You are not funny at all, Terrace." Lottie yelled till her face was red and her eyes puffy and red.

"Shhh, you are going to wake up Shawn!" She teased her cousin who was shooting her death glares while fishing the tin of burnt muffins out of the oven. "Bakery sells muffins just like homemade.

He likes them just as much, Lottie."

"But." She silenced herself as her blue eyes became murky as she stared at the sink filled with black smoke and burnt dreams. "I was just..Hoping."

"Shawn is just as good, Lottie." She was next to Charlotte in few steps, watching the water disperse the Black smoke. "Its not like there is a love potion in it.

" She joked and nudge her cousins arm. Her eyes glimmered in amusement but soon darkened with Realization "Tell me you did not put a love potion in muffins.

The Muffins you were planning to feed to a warlock Lottie!!!" She emphasized the Word with a drawn out pronunciation trying to get it through to her cousin how silly it sounded.

Drugging a warlock with a Love potion was like trying to poison a basilisk with venom from a blue dart frog.

"N..No!" Lottie stuttered as she back away from Terrace who leaned against the counter and plucked an apple of the counter to toy with it.

"Good.. cause he's a warlock, it wouldn't have worked you know. "

"I know that...I'm not a complete moron." She gave Terrace a look, who stared at her, the apple spinning slowly in between long pale fingers.

"Ok, They said it would alright!" She had the decency to look offended at the stare down Terrace was giving her.

Terrace sighed and bit into the apple, chewing as slow as she could to draw the tension between them. "You know witches, they are liars. The whole lot of them.

Disgusting Creatures with their spraying their bodily fluids.. Vomit, Blood...It's nasty if you ask me and I've seen a lot of messed up stuff."

"That's not all Witches. Aria is the nicest person I have ever met.. Nicest Witch. I guess" She sucked her bottom lip in between her teeth as she thought of the proper way to say it.

"You haven't seen Aria on a bad day." Terrace shuddered as goosebumps rose on her skin at the thought of the nature witch pissed off.

The last time she was anger with Terrace everything she tried to eat turned into tree moss.

Terrace tossed the apple core into the trash before patting Lottie's shoulder. "Come on we have plenty of research to do before we go to work.

" She steered The blonde towards the table who gave one last longing look at the smoking black bits of charcoal that use to be edible muffins.

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