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dracosevamalfoy I know. I'm dying.
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Taken from one of the 'Tales From Magic' parts in Hollow Ring. I thought this acceptable for the topic of mist. Next chapter of The Hollow Ring will be out sometime later today or maybe tomorrow.


A boy stood in the middle of a misty field. His eyes shut tight.

"Don't let them know you're scared." His mother had said before he left to gather things from the woods.

The mist swirled around him, making everything a white blur.

Creatures formed from it.

Slowly, their bright, glowing red eyes stared at him blankly.

Sharp teeth followed, with long claws. They were still just mist and sulfuric dust and acid, but the boy didn't want to take a chance.

He took his hat from his head, sat down, then sang. He sang the songs of the birds in his own green meadow with his dog that came with him.

His dog sat beside him, and howled at the faint red moon.

The mist disappeared as the boy ended his song.

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