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dracosevamalfoy I know. I'm dying.
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I found this going through Zamp's cedar chest. I hope I don't depress you guys but this is what he wrote to me.


Dear you,

I know I'm probably dead if you read this but...

I wanted to tell you a few things.

First off, I'm sorry I crashed into the base after being shot at. I know I would've survived, and yes. I planned it just so.

I had no idea you were going to be watching during that side of the field.

Second, I know we're separated... But you're still like a sister to me. Sometimes even more.

Up here, I can see everything. I can hear you sing to Joseph, I see you when you stand up for yourself.

I'm sorry I crashed, but I had a reason.

I know we're far apart. You think we'll never see each other again... But that's not true.

We are going to meet again. No matter how far we are.

I know Christmas is hard for you, remembering everything we used to do as tradition.

But I want you to know that I'm listening to you from up there and I will never let you out of my sight.

Don't cry, please.

I'm always here, right by you. No matter how far apart we seem.

- Your Spooky Zamp.

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