Crush, pt. 2
Crush, pt. 2 crush stories
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dragonrj I attempt to write.
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The sequel to 'Crush.'

Crush, pt. 2

Today we sat together in science

And though you don't know my name

You asked if you could cheat off me

And I played your game.

Hot damn, you are so beautiful

A wonder of the Earth

So watching you copy off my paper

Brought me naught but mirth

"You're crazy," says by bestie,

"She'll bring you nothing but pain."

And I know this, I know this, I know this to be true,

But there's so much to gain.

It's been years since I've crushed

And of romance I grew weary

But since I saw you, my brain went to work

And the future isn't so bleary

I tell this to my friend,

And she rolls her eyes.

"Stop it, girl, she's no good for you."

But I know my friend lies.

Just look at her freckles, covering her face

Her black and green dyed hair

Her little stud in her nose

I don't think it fair.

Her voice is quiet and thick with smoke

But her words are crystal clear,

And all the while I am praying,

Hoping that she's queer.

Lo and behold, a bisexual!

My friend reports to me.

I have a chance, I'll have this dance,

My heart beats wild and free.

"Careful, girl, that one's rotten."

Yes, I know it true.

I know, I know, I know, but oh,

I'm a sucker for you.

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