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The original Pokemon, explained in 5 slides. Ash Ketchum, Pikachu, and more for the win!

Pokemon In 5 Slides

Ash is a 10 year old boy who wants to catch Pokemon

Pokemon are these monster like things that can fight. Ash wants to catch them all and travel around the world! His first Pokemon is Pikachu

People train their Pokemon to become great fighters

They battle their Pokemon to see who the better trainer is. You find Pokemon in the wild and throw a red and white Poke Ball to catch them

Ash & his friends compete in battles to become the best

Ash wants to be the best at training and fighting Pokemon. He faces tragic moments and learns from every battle. Him, his Pokemon, and his friends grow closer with every challenge.

Team Rocket are the bad guys who want to steal Pikachu

They will stop at nothing to steal Pikachu, but they always lose and end up flying away. They always make their way back though and try new tricks.

Ash becomes a powerful Pokemon trainer

Every battle, loss or win makes him tougher. He faces insane challenges and realizes that it's the relationship he has with his Pokemon & friends that make all the difference

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