Dear boyfriend ,...
Dear boyfriend ,... sad stories
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dragonslayer Hello, im 20,And Feelings dont stop
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Dear boyfriend ,...

by dragonslayer


I'm trying ..I really am , I want to see you so bad . I'm always the one asking when I can see you . And that makes me feel sad .


We go to the same school ! Our schedules align ! Why don't you make an effort to see me . ..I ..I don't understand why ...

Best friend

Throughout the years you have become my bestfriend ...please try to make a conversation with me to me

Talk to me

Let me know about your day ,what you ate for breakfast ,what your doing ,how you are feeling . Sometimes I feel like I don't even know you . Communication is what we need .


I feel like I'm talking to myself most of time because you take hours to reply . Yes ,I feel alone . Alot of the times it makes my heart hurt .


This last slide is for me . Build the courage to tell him how you feel without feeling embarrassed. Don't cry .You aren't being selfish . Don't be scared of what he says..

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