cacophonic silence
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dreamersofgold Community member
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there's a hole in my heart sucking in my happiness

cacophonic silence

there's a hole in my heart

sucking in my happiness

and leaving me sad

i feel like i'm drowning

yet all but me are breathing

the tears begin to fall

droplets cascading

onto fresh, wet ink

which fills the salty bubble

marring the crystal clear liquid

like the thoughts in my head, screaming louder than the truth

but sometimes they whisper

a buzzing disruption

plaguing all that i do

poisoned words attack me

dripping with false kindness

a never ending commentary

to accompany

a cacophonic silence

but sometimes i'm empty

casting off my emotions

to escape the pain

of being human

because everything hurts

and i can't control

the voices saying

'you'll never be worth it'

sometimes i just want to escape

to a world where i can be free

but i know that will never be

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