Branded For Ruin Pt. 17 (Last Part)
Branded For Ruin Pt. 17 (Last Part) bucky barnes stories

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Final Part!!!!

Branded For Ruin Pt. 17 (Last Part)

"Dude, can you stop breathing down my neck like that?" Sam said pushing Bucky away from him.

"I'm just trying to look over you because you're taking up a lot of space. And I'm so sorry that I'm breathing like a normal person.

" Bucky grumbled as he studied the bushes they were currently hiding in.

"Normal? You were breathing like freakin' Darth Vader!" Sam retorted as Bucky sent a glare at him. "You do know who Darth Vader is, right?"

"Yes, I know who Darth Vader is!" Bucky growled. "Can we just focus on the mission?"

"Yeah, okay. Charles, how are we coming along with those bombs?" Sam said turning toward Charles.

Charles gave Sam a thumbs up. "Done. I guess taking those extra chemistry classes in college paid off."

They gathered the bombs attached them to their belts. Sam insisted they wear war paint, he had bought some and had hoped for an occasion to use it, so Bucky and Charles grumbled in agreeance.

After they dawned their war paint, they split up. Bucky and Redwing and Sam with Charles.

Sam and Charles would cause a distraction, while Redwing would find where you were, and Bucky would get you.

"Be nice to Redwing, okay?" Sam said his wings came out.

"No promises, and if he happens to get destroyed, I am not held responsible." Bucky said as he stared at the annoying robot.

Sam rolled his eyes and quickly recapped the mission plan. "The wall surrounding the town seems to be guarded by 5 men at every post. There are five posts.

Charles and I will blast posts 1 and 2, causing a distraction, while you climb over the wall at the blind spot at posts 4 and 5.

Redwing will alert me once Bucky has Y/n, then we will meet up at the line of trees, where hopefully the plane will be. Everyone got that?"

"Yeah, can we start now?" Bucky grumbled. "Y/n is still in danger. I can't imagine what she's going through right now."


"Dang, these cookies are amazing." You said as you took another bite. "I'm glad we decided to eat first. Escaping is no fun on an empty stomach."

Grace nodded. "Yeah, but I'm still nervous about the escape."

"I am too, but we have to get out of here." You said as a huge explosion sounded.

You and Grace jumped up and ran outside. Smoke was coming from one side of the wall and another explosion sounded. Running back inside, you grabbed your backpack.

"Looks like we've got our diversion! Let's go!" You said as you rushed to your house.

You fumbled with Mark's truck keys for a moment, before unlocking the truck. Hopping inside the truck, you both strapped yourselves inside.

You were about to pull out of the driveway, when you saw a man standing behind the truck. You took a closer look and noticed he had a metal arm.

Was he the cause of the explosions? Was he here to hurt you? You turned to Grace.

"It's the metal armed man. Mark warned me about him." You whispered as the man stalked closer to the driver's side door.

While he wasn't expecting it, you quickly swung open the door, nailing him right in the nose, before closing it and hightailing it out of the garage.

He clasped his flesh hand over his face as a string of curses fell out. You pushed on the gas pedal harshly and Grace fell back into her seat as the car lurched forward.

You thought you were getting good distance on him, that is until Grace looked in the mirror and saw him running toward the car, extremely fast.

"Um, Y/n, objects in mirror are closer than they appear!"

You went to take a sharp turn, but the truck didn't move. You looked out the rearview window and saw the man was holding the truck with his metal arm.

He ripped one of the rear wheels off, rendering the truck useless. He stalked toward the driver's side door and ripped it off its hindges.

"I just wanna talk." He stated.

"Y-you--you just destroyed our truck! Why should we listen to you?!" You exclaimed.

He ran a hand over his frustrated face. "Well, why were you driving away like a maniac!"

"Because a scary man with a metal arm was stalking toward me!" You countered.

He sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. "Look, I'm here to save you. I know you don't remember me, but we're friends. I just need you to come with me."

You eyed him warily. "Why should I?"

Bucky ran his hand through his hair. "I know I've given you no reason to trust me, but please just come with me. I also have a cute cat named Alpine that's waiting on our getaway plane.

