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Another installment of my short story!

Just an Ordinary Day Ch.2

The keys of my computer loudly clack as I tab through my flowsheets.

“Within normal limits. Within normal limits. Glasses at bedside.” Whenever I get to this point of the morning, I tend to talk to myself in order to stay awake.

“Bilateral lower extremity edema.” I select a degree. “Voiding without difficulty. Concentrated urine.”

“Hey,” Lisa calls.

I look up from the nursing station. “Yeah?”

“I’m running downstairs to grab some coffee for myself and some of the other girls. Want anything?”

“Nah!” I reply. “I’m chugging this like I’m not afraid of kidney stones.” I gesture with my head to the Monster energy drink that I am drinking.

Lisa chuckles and shakes her head. “Alright, crazy. I just rounded on everyone and passed some pain meds, so they should be good while I’m off the floor. Let me know if you have any issues.

I nod and look back to my computer screen.

Glancing at the clock out of my periphery I realize it’s already two thirty five in the morning. “Shit!” I throw my

head back and groan. The night has gone much too quickly. The floor was understaffed, as per usual. I definitely got urine on my shoes. One bag of blood needs to be transfused.

Two patients’ labs still need to be drawn. Charge needs updates still. New bags of fluid need to be hung. As I continue tabbing down my patient’s flowsheet, the call bell begins to ring.

“How can I help you?” I ask. Waiting for a response, I realize the call is coming from one of my patient’s rooms.

“I need assistance getting to the bathroom.”

“I’ll send someone in.” I reply, hanging up. I have to draw labs from him anyway, so I might as well go myself. My phone lights up, a text from Gabe.

Can’t wait for you to get home and come cuddle. Hope your shift isn’t terrible

I smile and flip over my phone. What is he even doing up still? “Time to toilet my patient,” I mumble.

Pulling into a parking spot, I park and shut off the car. The time on the car dash reads 0837. Giving report on five patients to four separate nurses takes forever.

It’s a shame that these twelve-hour shifts morph into a 14-hour day after everything is all said and done. I place my head down on the steering wheel and close my eyes.

Mustering the strength, I get out of the car, grab my bag, lock up behind me and head inside.

Immediately, I kick off my shoes. After turning to lock the door behind me, I proceed with stripping down as I make my way to my luxurious bed.

I can almost hear the sheets calling my name like a sweet siren song. I throw my badge onto the table, rip off my compression socks, and disrobe my scrubs.

Making it through the bedroom door, I see Gabe fast asleep. Tiptoeing across the room, I start up the shower.

Once the copious germs and illnesses of the hospital were washed away, I threw on some pajamas.

Peeling back the comforter, I am mildly delighted to see that Gabe is sleeping in his usual fashion, boxers. Biting my lip, I scurry under the sheets and press my body up against his.

Gabe groans and rolls onto his back. Gleefully, I slip my cold feet under the small of Gabe’s back.

“Babe.” Gabe grumbles and stretches his arm out to me.

“Mmm?” I nuzzle my head against his shoulder.

“How was work?”

“Understaffed, as per usual.” I remark. “How was class?”

“Not eventful enough to lose sleep over.”

I chuckle and roll so that I am straddling him.

Gabe places his hands on my thighs and then begins to trace up to my torso. I feel a tingling rush surge through my body. I close my eyes and take in the gentle sensation.

“Is there something you’re willing to lose sleep over?” I tease.

Looking down at Gabe, I admire his chestnut brown eyes. Running my fingers through his curly hair, I lean down in and press my lips against his without waiting for a response.

As we kiss, Gabe’s hands travel up the curvature of my hips. He grabs my waist and begins to pull me into him while also thrusting up into me.

A slight gasp escapes my lips, further igniting the ideas swimming around in Gabe’s head.

“Now, now!” I remark, desiring the events to come, but also attempting to draw out the process.

“Yes? Are you telling me you come in here, wake me up with your cold ass feet, straddle me in flimsy pajamas, and expect to just fall asleep next to me?” Gabe cocks an eyebrow.

“Mayhaps.” I reply, pursing my lips.

Gabe flashes my a toothy smile before flipping me over onto my back and pinning me underneath him. My eyes widen and I look up at him in astonishment.

“Don’t you have class in an hour?” I try and distract him.

Gabe sees through my trickery and leans down to plant kisses on my neck. I shut my eyes and grab the back of his head.

My attempts to pace my breathing are futile as his one hand begins to explore. The familiar scent of Gabe’s shampoo fills my nostrils.

Gabe pulls away from grazing at my neck and kisses my forehead. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” I whisper back, placing a hand on his cheek.

Gabe closes his eyes and leans into my hand. Rolling onto his side, Gabe pulls me to him in a tight and loving embrace.

“Let’s get a few more minutes in before I leave for class.”

I wordlessly agree, and fall asleep curled to his chest, the world and its problems slipping away around me.

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