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the unknown is catching up to me

the scarecrow

the unknown is catching up to me,

with all of It's creepiness and way too slowly

that It's strangling my hopes and urge to believe

in a solid way of destroying my misery.

and in times like these

i find myself in the memories

from simpler days and the summer breeze

of my youth that was too peculiar

but wouldn't it be lovely to see something familiar?

setting up the time to when It was just easier

to love,to lose and to get back up on my feet

changing fleets so fastly that I forget about the defeat

that comes as the rejection brings It's spleen

I want to write my verses with the heart of a naive girl

but I can't and that's what hurts the most

I pour on the speed without looking into the side mirrors

trying to ignore the glistening new doubts flying like spears

overlooking every sudden word but focusing on faded pages

because I simply want to run away from the sentence

''How did I even end up here?''

It's effortless to treat my mind like It's a cemetry

Old lovers can't talk,past bullies can't get to me

They have nothing to say but I have no reason to stay

Other than feeling safer than I do out there

My past is my scarecrow

That deters my fears away

I'm terrified of letting go

But they are slowly fading into the light of day

Lord give me strength

To face what I have

Do I have to be one,myself?

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