I'll let you hold him if you just come with me."

"Okay...fine. Can my friend Grace come too?"

"Wait...her name's Grace?"

You and Grace both nodded.

"Yes, she can come. I think someone will be happy to see you, Grace."


"Sam, are you and Charles coming?" Bucky asked Redwing, though he felt dumb talking to a robot.

"On our way." Sam replied.

Bucky nodded and stayed stationed in front of the plane. You and Grace were inside giving Alpine lots and lots of attention, Bucky was a bit jealous.

Even Charles' butler/pilot, Damon, seemed more interested in his cat than him. Bucky kept his blue eyes ahead, scouting for any stray bad guys.

He heard a branch crack, and he clutched his gun tightly as he turned toward the noise.

A bullet whizzed past Bucky's ear and he his eyes widened as Mark jumped out and shot at him. Bucky quickly deflected the bullets before tackling Mark to the ground.

Mark groaned and fingered the pistol inside his jeans before firing it into Bucky's abdomen. Bucky growled and punched Mark in the face.

Bucky's rage overcame him and he punched Mark over and over again. He doesn't know how much time had passed, but Sam flew toward him and pulled him off of Mark.

"He's dead, Buck, calm down." Sam said as Bucky tried to lurch toward Mark again. "And you're bleeding, man. Let's get you into the plane."

Bucky looked down and noticed his uniform was covered in thick red blood. Some of the blood wasn't his though, and he sighed as he let Sam help him into the plane.

He remembers hearing you gasp and reach out to him before he blacked out.


The beeping of a heart monitor was the first thing Bucky heard. Then the shuffling of paper and the squeak of shoes against shiny floor.

The smell of bleach and hand sanitizer also filled his nose as he began to wake up. He slowly opened his eyes and took in his surroundings.

An IV attached to his wrist, bandages covering his stomach, a heart monitor beeping, pale blue curtains on the window, and you writing something down in a journal.

He gently pushed himself up, causing the hospital bed to groan, and in turn, make you look up.

"You're awake!" You said as you closed your journal and walked toward him. "You feeling any better?"

He yanked the IV out of his wrist and nodded. "Yeah, the pain's gone. One of the helpful effects of the serum."

"That's good. The police caught the rest of the guys in Mark's company. They'll be spending a long time in jail.

Charles and Grace have been reunited, and Sam got a date with your nurse, so everything seems to be going well."

Bucky nodded. "That's good. How long was I out?"

"Three days. You had lost a lot of blood. A, uh, Dr. Raynor came to see you. She told me to tell you to give her a call once you were well."

Bucky groaned. "That's a conversation I do not want to have."

You both sat there in awkward silence, not exactly sure what to talk about. Bucky decided to take the reins of the conversation.

"Do, uh, do you remember who I am?" Bucky asked.

You shook your head and looked at the floor. "Not really. My memories are coming back slowly, I'm writing them down as they come. I just wanted to thank you for saving me."

Bucky's heart sank a little at your confession. "It was no problem. It's a hero's job."

You fiddled with your shirt before looking at him. "If you want, I was hoping after you get out of the hospital, we could go grab lunch, maybe get to know each other again."

"YES! I, um, I mean, yeah, sure." Bucky mumbled as his cheeks burned.

You smiled. "Great. I'll be looking forward to it."

You opened the door, when Bucky stopped you. "Wait!"

He gave a sheepish smile as you turned toward him. "Yes?"

"Maybe...maybe you could stay? You don't have to, I just thought--"

"I will." You answered cutting off his adorable ranting. "I was just getting Alpine."

Bucky's cheeks burned again. "Ooh."

You quickly grabbed Alpine and brought him into the room and he rushed toward Bucky. Bucky hugged Alpine and nuzzled into his fur.

You smiled at there tiny reunion and Bucky looked up at you with his pretty blue eyes.

Bucky hated a lot of things, but he realized that if he never hated anything, he'd never know what love feels like. And this, right now, with you and Alpine, was all he ever needed.

A/N: YAY! This story is done! Thank you for sticking with this story and giving me support! I love you guys!

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