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Not Your Pillow - Phanfiction phan stories
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draco welcome to my profile
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just some more phanfiction i found (from JulienneJc)

Not Your Pillow - Phanfiction

Phil: I'm tired, I'm going to sleep [goes and get Lion and crawls into Dan's bed]

Dan: Why you using my bed?

Phil: Cause it's warmer.

Dan: I was gonna film buuut I'm tired too! [Cuddles with Phil] You're my pillow!

Phil: Daaan! -_-" I'm trying to sleep! I'm not you're pillow!

Dan: [Laughs] Silly pillow! Pillows don't speak! [nuzzles into Phil's back]

Phil: I'm not a pillow! Lion, attack! [throws Lion at Dan]

Dan: Hey! [grabs a black pillow and starts hitting Phil]

Phil: [Laughs] Take this! [grabs Haru pillow and starts hitting Dan] XD

Dan: NO NO No nO! Not my Haru-Senpai!!!! [Snatches the pillow from Phil] Mmm~!

Phil: -_-

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