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Older and wiser, I confront my Elementary School Bully. However, I've become a little unhinged over the years.


Hello, Elementary School Bully, how do you do?

It's been a minute there!

And if I may, be allowed to say,

You're still an ugly bear.

Same physique, tall and large

With red hair and a mean face

With worn out clothes and an angry pose

And an ego just like lace.

Still glowering at me with that steady eye

Like you're sizing me up

Waiting for me to cry, to want to die,

You never really grew from a pup.

Sure, in 5th grade,

you filled me with rage,

I wanted to punch, to steal YOUR lunch, but I had a hunch

That one day the positions with trade.

Hello, Elementary School Bully!

It's been a minute there!

Unfortunately I, must have you die,

Because after all fair's fair!

I take those people who've wronged me,

Who've turned me into this mess,

And I make them play my game, I play with their shame,

I want revenge, nothing more, nothing less.

Your eyes will turn blank,

And your hands will go slack,

And I'll smile with glee, because naturally

I had just gotten you back.

Bye bye, Elementary School Bully!

It's been a minute there!

Glad we sat, had this little chat

Now, for your death! Prepare!

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