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Usually I write to let everything all out on the paper and I was going through something at the time where I didn’t feel enough. It felt like people were always looking, whether to put me into a category or say to I knew she was that way. Maybe someone out there can relate.

Being Different

Somehow the words mean less

When you didn’t grow up like the rest


Patience Value

Patience Value Emotions

Are constantly put to the test

If laws go without saying

How does one know what they are?

Intuition is capable of a lot

But not passing the bar

Judgement is a venom which travels all the way to your heart

The journey into the unknown

Cue Lewis and Clark

Without the use of her eyes

Hellen Keller could see

Skin color or gender isn’t the only thing I was slated to be

Naively think we’re all the same, though some disagree

The one person that knows me well

Needs a mirror to look at me

Life feels great when you’ve got nothing to prove

Not as much if you’re under a microscope with every move

Believe me when you want to, everything on your own terms

Most of our conversations feel like a pitch to an investor or firm

The tides turned when what we’re about became a competition

No one wins regardless of whether you’re ahead or in a different position

When I was seven years old, I moved from someplace where many of the people looked like me to a place where 95% didn’t. After the first classmate I ever met asked me why I was black, it was in that moment that my mother said something that forever changed my life. Those words were, “It’s okay to be different. You don’t have to be what people expect.”

It was those words that made me view the world and myself differently. I wanted to put my own spin on what it meant to be human and I didn’t want to judge other people for who they were. I learned that different is beautiful. ❤️

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